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10 Stocks to Consider if You Like Intel


Everyone knows the infamous 'Intel Inside,' slogan, and the sound that comes with it. For those who recall when the company was founded in the late 60s, it might have seemed that they peaked around the year 2000. However, anyone who takes the long view can see that Intel has been climbing back up toward their former glory lately. Nevertheless, the tech market is saturated with stocks worthy of consideration. Here are our top ten stocks to consider if you like Intel.

10. BrainChip: BRN

Intel was all about capturing the interest and market in the tech sector. BrainChip of New South Wales is following in those footsteps by creating Ai that mimics real life. We don't typically include penny stocks in our picks. Still, this little company has done some big things that have gone largely unnoticed and uninvested in despite their uses for casinos, defense drones, and other billion-dollar industries. Getting into 'neuromorphic processing' now is a bit like getting into 'computers' back in the '60s and '70s. It sounds like sci-fi nonsense, but it could be the wave of the future coming.

9. Twilio: TWLO

TWLO is not as well known in the public sector as it should be. This cloud-based computing software company is one of the new Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) industry major players. Moreover, it currently has stock worth almost double what Intel is valued at right now. While SeekingAlpha sees a future market fragmentation as a result of competition, we think Twilio will pull through and continue to grow. We see this as a buy and hold stock.

8. Impinj: PI

If you're not familiar with RFID, then you probably should be. It's likely that you carry RFID devices on your person daily in the form of credit and bank cards, work ID badges, and more. As a manufacturer of radio-frequency identification devices and software, Impinj is part of a rapidly growing and ubiquitous industry. While PI has certainly seen some dips, the company is climbing again, and we think it might be worth investing, at least for a while.

7. Qorvo Inc: QRVO

Paired with our previous pick, like wine for cheese, is Qorvo. Impinj makes the RFID devices, but Qorvo makes the semiconductors that help power similar devices. All technology is useless without parts manufacturers who make the necessary components to create their gear. We expect this one to top out soon temporarily, but RFID isn't going away, and semiconductor companies are some of our top picks across the board for solid buy and hold investments.

6. NXP Semiconductors NV: NXPI

Headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, this is another of our semiconductor top pics. Because the company is non-American, they don't share our current trade issues with China. Moreover, they've shown consistent growth over the last year. While we anticipate a slight downturn when the competition begins to rebound, we still think NXPI is a good buy and hold. With over thirty thousand staff in thirty-five countries, we see an overall positive trend for the company and their industry in the future.

5. SkyWorks: SKWKS

As our third semiconductor company, we gave SKWKS a top-five rank because this company has been around since 1980. In the last five years, their stock has done nothing but climb overall, and we don't think they plan to stop. SKWKS provides semiconductors to several industries, but not least of all, for the wireless communications industry, which is a solid place to be seated these days. The IoT devices that have become all the rage are wireless communicators, just like cell phones.

4. Sierra Wireless: SWIR

On the subject of IoT devices, Sierra Wireless may not be worth quite as much as some on this list, but that doesn't always indicate how much profit a savvy investor will make. The IoT is booming, and no one is looking back. As stocks like Intel go, SWIR is a superb example of an option where a smart investor who's seeking to diversify could buy low and hold long enough to make a very tidy profit as the demand for SWIR's products continues to climb.

3. Micron Technology: MU

As John Ballard points out Micron, a company that is helping lead the memory and storage industry for Mobile devices, data centers and PCs has taken its licks lately. The predicted earnings for the next year make this a worthy buy now, even if you're not in it for the long hold. We think MU is going to make a whole lot of investors good income this year, and possibly a lot longer as well.


We've covered this potential millionaire-maker extensively. We don't want to flog a dead horse, though, with growth like this company is showing the horse is very much alive and running. The stock value continues to climb as predicted, and we still feel that any investor seeking to diversify or grow their portfolio should get in before it gets more costly. The only company we placed higher on our list is the one giving NVDA a run for their money. How that race turns out will be one of the things we keep our eye on over the next few years.


Looking at the recent overall stock history of Intel and AMD is like looking at a mirror. As Intel drops, AMD has been climbing. We think that bodes well for investors. However, there's even more exciting news coming from this tech dynamo. They're slated to drop a GPU that might blow NVDA out of the water later this year. While the actual result remains to be seen, we think that both our number one and two picks are worth investing in before you have to pay a whole lot more to get in at all.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tech stocks to expand your portfolio is incredibly difficult at times. However, overall tech companies are certainly winning the day, year, and even decade. It doesn't look like they're set to stop ever. As computers, smartphones, and IoT devices continue to take over the planet, there will eventually be nowhere they don't reach. Whether a company manufactures and designs semiconductors, memory, or GPUs, they're solidly placed to head into the future. The only question is whether your stock portfolio can say the same.

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