How Sara Jean Underwood Achieved a Net Worth of $5 Million

Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood is an American social media star who has done well in her career aspirations. She has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million as of early 2021. Her fans wonder how she turned her passions into a multi-million dollar career. Did she earn her fortune through social media, or were there other ventures that made her so incredibly wealthy? We looked into her career history. We made some fascinating discoveries about how Sara became so very wealthy.

Sara’s early life

Sara Jean Underwood was born on March 26th of 1984. Her home town is Portland, Oregon. This is where she spent her early childhood. She attended Scappoose High School, graduating in 2002. According to Iluminary Worth, she enrolled in classes at Oregon State University, then transferred to Portland State University. This is where she studied modeling and acting. These were both passions that she pursued since early childhood. She completed her college education before entering the workforce.

Sara Jean Underwood’s modeling career

Underwood started her career as a sales assistant. She worked for a heavy construction company. Her next job was in waitressing as an employee of the chain restaurant Hooters. She got a break in 2005 when she landed a gig in the Pac-10 pictorial event for Playboy magazine. The spread in the popular men’s magazine helped her to gain attention that would lead to other job opportunities in the media. The following year she appeared in the July 2006 edition of the magazine. She was named Playmate of the Month. This led to a career in modeling for a variety of fashion brands. She earned significant rankings, making it to number 25 on Playboy’s Hottest Celebrities list for 2008.

Sara’s acting career

Sara made her acting debut in the film “Epic Movie” in 2007. She and other playmates Jillian Grace, Irina Voronina, and Qiana Chase appeared together. She also appeared in the 2008 movie “House Bunny.” She also appeared in “Miss March” and “The Telling.” Sara landed the lead in a 2013 horror-thriller film titled “Deadly Weekend.” The amount of her salary for her acting gigs has not yet been shared, but we’re assuming she was well compensated.

Underwood’s job as a television host

Sara Jean has been active in various aspects of the entertainment industry. Among her diverse roles, she also served as a television show host. Her first gig was as a Blackbelt TV cable network announcer. After making her debut on the cable network show more doors opened in this aspect of media for her. She also appeared as a host in the G4 “Attack the Show” for five episodes. She went on to guest-star in the second season of the MTV reality show “Ridiculousness.”

Social media career

Sara Jean Underwood also brings in a healthy income from her Instagram account. The endorsement deals that she has entered into have brought in additional revenue that continues to help cushion her bank account, according to Celebrity Net Worth. As of the last check-in, Sara’s Instagram account has over 9 million followers. In addition to all of this, Sara has also participated in on the poker team as a poker player. She is also a model for the business.

How did Sara Jean Underwood become so wealthy?

We don’t have access to the figures that Sara Jean has earned from her diverse and successful career paths, but her popularity has made her a valuable commodity in the entertainment industry. She has been given nothing, but rather, has had to work to achieve her multimillionaire status. She started as a salesperson for a construction company, then got a job waitressing for Hooters. She got a lucky break when she landed a job with Playboy magazine, and this was the single factor that helped to launch her career in media. The nominations and awards that she received during this time got her name out there and made people think about her. She amassed a huge following of fans. Every step that she has taken in her career and every decision to take a role in a film, or appear in a magazine spread has helped her to build successful modeling, acting and television show hosting portfolio. It’s been a combination of things that has resulted in her incredible wealth. Sara is a businesswoman who has the intelligence to use her fame to continue to work for her. Setting up an Instagram account was a brilliant move that helped to secure a steady income stream through endorsements that likely bring in plenty of revenue to keep her going for years to come. With more than 9 million followers and pay per click endorsements, she’s placed herself in a healthy position financially.

Final thoughts

Sara Jean Underwood is a talented and smart lady who has made some wise decisions throughout her career. She has worked hard to create a solid career as a model, actress, and television host. Most recently, her Instagram account has exploded with millions of followers and lucrative endorsement deals that bring in an undisclosed amount of income that we believe is pretty high. She has an estimated net wealth of $5 million as of early 2021, and we believe that this is just the beginning for her. At the age of 35, her time as a model is likely to begin to fade into the annals of history, as younger women come in and edge her out. She’s still young but it’s a fickle business. This doesn’t mean that her career is over though. As we’ve seen, she is still one of the most popular Playboy models out there and she’s keeping her fans happy through social media. Sara Jean will figure it out as her career continues to evolve, and we’re confident that she is already looking to the next phase of her career as we speak.

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