Smart Marketing: Five Things You Need to Know About Customers to Increase Sales this Year

In the ever-changing world of retail and restaurant marketing, the business owners who know the most about their customers are the ones who will see the greatest success in 2018 and beyond.  Making big data work for restaurateurs and retailers by using real time intelligence to actually personalize the customer experience is essential to gain customer attention and loyalty.  The key is to use real time analytics for a totally automated trigger marketing platform that assures customer retention.

The overall goal is getting ahead of customer sentiment in real time when they are at the location, and to send offers and suggestions to influence purchasing decisions.  Advance tracking metrics are changing the way retailers interact with their customers and how they interact with brands. Here are five things that business owners in retail and restaurants need to know about their customers to be able to make smart marketing decisions:

  • What is the projected lifetime value of a specific customer?

The goal is to increase the value of each individual customer and encouraging their loyalty by triggering content and deals that keep them coming back.

  • What is the likelihood that your customer will leave and never return?

If a customer is dissatisfied in any way, it’s time for the business owner to find ways to continue the “conversation” to bring them back with deals and incentives pegged to their shopping behaviors.  This is especially important for online shoppers who leave items in a cart.

  • What is the traffic flow to locations by day and hour at physical locations?

Knowing the peak times of day, and days of the week, that the location is most crowded will be the basis of knowing how and when to market deals, offer coupons and create other incentives to push out to guests and shoppers.

  • What is the 7-day traffic projection by hour and turn rate?

In addition to having a daily rundown on traffic, a seven-day projection will help business owners plan ahead to create promotions and events.

The fact is 80% of shoppers use a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations.  This new world of customer behavior means it’s more important than ever for business owners to engage with consumers online and in-store by sending them personalized content. That’s why for retailers, knowledge is what powers smart marketing.

About William R. Wilson

William R. Wilson is the CEO of Bloom Intelligence, a software and managed services company that provides sophisticated data analytics and marketing automation tools to restaurants and retail brick and mortar locations. With real time information on who is visiting their locations, how often, and for how long, restaurants and retailers gain powerful groundbreaking tools to engage and delight their customers.   With roots that go back over ten years, Bloom Intelligence excels at helping clients drive traffic to increase sales and profits. The company harnesses the power of mobile technology, big data, and location analytics to provide valuable business insights to both independent stores and restaurants, and national chains and franchises alike.  For more information on Bloom Intelligence and its services, please visit

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