Since There’s No Hulu Stock, How Do You Invest in It?


Hulu  is a streaming service based in the United States. Moreover, it isn’t one of the streaming services started up in recent times. Instead, it has been established for more than a decade’s time, meaning that it has more than managed to prove its staying power. Under these circumstances, there are those who might want to invest in Hulu, which can be something of an issue.

Can You Invest in Hulu?

For starters, Hulu is a corporation. However, it isn’t a public corporation with shares that are bought and sold on public stock exchanges. Instead, it started out as a collaboration between a number of media companies such as AOL, Facebook, and MSN. Since that time, Hulu’s ownership has seen significant changes. In particular, it should be mentioned that Disney became a Hulu owner in April of 2009. Later, when Disney bought out 21st Century Fox, that ownership stake went from 30 percent to 60 percent. This provided Disney with control over the streaming service. Something that has strengthened through subsequent transactions. For example, AT&T sold its 9.5 percent ownership stake to Hulu in April of 2019 in exchange for $1.43 billion. Likewise, Comcast has relinquished its involvement in the streaming service in anticipation of a sale that will happen no earlier than 2024, at which point it can expect to receive fair market value with certain guarantees in place. Combined, this means that while Hulu didn’t start out as a Disney-owned business, it can now be considered a Disney-owned business.

Invest in Disney

The simplest option would be investing in Disney. This isn’t a perfect option by any measurement. After all, when someone invests in Disney, they’d be investing in the full range of Disney’s products and services. Hulu makes up just a very small portion of that, meaning that this would be a very indirect investment to say the least. Still, this is something that interested individuals should consider, not least because Disney stock is well-worth owning in its own right. Some people might remember a time when Disney was struggling to survive by leaning on its past successes. However, said time is long in the past. Nowadays, Disney sees multiple box office smash hits on an annual basis thanks to its ownership of Marvel, its ownership of Lucasfilm, its ownership of Pixar, and its own movies. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that it holds a commanding position when it comes to certain segments of media creation, so much so that a wide range of parties have expressed concern over what that might mean for creativity in said segments. On top of that, it should be mentioned that Disney is also in a very good position to capitalize on the popularity of the movies that it puts out in either a direct sense or an indirect sense, whether that means through its resorts or through a very wide range of merchandise. Summed up, while Disney stock is expensive, it is a popular choice for investors who are looking for value. Something that might make it a suitable choice for investors who are looking for a direct investment in Hulu but is willing to settle for an indirect investment instead.

Invest in Other Streaming Services

For people who like what a streaming service such as Hulu can offer them rather than what Hulu can offer them, there is the option of checking out other streaming services. Currently, there are already a number of well-established streaming services that interested individuals can invest in. Furthemore, there are more options that have either started up in recent times or are expected to start up in the near future, thus making for a wider selection than what people might have expected.

The obvious choice would be Netflix, which remains the forerunner in this particular race for the time being. There are some people out there who might be concerned about its future thanks to the fact that more and more media companies are choosing to start their own streaming services. However, Netflix’s massive investment in its own media content has helped it maintain its ground. Moreover, while it is a well-established streaming service, there are still various ways for it to expand its subscriber base, meaning that it is still much too soon to count it out.

Moving on, there are other stocks that are connected to streaming services in various ways. For instance, Disney isn’t the only company out there that has its own streaming service, meaning that interested individuals might want to make a similar investment in other companies of note. One excellent example would be Amazon, which counts Amazon Prime Video as just one of its offerings. Besides this, there are also streaming service-adjacent companies such as Roku, which might not be streaming services but nonetheless move in tandem to a considerable extent because of how their revenue-earning operations are structured.

Look Elsewhere

Besides this, there is the option of looking elsewhere for investing opportunities. Simply put, the world of stocks is huge, meaning that interested individuals can find just about everything that their minds can imagine. If they want higher risk as well as higher reward, there are plenty of stocks for emerging companies that can be found out there. Similarly, if they prefer something safer and more secure, there is the option of looking into dividend aristocrats and even dividend kings. For that matter, if interested individuals can’t find what they are looking for in stocks, there is the option of looking into other kinds of investments. Something like derivatives can enable interested individuals to make money off of anticipated changes in the value of stocks as well as other underlying financial instruments. In contrast, something like real estate property is prized because it provides interested individuals with a way to determine the final outcome. There are many, many different kinds of investments out there, each of which can provide interested individuals with a different combination of upsides and downsides to make them interesting.

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