Why You Should Consider a Southwest Credit Card


There is no shortage of credit card offers, with many of these offers making some rather remarkable promises, and unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find that many of these offers are more hype than anything else. This is why review the performance of the Southwest credit card is such as pleasure. It is likely that the Southwest card will exceed the expectations of many consumers who choose to get one.

When you think about the service that Southwest offers its airline customers, it becomes easy to understand the effort by the company to make sure that the card that it is offering the public reflects its commitment to excellence. This is one of the few airlines that still offers free checked baggage, and don’t forget the free unlimited peanuts. Well, let’s move on to take a look at what makes this card so special, as well as some concerns.

One thing that makes the Southwest Credit Card so appealing is that users will be able to earn a lot of substantial rewards, as well as the fact that they will not have to pay any foreign transaction fees and the annual anniversary bonus.

Fees & Benefits

When you first take a glance at this product, one of the first things that stands out is the $99 annual fee, but what must be considered when considering this fee is that the immediate benefits outweigh the costs. The first significant benefit worth mentioning is the fact that there is no foreign transaction fee, which is how many cards make a substantial amount of their money from their credit card customers.

Customers will earn rapid rewards points for purchases made with the card, and they will also receive a total of 50,000 points as a SignUp bonus for signing up for the card. This sign up bonus does have a stipulation that requires that you spend at least $2,000 within the first three months that your account is open. Now, while the $2,000 minimum spending may be a challenge for some, for the dedicated Southwest Airlines customer that travels on a regular basis, this will not be a challenge at all.

Who Benefits from This Card the Most?

No matter how well a credit card program is put together, it will not be for everyone. So, let’s take a quick peak who will likely benefit from this program the most. For the individual who frequently flies on Southwest, this card has a benefit, without question. International travelers will also benefit from the perks offered by this card. People who lose patience with frequent flyer programs will love this card.

Who Will Benefit the Least from the Card?

A person that does not fly Southwest on a regular basis will not have the same incentive to use this card. Someone who flies on multiple airlines, will likely want a card where they can redeem their points at any of those airlines. Anyone who is looking for luxury travel perks and upgrades will not be that excited by what the card offers. While the card lacks the frills, it offers a strong basic program.

The Southwest Airline Rapid Rewards Basics

When the customers using this credit card, they will earn two points for every dollar they spend with Southwest Airlines. They will also earn two points for every dollar spent with a Rapid Rewards car rental or hotel partner. Additionally, the customer will also earn one point per every dollar spent on all non-related purchases.

The Area Where the Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward Card Stands Out

It is common for customers to do the math on the benefits that they are receiving through their co-branded credit card and determine that they are not benefitting from their card in the ways that they were promised. Fortunately, this is not the case with this card.

Anniversary Bonus – One way that Southwest says thank you to its credit card customers is through an anniversary bonus. For every year that a customer sustains their account, they will receive 6,000 bonus points, and there is no annual spending requirement. This bonus works as a partial offset to the annual fee.

No Foreign Transaction Fee

While Southwest has become famous for not joining in with other airlines to charge for checked baggage, using the Southwest Airlines rapid rewards card is also a great perk when flying to foreign destinations, because there are no foreign transaction fees.

Another great benefit associated with using this card is the easy award travel booking. When you use a card that earns frequent flyer points, it normally feels good until it is time to actually redeem the miles. Often, customers attempt to redeem their miles, and they find that there are no seats blocked off. In fact, they often find flights completely blacked out for frequent mile bookings. With Southwest, this is not the case. If there is a seat available on the flight that you want, you will be able to book the seat using your frequent flyer miles.

Companion Pass Status

Southwest Airlines offers its customers a unique status known as Companion pass, and one of the fastest ways to get to this status is by using the Rapid Rewards credit card. Once you qualify for this status, you will be able to use your frequent flyer points to purchase a ticket for a friend and relative. What you achieve this status is good for the current calendar year, and the following one as well.

Where it Falls Short

Okay, let’s be honest. No card is without drawbacks, and no card is for everyone. From my perspective, the $99 annual fee is a little high in comparison to other cards, some of which have no annual fee at all. The anniversary bonus does help to reduce the amount, and if the card is used on a regular basis, it will save more than it costs, but members will start out behind the eight ball.

Another deficiency is the fact that the card does not support luxury perks, which is something that frequent flyers always look for. Despite the drawbacks, the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit performs exceptionally well with the parameters it has set for itself.

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