Five of the Most Gorgeous Sanlorenzo Yacht Designs


In 1958, Giovanni Jannetti founded the Sanlorenzo shipyard in Tuscany, which quickly became a model of sophistication, elegance, and superb craftsmanship. Today, Sanlorenzo is still one of the most acclaimed and recognized names in the yachting world. Since the debut of its first fiberglass yacht in 1985, the company has been on the cutting edge of innovative design and has worked to integrate world class technology into their yachts. The result is a fleet of vessels that not only look beautiful, but function exceedingly well and make yachting an incredible experience. Here are five of the most gorgeous yachts that Sanlorenzo has designed.

1. 52 Steel

52 Steel

The 52 Steel is the newest in Sanlorenzo’s line of super yachts, and it’s the epitome of grand luxury. The yacht gets its name from the fact that it’s 52 meters long. Its aesthetic is modern, and that theme carries through to the interior. The use of glass panels throughout the yacht contribute to its upscale look and feel. There are tons of amenities on this yacht including several decks for entertainment and lounging. The Steel 52 has a large pool, Jacuzzi, beach club, laundry area, and just about every type of entertainment one can think of.

There are four guest cabins — each with a well equipped bathroom — a spacious captain’s cabin, and an owner’s area. The 52 Steel accommodates a crew of 9 and 12 passengers. It reaches a top speed of 17 knots and has a cruise speed of 11 knots. Depending upon the custom options chosen, this Sanlorenzo yacht can top $30 million.

2. 40 Alloy Scorpion

40 Alloy Scorpion

Sanlorenzo’s 40 Alloy Scorpion is a super yacht that’s faster than most in its class. Aluminum construction and a semi-planing hull allow it to reach a top speed of 28 knots. What makes this yacht look so beautiful on the water is its profile and lines. It also features innovative terraces that fold down and can open up the space for different entertainment options. Of course, having gullwing doors on the yacht makes it stand out even more.

The interior of this Sanlorenzo vessel looks like the inside of a luxury penthouse, and the design incorporates a mixture of different elements and materials to create a beautiful modern style. In addition to a spa, pools, and fitness area, the 40 Alloy Scorpion also has a spacious Jacuzzi. It can host a crew of 7 and up to 10 guests. The price to own this yacht starts at $13 million.

3. SD92 Retro Blue

SD92 Retro Blue

The Retro Blue is part of Sanlorenzo’s SD92 collection of yachts. The inspiration for the exterior comes from transatlantic liners that were popular in the 1930s and 40s, and it perfectly blends nostalgic features with modern technology. The SD92 can reach top a cruising speed of 17 knots, and it accommodates a crew of up to four members along with a maximum of eight passengers. The interior of the Retro Blue model definitely fits its name and is comprised of comfortable fabrics and vibrant colors. Its details, including white piping, lacquered wood, and burlap accents, are reminiscent of old school Cape Cod decor.

The rooms onboard the Retro Blue are stately, especially the VIP cabin. Three other cabins — two twin cabins and one owner’s suite — provide fabulous accommodation. Recessed rain showers, flat screen televisions, and fine linens are just a few of the luxuries incorporated into this yacht’s suites. Elsewhere on the Retro Blue are several seating areas, including one with a table that can be transformed into a sunpad.

4. SL96


Sanloreno’s SL96 showcases some of the latest advances in yacht design and technology. The craftsmanship and aesthetic details that went into this yacht are stunning, and this is one vessel that really stands out among its peers. The striking hull on this fiberglass yacht gives it a distinguished profile, and each fixture in the interior fits its style perfectly. The layout was smartly designed to maximize storage, and the exotic woods used for the decks add to the classy look and feel of the SL96. There’s a wide variety of entertainment on board with options to add custom features and additional places to lounge and play. The SL96 is just over 29 meters long, has a maximum cruising speed of 26 knots, and can accommodate a crew of four along with eight guests. The base price for this Sanlorenzo yacht is $7.5 million.

5. SD126


The Sanlorenzo SD126 is an impressive four deck yacht that is dripping with luxury and plush details. It measures nearly 38 meters long and has a maximum speed of 16.5 knots. There is also the option to equip this yacht with a more powerful motor that can allow it to reach a top speed of 18 knots. This generously sized vessel can host a crew of six and up to 10 passengers. When the staircase in a yacht can be described as gorgeous — and that’s certainly the case with the one found in the SD126 — you can be certain that no detail was spared in the design of its interior and exterior.

The suites were created to promote rejuvenation and peaceful relaxation, and even the accompanying bathrooms are a cut above those found on most yachts in the same class as the SD126. Marble counters and showers, recessed large screen televisions, top of the line sound systems, and super comfortable beds make each cabin a retreat. The full beam master suite has a walk in closet and double bathroom.

There’s also a full size kitchen onboard with deluxe appliances and ample storage and organizational areas. The dining area receives the benefit of natural lighting all throughout the day, and glass panels incorporated throughout the decks make the yacht feel even more spacious than it is. A sundeck with a bar and seating for six is the perfect place to enjoy a cool drink, while another deck holds a Jacuzzi and plenty of sun pads for lounging in the sun. One of the enclosed seating spaces is arranged so that all guests can get a beautiful view of the water. The price of the SD126 starts at about $16.5 million.


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