A Closer Look at The SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico

Ready to add a new watch to your collection? Then say hello to the SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico, a watch that’s as much an art piece as it is a watch. As with all of SevenFriday’s pieces, the attention to detail is outstanding, as is the sense of playfulness – just check out the little chicken feet embossed on the back of the strap. For more on that (and some other little facts along the way), keep reading.

1. The Brand

SevenFriday launched in 2012, and in the 8 years since, it’s done a grand job of shaking up the watchmaking world. Fashion-forward, stylish, and with the kind of attention to detail and watchmaking mastery you’d expect of a Swiss-based manufacturer, they’ve turned the industry on its head – and become one of the most coveted brands in the process. Their designs are deceptively simple, creative and, while elegant, possessed of almost rustic quality. Their engineering, meanwhile, is second to none.

2. The Theme

If there’s one thing SevenFriday like, it’s a theme. The Cocorico is no exception. As A Blog to Watch notes, with the Cocorico, SevenFriday has drawn inspiration from the Gallic Cockerel (Le Coq)– and then given it a very contemporary, very masculine twist. In SevenFriday’s vision of the French mascot, the Rooster isn’t just a farmyard animal, it’s a symbol of flamboyance, of confidence, of strutting cockiness. It’s those same qualities that are celebrated in the Cocorico.

3. The Colors

SevenFriday is clearly a Francophile at heart, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the color scheme of the Cocorico. If you’ve seen the Le Coq motif emblazoned across the shirts of the country’s football team, you’ll know exactly what to expect – a classic combination of blue and red. Along with the cockerel motif itself, the primary color scheme is reflected in the red and blues numerals, the steel and blue stainless steel case, and the red crown – not forgetting the blue denim strap or the red leather backing.

4. The Availability

If you want to get your hands on a SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico, you’re going to need your wits about you. Perhaps as a way of adding to its desirability, SevenFriday has been stingy with the production, limiting the run to just 450 pieces in total. The watch can be bought online at the official SevenFriday website, along with selected online and high street boutiques.

5. The Price

SevenFriday might be a coveted brand. It might be a brand that’s made more waves in the watch industry than most of its competitors combined. What it is not is an expensive brand – not when you consider how its prices compare to those of other luxury swiss matchmakers, in any case. If you’re determined to get your hands on a SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico, don’t expect to part with anything more than $1,100. It might not be small change, but compare it to the prices demanded by other luxury watchmakers, and you’ll understand just what a bargain it is.

6. The Specs

If you want to dig deep into the detail of the SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico, you’re going to have to cast your eyes over the spec. Courtesy of the SevenFriday official website, here it is.

  • DIMENSIONS: CASE:45×45,6mm (HxW).
  • THICKNESS:12.95mm. CROWN:7.5mm.
  • STRAP:26 to 22mm Dark “bleu” denim with special rooster footstep stamped pattern “rouge” lining.
  • MOVEMENT: Automatic Skeleton TMI (Seiko) NH70, 40 hours power reserve.
  • BOX: Stainless steel (316L) bezel and case. Fine sandblasted blue PVD case, Bezel grooved line refilled with blue Berlac lacquer. Engraved Sevenfriday logo on the case side. Crown refilled with red lacquer coating.
  • CASE. Stainless steel (316L). Finishing switching between polished, brushed and sandblasted. Stamped pattern on the crown side. GLASS: K1 hardened mineral. WATER RESISTANCE: 3ATM.
  • DIAL: Gradient blue semi-transparent dial, Printing relief in blue, white, and red colors. Skeletonized dial underlayer inspired by Parisian Art Nouveau décor, twisted with SevenFriday codes, such as the rooster wearing the “Insane” sunglasses at 3H, the name “Cocorico” at 12H, and the 2 toasting red wine glasses at 9H.

7. The Special Feature

SevenFriday is a brand that’s at the forefront of the watchmaking industry, and one that’s not afraid to play against the rules or introduce a little creativity from time to time. Of course, it could have just sold the T1/01 Cocorico as a simple watch. It didn’t. As a nod to the times, the watch comes with an NFC chip embedded in its case back. The chip connects directly to the SEVENFRIDAY app, allowing the buyer to enjoy easy, secured authentication and registration.

8. The Appeal

As oracleoftime.com comments, the SevenFriday T1/01 Cocorico isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s just a little bit ostentatious. If you’re a fan of paired back simplicity and classical elegance, it might not be for you. It’s also probably not ideal for anyone who’s too much of a patriot to wear the colors of another nation’s flag on their wrist. If, on the other hand, you’re someone who appreciates creativity, pioneering design, and SevenFriday’s experimental approach to watchmaking, you’re going to love it.

9. The Attention to Detail

SevenFriday is a brand that’s become renowned for its attention to detail, and that same meticulous approach is very much in play with the T1/01 Cocorico. It’s the little details that make the watch so much fun – note, for example, the continuation of the Le Coq theme in the little chicken footprints stamped on the reverse of the strap, not to mention how the red leather and blue denim strap has been specially shaped to perfectly complement the case.

10. The Movement

A playful design is all well and good, but it’s the movement that powers a watch, and the movement that its success will live or die by. In the case of the T1/01 Cocorico, SevenFriday has utilized the reliable Japanese Seiko NH70, which offers a substantial 40 hours of power reserve.

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