Snoppa M1: Innovative 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal


The powerful technology of today’s smartphones has revolutionized many aspects of life. Communication, research, and entertainment are all easily handled by these incredible devices. One of the main developments has centered on the cameras of smartphones. With powerful capabilities and the ability to slip easily into one’s pocket, nearly everyone is able to capture high quality pictures and videos.

While the small size and weight of the devices makes capturing video very convenient, it also results in shaky recordings. Luckily, there is an emerging market of gimbals which are designed to help support smartphones while recording. Unfortunately, many of these stabilizers suffer from issues like limited mobility, increased weight because of motors, and unattractive designs. Snoppa has produced an innovative gimbal, M1, which addresses these flaws while building on the successes of previous gimbals.


A technology company that is passionate about helping turn everyone with a smartphone into a professional videographer or photographer, Snoppa is composed of highly qualified and experienced individuals. They use their considerable experience to produce effective and simple stabilizers for smartphones.

Although the team is fairly small with only 11 members, they work closely together to produce innovative smart stabilization technology. The company is based in the world-renowned technology hub of China, Shenzhen.


The Snoppa M1 is a highly advanced smart gimbal that has required a great deal of time and effort to create. With the skill and experience of the Snoppa team, the entire process is estimated to go from inception to completion in approximately a year and a half. With the hard work of Snoppa’s designers, engineers, and managers, as well as a great deal of public support, everyone will soon be able to transform their smartphone into a professional video camera.

The initial market research and the introduction of the concept for the gimbal took place in the summer of 2015. The rest of the year was spent working on design concepts and developing algorithms for the device. By the summer of 2016, the final designs had been completed and the prototypes had been created. With September of the same year seeing the final touches to the device’s features, the Indiegogo campaign was ready to be launched in October.

The device will see delivery in December, 2016. The process was incredibly fast and streamlined, considering the impressive technology that the Snoppa M1 is defined by.


The support for the Snoppa M1 has been staggering. Although the set goal was much lower, the Indiegogo campaign managed to bring in an incredible $588,073 to assist in the production and delivery of this incredible device. By the time the campaign ended, the gimbal had raised over 5000% of its initial goal. Clearly, having a sleek and versatile device to optimize the experience of recording video with a smartphone is something that many people desire.

Snoppa M1 – Crowdfunding film from SNOPPA on Vimeo.

The Snoppa M1

The M1 is perhaps the world’s most user-friendly and versatile gimbal. It refuses to compromise any of its features. This means that not only does it provide incredibly stabilization, it also offers a wide range of recording options, fantastic mobile connectivity, dynamic angles for tilt, pan, and roll, and a sleek design.

This stabilizer is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable and compact device to ensure that important moments are captured clearly. It is designed to be effective enough for professional use while being simple enough for amateurs to enjoy.

Snoppa’s Three-Axis System

In order to accommodate for the different angles and motions required for recording different types of videos, gimbals must operate on three main axes. These provide for panning, tilting, and rolling motions of the camera. However, the current gimbals on the market are lagging in this area. They either offer limited mobility or are weighed down by heavy motors.

The unique three-axis system of the Snoppa M1 offers a full range of motion while staying light by eliminating the need for heavy motors. It offers about 200 degrees of tilt, while it can roll and pan a full 360 degrees. Its algorithms allow such a wide range of movement while ensuring that the recording is perfectly stable.


  • The smartphone simply clicks into the gimbal, so it is perfect for a wide range of recordings. There are several different modes that can be used to capture videos in different ways.
  • The Pan Track Mode is perfect for staying in a horizontal position and following the user while recording, regardless of the motion.
  • The Lock Mode will keep the smartphone perfectly still, regardless of the user’s motion.
  • The Omni Track Mode will allow for shooting in all directions while the phone follows the motion of the user.
  • The Portrait Shooting Mode will keep the phone in a vertical position while shooting.


Although the most important feature of the gimbal is the wide variety of settings that it offers for stable video recordings, it is also incredibly user-friendly. Firstly, it is incredibly easy to set up. It accommodates smartphones of just about any size.

As well, unlike the majority of stabilizers on the market, this gimbal is designed with portability in mind. It can be folded away for easy storage. As well, it was designed to feature a sleek, modern appearance.


In order to have a seamless user experience, the Snoppa M1 connects to smartphones via its free app. The app allows for recording to occur automatically, with settings available to optimize the user experience.

Further, it makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy. This technology allows the gimbal to stay on standby mode until it is turned on by the connected smartphone.


Although this gimbal offers superior technology and design to most others on the market, it is also incredibly affordable. Currently, early bird purchasers can have the Snoppa M1 for only $109. This discounted price is selling out quickly.



  • Folded: 208 x 53 x 43 mm
  • Unfolded: 266 x 53 x 43 mm
  • Weight: 450 g


  • Type: Lipo
  • Life: 4 hours


  • Pan: 360 degrees
  • Tilt: -100 to 100 degrees
  • Roll: 360 degrees


Smartphone stabilizers are surging in popularity because of the numerous benefits they afford users. They are wonderful devices for optimizing the camera capabilities of today’s smartphones, as they can ensure that videos are smooth and stable. The Snoppa M1 is set to be one of the most successful additions to this industry, with its incredible range of features. It is extremely versatile, offering stable recording at nearly any angle. It also has several different modes to suit the particular type of video being shot. With the features, three-axis system, and design of this gimbal, it is simply an outstanding product for anyone looking to record high quality videos with a smartphone.

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