Stealth: Get Ripped Abs by Playing Games on Your Smartphone

Smart technology has had an impact on nearly every aspect of modern society. From healthcare to communication, technological innovations have streamlined and improved the everyday lives of countless individuals. One of the newest and most exciting fields in which technology is making waves is fitness.

While newer and more effective exercise equipment is emerging as well, the rise of fitness technology is perhaps the most important development in this area in years. From apps with graduated workouts to devices that track variables like heart rate and caloric output, people have been given all the tools they need to increase their health on their own. However, few pieces of equipment have this technology built-in, meaning people have to use apps separately from their equipment.

For this reason, Stealth Fitness has introduced a revolutionary piece of equipment that offers a seamless workout experience by combining its design with smartphone compatibility. It provides all the benefits of a fitness app with cutting edge equipment designed to maximize core strength and burn fat.

Stealth Fitness

The company behind Stealth is Stealth Fitness. The company is driven by a desire to place the power of scientific training in the palms of their clients. Not only does this company embrace the newest and most intuitive technology; its founders boast years of experience and training.

Don Brown is one of the founders of Stealth Fitness, and has a great deal of experience in product development. He is respected around the world as the person who both invented and popularized ab rollers.

Howard Panes is the other founder of the company, and has spent years training countless individuals to improve their health and fitness. His dedication to making exercise more engaging and accessible for any person is evident in the quality of Stealth Fitness products.


The idea for Stealth was first introduced roughly 1 year ago. In the following four months, the initial prototypes were introduced. Interestingly, this took the form of a piece of plywood laid across a doggy toy. The design process began shortly after.

With the technology coming along well, Stealth was ready for crowdfunding in October of 2016. This Kickstarter campaign will be completed at the end of the year, which will allow production to begin in early 2017. It is estimated that Stealth units will be shipped to backers in June.


The creation of this intuitive, fun, and effective home fitness product has received tremendous support. While only setting a fundraising goal of $20,000, Stealth has already raised over $320,000. Over 1500 backers have supported the project thus far.

How it Works

Using Stealth is not only effective and fun; it is extremely simple. The first step is to download the Stealth app, which is free. Next, the user’s smartphone should be inserted into Stealth’s slot. The user will then get into a plank position with their forearms resting on the device, and simply play games!

Stealth uses the phone’s motion detector to sense how the user is moving. This information is fed into the app, which will display games for the user to play. These games are simple and fun, requiring the user to tilt, spin, and rotate in order to win. Essentially, winning games will improve one’s fitness.



Naturally, the most important feature of Stealth is its pre-installed workout app. The games that users will enjoy are fun and simple. These games are still in beta-phase, meaning new options and variations are being added every day. Having fun and challenging games means that Stealth users will never tire of their workouts. Consistent effort is the surest way to find success, so having a program that is built around fun is an excellent way to maintain progress.

Full Core Workout

In addition to its fun workouts, what separates Stealth from other core trainers is its ability to target the entire core. While many products are designed to work the rectus abdominis, Stealth also activates the lower back and oblique muscles.

This well-rounded core workout is provided by the device’s innovative design. Allowing users to twist, turn, and rotate a full 360 degrees means that every core muscle can be recruited throughout the workout.


While providing fun and challenging workouts for the core is important, the benefits of the device could not be achieved if it were exceedingly difficult to use. Stealth, however, is designed to be the optimal core trainer for individuals of all fitness levels. With graduated intensity, users can control how difficult the workouts are. This means that novices and experts alike can benefit from the device.

In addition, Stealth can be enjoyed regardless of one’s schedule. Many people cannot afford to spend hours in the gym each week. With this product, however, burning fat and building core strength can occur in under 3 minutes a day. The games are designed to be quick, intense, and effective, ensuring that even the busiest individual can improve their fitness.


Given its intuitive technology, revolutionary design, and sheer effectiveness, one would expect Stealth to be extremely costly. However, it is remarkably affordable. Currently, early purchasers on Kickstarter can have Stealth for only $149, a discount of $150. There are many deals on Kickstarter for early buyers, although they are selling out quickly. There is even a package that includes travel to Hollywood and a meeting with the founders of Stealth Fitness.


Core strength is vital for improving one’s fitness. A stronger and leaner core leads to improved balance, flexibility, and posture. However, there are few fitness products available that provide effective workouts for the entire core.

Stealth is designed not only to provide effective core workouts, but also to make exercising fun and efficient. Stealth users will not have to spend hours on end in the gym or purchase expensive equipment for home workouts. Instead, playing games on Stealth for 3 minutes a day is an effective way to build strength and burn fat. With an intuitive app, innovative design, and affordable price, Stealth offers cutting edge core workouts for anyone looking to get toned abs.

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