Sonnen Raises $85M for Energy Storage


The Sonnen company has been successful in raising $85 million for energy storage in solar powered homes. They are quickly becoming a leader in the ion battery industry and have now turned their attention towards eco-friendly solutions to enhance energy resources. This expands their base of energy related products in a positive direction for green solutions.

Sonnen is a company that specializes in the development of lithium ion battery technologies aimed towards home energy storage. Sonnen was founded in 2010 by Christsoph Ostermann and Torsten Stefenhofer and previously known as SonnenBatterie. They conducted the first testing of the sonnenBatterie systems and made the necessary adjustments during the first year of operation and by 2011, the first systems made their debut in Germany and Austria.

The company vision

The goal of the Sonnen company is to offer solutions that provide a clean energy source on a global scale. They seek to decentralize the current system so everyone on the planet has access to clean energy and share it with one another as it is needed and where it is needed. The overall aim is to free the people and businesses everywhere from their dependence on larger energy corporations currently running the show, and to decrease or eliminate our need for fossil fuels. While there is little doubt that this notion will meet with stiff resistance, it is a worthy cause and so far has garnered tremendous support.

Sonnen’s best product

The SonnenBatterie system is a type of storage that is used with solar energy systems. What this product does is store the energy that is generated in order for solar energy to be converted and used around the clock. It is designed to be fully compatible with currently existing solar systems and newer editions.

The sonnenBatterie Solar Plus Storage Storage System launched in December of 2015 with a price tag of $10,645. In addition, Sonnen has seen a migration of top experts from Tesla which is further enhancing their research and innovations.

How it works

The SonnenBatterie uses state of the art technology to act as a system for storage of solar energy and in addition, manages it through intelligent storage technology. When used with solar panels, this invention provides the ability for owners to supply their own clean energy. This is good news for homeowners around the world who are struggling to afford high energy costs. The sonnenBatterie system would lead to a more affordable way to power homes and businesses.

Fundraising and investors

Sonnen developed a partnership with Sungevity, Inc of California, USA in the spring of 2015 to provide backup energy in the event of a blackout or other power shortage. This was the first step in expansion to the US markets. Their efforts were recognized and Bloomberg awarded them the 2015 New Energy Pioneers Award. This was awarded at the New Energy Finance Summit in LA.

They received an investment of ten million dollars was made to Sonnenatterie late in 2014 by Munich Venture Partners and SET Ventures and eCapital. In October of 2016 Sonnen secured new financing in the form of an equity in the amount of eighty five million USD. They secured their latest investment under the advisement of Roth Capital Partners.

Success in business is leading to new ventures

Because of its continuous and dynamic growth in the industry, The Sonnen company was a perfect candidate for the large investment. Their solidity has drawn investors including SET Ventures, GE Ventures, eCapital and MVP. Their financial backing is firm and their plans for expansion are just as well set. Currently, their plans include growing the business connections within the united States, the UK, Italy and Australia. They also have plans to continue their innovations in clean energy in Germany as well as the international scene. Envision Energy and Allianz Capital Partners are each involved in the renewable energy industry and these companies have also invested in Sonnen to obtain a minor stake in this ultra dynamic company.

What the future holds for Sonnen

They have had tremendous success in European countries rising to the position of leader in residential energy storage solutions. Their business in Germany has already installed over eight thousand lithium ion battery systems. They are preparing for a rapid expansion and their plans involve their partnership with Sungevity to further promote their solar plus storage systems throughout the United States and Europe. It seems that Sonnen has developed teh best strategies that we’ve seen yet for bringing clean and renewable energy to the planet. They’re beginning to move into areas that have previously been roadblocked.

What about competition?

While there is a good deal of competition, there are few companies which are in the position to compete with this new giant in the making. People are already leaving other top companies to join their staff because the handwriting is on the wall so to speak. Sonnen is an up and coming new company that has proved their innovative genius within just a few short years of their existence. Perhaps a portion of their rapid success is because they are offering products and services which are both timely and necessary for the survival of the planet in the years to come.

Final thoughts

Sonnen is definitely making a large impression globally, by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Their efforts to provide everyone with clean and renewable energy are twofold in purpose. While the ecological benefits are obvious, there are many more advantages including sustainable energy at lower costs and freedom from the utilities which currently hold monopoly status over the masses. They have a keen business strategy and they’re conducting their business the right way. When you combine all of the positives, the only conclusion that you can arrive at is that Sonnen has a winning product that is most likely to skyrocket to success within the next decade. As it stands, they’re not doing too bad right now. We’re looking forward to hearing more about their successes, and better yet, seeing the evidence from our own backyards.

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