Six Sizzling Tips to Increase Your Airbnb Rentals During the Hot Season

The temperatures are rising and hopefully so are your Airbnb income. The summer season only comes once a year and as it is the best time of the year for Airbnb hosts, the heat is on to make this season count. So, with the help of the following six tips, Airbnb hosts can chill knowing that they are indeed making the most of the hot season.

Ensure that your Airbnb rental is family-friendly

It is the season to be jolly! What better way to spend it than with your family? During the high season, many families are looking to spend some quality time with the whole family – in other words, the furry four-legged family members too. Though, Airbnb rentals often do not cater to families with children and pets which can make it quite hard for them to find accommodation.

When you target your Airbnb rental at families by making your listing child-friendly, you can get more bookings during this season. If you are not entirely convinced about allowing pets too, you can always inform your guests about certain rules and/or restrictions regarding their pets in your house rules. For example, you could ask guests to send you a photo of their “best friend” before you approve their stay in addition to charging an extra premium for pets.

Set the right price

Deciding on the right price for your Airbnb rental is probably one of the biggest challenges that hosts face. After all, as you are the host you have all the freedom to price your rental whichever way you see right. It might sound appealing, but if you want to boost your rentals you have to remain competitive. So, it does not mean that you can all of a sudden charge high prices just because it is the hot season.

You can start by researching the price of other Airbnb rentals in the area during the high season. It might sound like a tedious activity, but it can help you to identify the optimal price for your Airbnb rental. Also, you might have to change your price more often. At the end of the day, your Airbnb rental will have more bookings if it is priced competitively compared to when you charge a much higher price.

Decrease your minimum night stay

Even though there are some guests who do prefer a longer stay during the hot season, many travelers actually only need accommodation for a couple of days as they like to travel around a lot. So, instead of opting for 5 nights minimum stay, consider reducing it to a two nights minimum stay.

Offer an Airbnb Experience

The Airbnb Experiences platform is thriving! What’s more, according to this year’s Airbnb travel trends exploring nature is one of the favorite pastimes of Airbnb guests. In fact, Airbnb is predicting that outdoor excursions will become even more popular in the future. So, embrace the hot weather and attract more guests by offering an outdoor Airbnb Experience.

Accommodate more guests

During the hot season, guests often like to travel in big groups. Fortunately there are a few easy changes that you can make which will allow you to accommodate more guests. For instance, you can add a functional sleeper sofa to your living room. Many guests will only be too happy to stay under one roof that they will not mind too much to trade a bed for a sleeper sofa for a night or two. In addition to making your Airbnb rental more attractive to bigger groups, it also enables you to charge more per night. This is definitely a win-win solution!

Invest in creature comforts

Air conditioning and a swimming pool/jacuzzi are two great creature comforts when the temperatures soar. If you have a big property and are fortunate enough to boast a swimming pool, make sure to explain the safety rules beforehand. For example, guests might only be allowed to access the pool a certain time of day and you might want to remind them that certain items are prohibited in the pool area.

Investing in air con is also a must! Even though your couch might be extremely comfy, no guest wants to be confined to the couch because it is simply too hot to do anything else.

Though, if you do decide to include these amenities, be sure to double-check that they do actually work and that the guests will know how to use it. One of the top Airbnb complaints from guests is that an appliance does not want to work (or worse yet, there was no air con like you described).

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