10 Stocks to Consider if You Like Honda


Honda is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. For a long time, the corporation ventured into motorcycle making and stood out from the crowd when it came to production figures. In 2001 it was the second-largest Japanese automaker, and by 2015 it was the eighth largest in the world. Another fantastic fact is that it has been one of the key vehicle exporters to the United States of America from Japan and generally the Far East market. Its narrative is a tale of success and has ventured in other areas such as airplane engines and also home equipment such as lawnmowers. As an investor, Honda stocks provide a right front for you to put your cash with a guarantee of impressive performance. If you are a fan of Honda, the following are some of the stocks to consider in the financial markets.

10. Pioneer Corporation Stocks- TYO: 6773

Pioneer Corporation is a Japanese company that deals in digital entertainment products. It is a vast company under the trade name of TYO: 6773 in the Tokyo stock exchange market. The company works together with Honda, where the later markets the former’s audio and car navigation system. The association between these two companies presents an opportunity for you to amplify your investments should Honda perform well in the financial markets.

9. Hero MotoCorp- BSE: 500182

Hero MotoCorp is an Indian motorcycle manufacturer that trades under the ticker symbol of BSE: 500182 in the Bombay stock market. In the National Stock exchange of India, it has the ticker symbol of NSE: HEROMOTOCO. The company was for long in an association with Honda in a joint venture agreement. However, the two companies parted ways, and Hero is now on its feet. As from Money Control, you can take note of the company’s stock’s bear run. In such a situation, you can take advantage of the low prices and buy several shares while you wait patiently for the price to appreciate.

8. Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group- 2238: HK

The named company is another one to pick if you already traded in Honda stocks. It is the Chinese partner for Toyota and Honda. Presently it is witnessing a fluctuating stint in the stock market, and it is hard to predict whether this is going into a bearish or bullish market run. However, when you study the market carefully and use the indicators, you can take note of the emerging market trend and make a wise decision when trading. It trades as 2238: HK on the Hong Kong stock market.

7. Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company- 0489: HK

You can also explore the Dongfeng Honda automobile company under the ticker of 0489: HK on the Hong Kong market. The company’s performance seems to indicate a close shave from dropping further into a bear market, which seemed imminent at the beginning of the year. At the moment, its stock values are appreciating, and you can buy into the trend for good foreseeable returns.

6. Honda Atlas Cars- PSX: HCAR

Honda Atlas Cars is the Pakistani subsidiary of the Japanese auto-manufacturer and presents the right trading front if you have a bias towards the Honda market. Trading as PSX: HCAR on the Pakistani stock exchange, it has been performing quite well at the turn of the year. A look at Investing.com, a trading platform show you how impressive its performance has been, primarily in February 2020.

5. Autobacs Seven- TYO: 9832

Autobacs Seven is a retail company that mostly deals in car parts with stores in parts of Asia and also France. It also stocks Honda parts, especially the audio systems that come as a collaboration between Honda and Pioneer Corporation. At the moment, its prices are not that good -indicative of poor performance at the trading centers. However, you can buy the stocks presently at low prices, speculating on a pickup session where prices will appreciate. Its symbol is TYO: 9832 at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

4. Tesla- NASDAQ: TSLA

When it comes to automobile stocks, one company that is worth your investment is Tesla. The company focuses on the technological aspect of its growth, a fact that is responsible for its decent performance in the last few financial trading sessions. It trades as NASDAQ: TSLA at the NASDAQ stock market and is registering an impressive performance at the moment. It is an excellent option for Honda stocks or acts as a complimentary when you want to widen your ventures.

3. General Motors- NYSE: GM

General Motors is another company to look out for when seeking for an impressive standing as your consideration factor. After a low season, the NYSE: GM tag registered a 23% rise coming from a sustained low brought along by a not so favorable financial year.

2. Toyota- TYO: 7203

If you like Honda, then it will be difficult not to like Toyota as they have a lot of things in common. Maybe competitive wise is where Toyota may slightly edge out Honda. Looking at Toyota’s stock, trading as TYO: 7203 on the Tokyo stock exchange, you get a clear picture of a well-performing financial instrument. The month of February has been fair to the auto-manufacturer, and it seems it will continue with the pace indicating a bull run.

1. Honda- TYO: 7267

Taking the top spot on the stocks to consider if you like Honda, is the company itself. Considering how its faring in the stock market paints encouraging results as the stocks show considerable improvement after a drop in price at the beginning of the year. It is a worthy front if you are looking for a long term trading plan. It trades as TYO: 7267 on the Tokyo stock exchange and NYSE: HMC on the New York Stock exchange.

Final Thoughts

The financial market is one field you can try out if you want to grow your capital. The automobile stocks are worth your try though you need to be wary of the fluctuating prices to make a wise decision. Above are some of the companies’ stocks to trade on if you favor Honda. The companies are in some way connected to Honda, and the automobile’s performance can affect their stock prices as well.

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