A Closer Look at the SevenFriday’s P1C/04 Caipi Watch

Seven Fridays

SevenFriday has announced the debut of what could easily be the brightest and breeziest timepieces produced in its history. The P1C/04 Caipi watch is a masterpiece in innovation and personality with a vibrant colorway that inspires images of sitting on a Brazilian beach with a cool and refreshing cocktail that inspired its name. This novel wristwatch merits more than a glance.

A closer look at the SevenFriday’s P1C/04 Caipi Watch

The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail with simplicity yet a powerful effect on the consumer. The Caipi is a shortened version of the name with similar effects from an aesthetic point of view. It’s a watch for summertime fun and excitement that bears a unique shape with simple colors that draw the eyes instantly to the timepiece. A Blog to Watch points out that its sheer size is a conversation piece, coming in much bigger and chunkier than most wristwatches, yet it comes across as a light and airy timepiece with its white coloring that features just the right amount of silver and vibrant adornments.

Specifications of the P1C/04 Caipi

The case of the SevenFriday P1C/04 Caipi is a generous 47.6 mm by 47 mm, which makes a big impression at first glance. It’s lug-less and made in a four-part design that includes a variety of assorted materials and finishes. The design team had fun with the main bezel and the sides of the case with a unique rounded square shape overall. It’s made of a combination of stainless steel with brilliant white ceramic with a glossy finish. Glints of polished stainless steel emerge through the white layers for the case back and outer ring of the bezel to provide lovely contrasting textures and layers that catch the eyes in a whimsical yet oddly sophisticated design. The square shape with its large size is captivating and is topped with a sapphire crystal that is highly resistant to scratching. When you flip the watch over, the case back is wonderfully complex with its engravements of the dimensions and specifications of the timepiece. An oversized graphic of a lime wheel motif is the most predominant feature of the back of the watch, laden with color indicating that great detail was infused even into the parts of the timepiece that are seldom seen. It’s essential to know that the lime is a symbol representing the Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha, hence the colorful lime that pays tribute to the South American adult beverage.

The versatility of the simplistic details

Time and Watches points out yet more details of this masterpiece that could easily escape the eye at first glance. When you take a longer look at the fine details, more begins to emerge. Aside from the exceptional use of lime-colored accents on the chunky hour and minutes hands, there are engravements of the 7F logo on the crown, the animation ring, and the bezel. A variety of hues and finishes including silver-white, and opaline wite combine to produce a feeling of animation, along with various stamped patterns. The small 24 hours disc is used to discern the difference between PM and AM. While it’s not your traditional timepiece, it’s not difficult to master the novelty and use the watch for the more practical purpose of telling time.

Exceptional legibility

SevenFriday thought of everything when they designed this wonderful summertime watch that will no doubt be worn on long nights of partying on the beach. For exceptional legibility in all types of lighting conditions, anti-reflective treatment has been applied to the inner side of the sapphire crystal that is inset on the bezel. They also filled the rhodium applied indexes with a luminous painting of lime green that comes to life and illuminates these elements of the dial when the light levels drop in the evening.

The movement

The SevenFriday’s P1/04 Caipi Watch is powered by a Japanese Miyota 82S7 automatic movement. The power plant features hour, minute, and off-centered seconds functions and provides a power reserve of 40 hours. Everything about this timepiece is a little off-kilter from the norm and that is what makes it such a conversation piece.

Other details

The P1C/04 Caipi is water-resistant up to 330 feet. Although not suitable for diving, or jumping off high cliffs into the water, it is protected from damage when worn during sailing, snorkeling in shallow water, swimming, and other shallow-water activities. It will also hold up well if worn in the shower. The strap is made of genuine calf-skin leather in white. To make it twice as durable, the strap is made of a double layer featuring padding for exceptional comfort.

Pricing and availability

The SevenFriday P1C/04 Caipi is currently available for purchase through the official SevenFriday website. It retails for a cost of $1,550.

Final thoughts

SevenFriday’s P1C/04 Caipi is a watch lover’s dream for the summer. While it won’t be everyone’s favorite, it’s one of those rare design anomalies that surfaces as an unusual model with off-beat features that strike a note of resonance. The square case in its white presentation with glossy aesthetic and various subtle hues and a splash of color thrown in pays homage to the national cocktail of Brazil. The design creates the feeling of sitting on a sandy beach in Brazil, sipping on a smooth rum-like drink that has a simple appearance, yet packs a powerful punch. This is the effect that the 2021 Caipi has on watch enthusiasts who love to explore the small get significant details that combine to create the gestalt of the thing. It’s a light and airy timepiece that provides the practicality of telling the time, but in a novel way that requires a small learning curve to distinguish between night and day, in an eccentric manner that provides its novel function. Worth every cent of its price, SevenFriday has created a summertime masterpiece.

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