10 Small Cap Growth Stocks to Consider in 2019

While some investors believe that going with large cap stocks is the better idea for making more in the stock market, there is another school of thought that holds that the small cap stocks are a safer bet when the weather gets stormy on the world financial front. There are several small cap stocks that have gone down in price, when perhaps, they should be higher and these represent a good deal in the current market. Although there’s the chance that the prices will drop further, they’re in a good position for going back into rally mode, making them a good investment, so here are 10 small cap growth stocks that you might want to consider for investment in 2019 (recommendations based off of Investor Place, KiplingerCabot Wealth, and The Motley Fool).

1. Benchmark Electronics (BHE)

This is a stock that is well worth considering. Benchmark Electronics is a company that designs a variety of the components that go into many of the branded electronics devices that we use every day. They design, manufacture and supply these parts to popular and well known brands and their services are going to be needed for a long time to come, in fact, they also design parts for 3D printers Many of the electronic devices you see and use every day weren’t actually designed or manufactured by the name branded on the device.

2. Limoneira (NASDAQ:LMNR)

Limoneira is a citrus grower. There were issues with the fourth quarter results which fell below the expected levels, but since that time, the stock has shown considerable growth of 30 percent from its low period. This is an indication that there is potential for further growth. The company produces lemons, oranges, avocados and a variety of specialty citrus variety fruits with its base in California and operations in Chile and the state of Arizona. Limoneira has been in business since 1983.

3. Insperity (NSP)

Insperity is a company that specializes in management of payroll, workers’ compensation and a variety of other human resources tasks for US businesses of small to medium size. The company has been in existence since 1986. and now serves more than 100,000 companies to run their operations. The company has shown solid returns over the past 22 years and is currently priced at a value with expectations of stable performance and potential for further growth.

4. Qudian (QD)

Qudian is a Chinese technology company which has recently undergone a low period with low shareholder confidence for a few months, which brought the price of the stock to a low, but based on the nature of the industry, there is a likelihood that the stocks will rebound, making it a good choice for small cap stock to invest in at this time.

5. Cargojet (CJT.TO, CGJTF)

Cargojet is a Canadian company providing discount charter airline services. In 2001, it was the largest provider in its niche, carrying passengers through domestic and international destinations. The September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States disrupted the growth pattern of the company and mandatory shutdowns damaged the confidence of passengers who became stranded, affecting the ridership and forcing the company into bankruptcy. Since that time, acquisitions were made and the company embarked on the delivery of cargo and has since began to rebound.

6. Brooks Automation (BRKS)

Brooks Automation is company that manufactures equipment used in robotics as well as semiconductor handling equipment, and life sciences lab consumables. It’s a complicated company that is heavily invested in the automation industry and proiding components and equipment used in these processes. Although the stock has gone down in price, the past four years has shown steady meeting or exceeding quarterly expectations.

7. Iridium Communications (IRDM)

Iridium Communications is in possession of the only satellite communications network for mobile voice and data that is global. The linkage of 66 satellites makes it possible for connections throughout the entire world. They’re currently working on an improved satellite that will increase bandwidth as well as increasing connection speeds globally among other amazing tech innovations. They’ve recently partnered with Amazon Web Services and it appears that they’re in a very good position for future growth making this a good time to invest in IRDM.

8. Geron (NASDAQ:GERN)

Geron is a very small biotech company that has big plans for the future. The company develops new drugs for treatment of MDS and other conditions, such as the drug Imetelstat, which is a telomerase inhibitor. Mid stage patient trials have been successful, making this biotech company a better bet than many others. It’s a company work taking a second look at for investment.

9. Altra Industrial Motion (NASDAQ:AIMC)

Altra Industrial Motion specializes in the manufacture of drive trains and components used in the equipment that runs production operations. They develop and produce the equipment that allows companies to manufacture, process and package their products en masse via mechanical means. The company has shown a 40 percent growth per share but it’s believed that it has not yet seen its apex.

10. Cronos Group (CRON)

The Cronos Group is a company out of Canada that has become the first marijuana stock to become listed with Nasdaq. The company is a top marijuana growing operation which runs a legal operation for the production of medical marijuana.The Cronos Group has acquired multiple small operators under its umbrella, allowing them to function under their own brand names, serving as the parent company. Production has been on an upswing and this is a small cap stock with great potential if the current trends hold and the legal cannabis market continues to grow at its current rate.

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