Six Stores that Offer a Solid Price Match Guarantee

There was once a time when the idea of price match guarantees was seen on every cable TV and mainstream network TV channels, in print ads, and across the Internet. The ads primarily came from big box stores such as Best Buy and Target. Today they seem to have disappeared from the advertising landscape.

As this list will show, while the ads have disappeared, the price match guarantees haven’t. Apparently what the major retailers have decided to do was to lay low with the offers, hiding them in store policy statements or in fine print in their ads. This is following the old adage: “out of sight, out of mind.” As long as people aren’t reminded of the guarantees, the thinking is they will stop asking about them. To jog your memory, here are 6 stores that continue to offer price match guarantees.

1. Walmart

We will start with the biggest brick and mortar retail store of them all because if they aren’t offering price match guarantees then it would signify a trend away from offering them. But the good news is that they do. You Just have to carefully read their company price policy: An item found at a lower price from an online retailer that is identical and in-stock, tell them and they will match it. Also, if you recently bought something from the online Walmart store and it’s now listed at a lower price, let them know. It doesn’t get much plainer than that. Of course, it doesn’t cover every store but does include major online and physical store players such as,, Dollar General, Lowe’s, Target, and Walgreens.

2. Nordstrom

We move from low end retail to high end retail. As a store well-known for its outstanding customer service, we can expect them to be upfront about their price match policies. It’s upfront, but interestingly exclusive: If you find an item that is offered, that has the same color, size, and is in stock at a designated national competitor, they will meet the competitor’s price. It’s not enough that you find the item, but it also meet the criteria of a “designated national competitor.” That leaves out outlet stores, discount warehouses, flash sales, any type of online auction or club websites, and non-U.S.-based stores and websites.

3. JC Penney

Though JC Penney always seems to be struggling to avoid going under, it continues to be a presence in consumer retail clothing and accessories. They have created a slogan, “You always get your Penney’s Worth” and back It up by applying their price match guarantee to both their in-store and online prices. Their lowest price guarantee includes items sold online by, but third party items on are excluded. You may want to watch this policy as Amazon and other online retailers are pulling back on the number of returns offered, with clothing being one of the more common items returned.

4. Target

Target’s price match strategy seems to be focused on creating return customers rather than just having people run in and save a few bucks. They are willing to match any price within 14 days of the time you bought the item. That’s two weeks where you can scour the Internet for a lower price. Target must have some seriously good research people to make this offer, though it is limited to a select 25 stores from which you can try and find the lower price.

5. Staples

Because Staples doesn’t have the vast variety of inventory the previous stores have, they can afford to bump up their price match guarantee to 110 percent. Finding an item currently available at a lower price that is both new and identical will allow you to bring it to the store and show them the lower price. Buy the item at Staples and they will match the price plus give an additional discount of 10 percent of the difference. The guarantee is limited to and items that are of the same brand that Staples sells.

6. The Home Depot

The final spot on the list was a toss-up between The Home Depot and Lowe’s, but The Home Depot has an edge as it not only matches the other store’s price, but will take an extra 10 percent off of the item at the register. If you find a lower price on any identical, in-stock item from a competing retailer, they will match the price and beat it by 10 percent. All you have to do is to bring the ad with you and present it at the register for you +10 percent. They also pick up any shipping charges connected with the item.

There are other stores, but the best way to find out is to carefully read their store policies. It only takes a few minutes and you may find that your favorite store is also the one that won’t allow itself to be beat on prices.

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