10 Stocks Like Facebook Only They are Cheaper


Facebook has had its ups and downs, but it remains one of the top social media companies. However, there’s always new competition in the market. If you don’t have the cash or desire, that doesn’t mean that diversifying your stock portfolio with social media is a bad plan. There are plenty of companies out there, which are snowballing in the social media arena to invest in for the short or long term. After all, a great stock profile is all about diversity. Buy low, sell high, and keep your losses to a minimum. Here are ten stocks like Facebook, only they are cheaper.

10. Meet Group Inc: MEET

The Meet Group has a simple mission. They want to bring people together in a safe environment. Their commitment to helping people connect is the reason users come to their platforms. We like them for their growth potential and their insistence on helping create a safe space where anyone can make a friend or a love connection. Their admirable work on helping keep child predators off their sites is more than a worthy goal.

9. Weibo Corp: WB

When it comes to sharing Chinese Language content, Weibo has a large presence in the market. Any platform with over a billion potential users in China alone is setting themselves up for social media stardom. Weibo has a huge user base because China is so incredibly populous. As the country continues to grow and bring technology to more people, their target audience will only continue to grow along with the country.

8. Vkontakte: VKNTE

Understanding the Russian marketplace is what Vkontakte excels at. They are the most popular social media platform in the huge country, and like Weibo, they’re growing exponentially. Russia has made huge strides in technology in the last couple of decades, and they’re not looking to slow down anytime soon. Pop culture shares, and so much more are the bread and butter for this platform, and the users love it, not to mention using Vkontakte more every day. We think they have solid growth potential in the long term as the internet spreads to more remote communities throughout the country.

7. Line Corp: LN

This Tokoyo based company is primarily involved in application production for its user base. Line is the largest and most obvious of their products. However, Line has other apps and more in development all the time. Much like the Meet Group, Line is pushing its way steadily into more of the market and working hard to grow and introduce new apps for social media sharing and connecting people to one another. Hundreds of millions of people, primarily in Asia, use Line to connect, and it’s a company invested in helping all of Asia continue to connect better.

6. Match Group Inc: MTCH

If you like Meet Group, but you want to invest in a more established and larger company with a heavy focus on dating, then Match Group Inc is a solid bet. Match want’s to connect everyone on earth with romantic partners, and we all know how vital that is to most people. With sites like the well known Match.om, Match Group has cornered a huge portion of the love industry in most English speaking companies. Plus, they’re extending their influence beyond national borders and linguistic barriers to achieve the goal of helping adults everywhere find true love or at least a hookup.

5. Pinterest Inc: PINS

Pinterest needs no introduction. You probably have an account there already, and if you don’t, your friends or family certainly do. The image sharing site helps millions of people connect and share common interests, from recipes to fashion, and more. Though their primary target audience is women, the platform has wider appeal with men as well. Also, unlike social media that is created strictly for adults, much o Pinterest is considered child-friendly as well, which helps them grow their reach to younger audiences.

4. Snap Inc: SNAP

Snapchat customers are more likely to make in-app purchases than most. The platform isn’t the only property of Snap Inc., but if it were, we’d still have put SNAP in the top five choices for social media stock. Connecting buyers to products is vital, and online business has never been better. More people turn to the internet for shopping than ever before, and Amazon may be the big dog, but they’re not a monopoly.

3. Yelp Inc: YELP

Yelp is more about connecting people to businesses than it is about connecting them to other humans directly. However, if you’re a brick and mortar business who wants locals to be able to find you, then a Yelp listing is essential. There’s no question that online reviews drive a substantial portion of new business, and Yelp has some of the most trusted reviews of all.

2. Twitter Inc: TWTR

The Twitterverse is vast. It wasn’t all that long ago that people would have scoffed at the idea that limiting posts to an image or video and less than two hundred words was not only plausible but brilliant. From social media influencers to people who just want to see what’s going on in their favorite hobby, Twitter is ubiquitous. If you don’t ‘Tweet’ as a business, then you’re missing out on a massive audience of dedicated followers and customers. Giants like McDonald’s are known for their presence on the platform as much as Hollywood stars and private individuals. The bird isn’t going anywhere, and it gains new tweeters daily.

1. Linkedin: LNKD

Everyone needs a job, and Linkedin is helping people find those jobs. For employers who need qualified candidates, it’s a one-stop shopping platform to fill the positions as needed. Alternately, for professionals who want to advance their careers and make sure they get the exposure they need to land promotions and better jobs, Linkedin is essential. Even people who avoid other types of social media need Linkedin, which is why it lands solidly in our top spot.

Final Thoughts

Social media used to pretty much consist of the back pages in a newspaper. However, things have changed, and they’re not likely to ever return to the simpler times. If you want a job, a partner, a liaison, or even just a meal or spa day, most people turn to the internet these days to find what they need. Gen X and beyond are heavily invested in social media and sharing in ways that savvy businesses understand and other companies fail at to their detriment. Diversifying with any of these social media moguls will help round out your stock portfolio with a business that will likely only continue to grow and become a more significant part of the collective human experience. The market may not ever be a guarantee, but people’s need to connect certainly is, and that’s why we’d bank on any or all of these ten stocks.

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