How Steve Kroft Achieved a Net Worth of $17 Million

How Steve Kroft Achieved a Net Worth of $17 Million

People who watch CBS’s 60 Minutes should be familiar with Steve Kroft. For that matter, people who are interested in U.S. journalism should be familiar with said individual whether they watch said show or not, seeing as how he is someone who has managed to win not just three Peabody Awards but also nine Emmy awards. As such, it is no wonder that Kroft is estimated to have built up sizable net worth, though the exact figure sees a fair amount of variation.

How Did Steve Kroft Reach His Current Net Worth?

Kroft was born in a place called Kokomo, which is the center of its own metropolitan statistical area that encompasses the whole of Howard County in the state of Indiana. It is named thus because of a Native American man of the Miami tribe who became a storied figure for the European settlers in the region. Regardless, Kokomo benefited much from the discovery of natural gas reserves in its surroundings that fueled its industrial growth, with the result that it is also known to some extent for its technical prowess.

Regardless, Kroft graduated from Syracuse University during the time of the Vietnam War. As a result, he was drafted into the U.S. Army as soon as he had graduated, with the result that he became a reporter for the Armed Forces Network. For his efforts in covering his division’s participation in the invasion of Cambodia plus various other subjects of interest, Kroft managed to earn a number of journalism awards handed out by the U.S. Army plus a Bronze Star for Meritorious Achievement.

Due to this, Kroft was in a good position to start up a journalism career after receiving an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army. However, he didn’t just work as a journalist in this period but also went back to school by enrolling at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Afterward, Kroft managed to further establish his name as one of note by looking into cases of local corruption, which combined with other incidents to gain him recognition with CBC.

By 1980, Kroft had become a reporter for CBC’s Northeast bureau, which is situated in New York City. Soon enough, he was moved to its Dallas bureau and then its Miami bureau before receiving assignments that saw him covering international incidents such as the El Salvador Civil War as well as the U.S. Invasion of Grenada. Eventually, Kroft was being sent on locations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, with the result that he was picking up more and more credibility as an investigative reporter by covering more and more international incidents of note.

In 1986, Kroft was recalled to the United States where he was made the principal correspondent for a news show called West 57th. Said show was canceled in the spring of 1989, but that wasn’t the end of Kroft’s career, seeing as how he winded up becoming one of the journalists assigned to 60 Minutes in the September of the same year. From there, Kroft continued to provide interested individuals with insightful news of various kinds, which covered both the national and the international. For instance, he was the one who managed to get an interview with both Bill and Hilary Clinton at the time when Bill was running for the President of the United States, which proved to be a pivotal moment in the presidential campaign as a whole. Likewise, Kroft became the first American journalist to ever receive more extensive access to Chernobyl, with the result that he was able to deliver a more comprehensive news report than ever before. On top of this, it is interesting to note that Kroft has even had stories that combined national and international elements, as shown by the one time when he covered a friendly fire incident in the First Gulf War in 1992 that earned him his first Peabody Award.

Recently, Kroft announced that he was retiring from his role on 60 Minutes. In total, he has reported on close to 500 stories for the show over the course of 30 seasons, which is an achievement that very few people can ever hope to match. Moreover, it is clear that Kroft has managed to distinguish himself in his chosen field, as shown by his numerous awards and accolades.

Finance-wise, Kroft’s exact numbers are unknown for people who are curious, which is unsurprising because of the lack of information. On the whole, it seems safe to say that the bulk of Kroft’s earnings has come from his salary for his job as a journalist. There aren’t a lot of exact details that can be found out there, but there are sources that say that his annual salary towards the end was at around $3 million, which is a sizable sum to say the least. Something that explains much about the estimates of Kroft’s total net worth.

Further Considerations

It remains to be seen what will happen from this point forward. Kroft hasn’t exactly said much about his plans for the future, so it is unknown whether his retirement from 60 Minutes means that he won’t be engaging in other activities. Still, considering that he was earning millions salary-wise for his job as a journalist, it seems likely that his net worth will be remaining relatively static in the near future because of his choice to retire. However, no one can predict the future with perfect certainty, meaning that it might not be the best idea to put too much faith into this not particularly well-grounded line of speculation.

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