10 Things You Didn’t Know about Santiago Sosa

Santiago Sosa is the co-founder and CEO of Nuvemshop, which is a platform for eCommerce that helps SMEs and entrepreneurs in creating their own virtual stores. As a technological platform, Nuvemshop makes it easy to consolidate any business through eCommerce. Santiago Sosa founded Numvemshop in 2011, along with Martin Palombo, Alejadro Vazquez and Alejandro Alfonso. The company’s headquarters are in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it has offices in Argentina and Mexico. Its platform accelerates the digital transformation of a company and has made it possible for thousands of small-scale enterprises in Latin America to digitize their operations by tapping into Nuvemshop’s one-stop-shop of well-integrated solutions. The following are 10 things you didn’t know about Santiago Sosa.

1. Santiago is among the youngest CEOs in the world.

Most people think that, for you to become a CEO of a company, you must have a lot of experience and probably you should be in your 40s so that you’re able to run the company with the knowledge that you have acquired over the years working and gaining experience. Being a CEO of any company comes with great responsibilities and pressure of ensuring a smooth operation of the business and growth. However, all this has been proven not so true we are now seeing younger men and women becoming CEOs and leading their companies to greater heights. According to eCommerce-talks, Santiago and his friends started sharing tasks after graduating at the age of 23. Later, they had to assign roles and Santiago picked the role of a CEO. Ever since then, he has never turned his back on the role. He took the position’s responsibility and has been able to grow the company into one of the most successful businesses today in Latin America

2. Santiago had a humble beginning.

He was brought up in a middle-class family that was very supportive of his dream. He had to stand out and choose what he loved to do rather than being like the other children his age. He was extraordinary at his academics and things like sports and music were never his thing. He enjoyed being alone and playing video games most of the time. With time, he was unbeatable when it came to any video game he played with his mates. He developed an interest in technology and started to practice a few things here and there. He has a supportive family. His dad used to help him build things on the internet and his mother signed him up for English classes. This support helped him prepare for whom he has become today.

3. Santiago fought against all odds.

Since English and Portuguese were not his native language, and not taught in his school, he had to sign up for classes to help him learn the languages. He also had to sacrifice his time, and keep learning about technology at an early life stage. At age 6, he started his journey in the technology world, according to medium.com, he discovered his passion early and worked hard for it. He would spend a lot of time doing his research and practicing whenever he was away from school.

4. Santiago journeys to success

Santiago joined university and began his journey of studying software engineering and he dedicated himself to his studies. He met some friends who shared the same interests, and they began doing some research and practices together. Time was of the essence to him and his friends always worked very hard in school. He also searched for jobs to sharpen his skills.

5. Santiago’s challenging life after university

All his success was not served for him in a silver platter. Santiago had to work very hard to achieve his final goal. After he completed his studies, he encountered various challenges. He had decided to build a company together with his friends José, Martín, and Alexandar, but they didn’t have any capital to start up or survive with. Santiago had to ask help from a friend who allowed him to move in with them. Since the space, they had rented was small, he had to sleep on the kitchen floor for almost 6 months in order to keep working on his dream.

6. How Santiago spends his precious time.

Santiago’s priority in day-to-day life is his family and profession. Although he spends his time on other things like sports, outing with friends, and sleeps for eight hours, he ensures his responsibility towards his family is met first before the rest.

7. Santiago is a family man

He had to adjust his life and work schedules when he got married and become a father to a beautiful baby girl. He created time to spend with his family and fulfill his responsibility toward them.

8. He was turned down and dismissed.

Santiago tried to get an endorsement from various potential investors but to no avail. Some turned him down while others never accepted his proposal. That did not make him lose hope in his journey to seeing his dream come true. He kept moving and building on his profession more and more. Others would tell him how impossible it was or even how it was not yet time for such a product, but he didn’t lose focus of his target.

9. His dream coming into a reality.

As they started Tiendanube also known as Nuvemshop, Santiago’s and his friends’ dream was to be a leading technology company one day and they strived hard to push it day by day. According to crunchbase.com, the company was founded in 2011 and it has grown to be a highly profitable business.

10. Santiago is a great team leader.

He has proven to be not only the best CEO but also a team player for the company, according to Jonathan Shieber, after 9 years of perseverance, the company received its first endorsement in 2015 of $5 million. With the profits it raised, potential investors saw a great business opportunity and offered their partnership. Later the company was able to get $30 million funding to assist it to expand its operations. With the company expanding so fast, the responsibility also increased and Santiago had to work smarter as the CEO. According to mobilemarketingmagazine.com, Santiago and his team have been able to secure $90 million which will be used in introducing other features to assist them in running the company with reduced barriers.

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