10 Stocks to Consider if You Like Pepsi


Pepsi is a classic, and while it’s not quite as popular as Coca-Cola, that doesn’t always impact the stock values of the two companies who are competing to be the number one soda brand in the world. For investors who are seeking similar stocks to Pepsi, we’re going to leave off the painfully obvious brand and focus more on other beverage-related opportunities to expand your portfolio. Regardless of what type of investor you are, there are plenty of options in the beverage industry to incorporate along with your Pepsi investment. Here are our top ten stocks to consider if you like Pepsi.

10. Jones Soda Co: JSDA

JSDA is our first choice because this penny stock is going through some big changes right now. Jones just recently named Joseph Jankowski as head of U.S. sales back in December. Since he has an exceptional track record we think this may bode well for the craft soda company and help them reach greater heights both in terms of sales and stock valuation. While JSDA isn’t likely to make any millionaires, a savvy investor could benefit from adding this smaller company to their investments.

9. Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc: KDP

It wasn’t so long ago that no one had ever heard of a Keurig, but now we see them everywhere. Those little single-serving coffee and tea pods quickly became a part of America’s morning routine. With a 2.08% dividend, and a current stock price hovering below thirty dollars a share, we’re not worried about the steep drop off KDP had back in mid-2018. We think that Keurig is popular enough to recover over time and it makes a decent buy and hold stock.

8. National Beverage Corp: FIZZ

While everyone knows that Pepsi and Coke vie for the top two spots, we can often overlook an option like the incredibly popular FIZZ. National Beverage Corp. is the fifth-largest soft drink distributor in the USA. Had you picked up their stock back in the 90s for just over two dollars a share, you’d be looking at a return over twenty times the value of your investment if you sold today. Though the current prices aren’t as high as the peaks in 2017 and 2018, the overall value of FIZZ stock is likely to head upward again as we swing into the warmer seasons.

7. Monster Beverage Corp: MNST

The Monster energy drink company has been around much longer than most people are aware of. This late-80s brand didn’t start to come into its own until around 2005, and since then, it has climbed in value fairly steadily. As another stock you could have picked up for a fraction of its current price, the less than ten cent stock in the 1980s is worth hundreds of times what it once was. We don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon.

6. Anheuser Busch Inbev NV: BUD

BUD is a well known international drink brewing company. Though the company’s stock has been on an overall downtrend for a while, they offer a generous 2.64% dividend to investors. Moreover, we think this is one of those opportunities for day traders who want to see a rapid turnaround.

5. Starbucks Corporation: SBUX

The coffee giant is slightly down at the time of this writing, but overall their growth describes an upward arc. It’s no surprise. After all, people love coffee, and there’s nowhere in the world where it’s not served. The Coronavirus is interfering in some of the international sales. Still, it will pass, and we’re confident the multinational SBUX will continue to expand its efforts and income along with its stock value. Now is a good time to buy and hold.

4. Nestle S A/S ADR: NSRGY

Holding NSRG stock is like climbing a mountain. There are some dips in the value now and then, but Nestle has always been popular, and over time it has done nothing but grow overall. Had you bought just this stock for just under ten dollars in 1995 when the company began public trading, your current portfolio would have multiplied by eleven so far. Future growth is never a guarantee, but it does seem likely.

3. Diageo PLC: DEO

Americans are less familiar with DEO, but this multinational British brewing company has done well. According to SlaterSentinel.com, we’re not the only ones who think this is a buy. Thomasville National Bank bought a stake worth $201,000 (1,191 shares) recently. Moreover, the already heavily invested Canada Pension Plan Investment Board added 84,990 shares of DEO to its portfolio, bringing the total up to 101,000 shares worth almost seventeen and a half million dollars.

2. Constellation Brands, Inc. Class A: STZ

If you’re fast, then you may be able to pick up STZ for under $200 a share. Though we expect to see the downtrend on this mostly wine and distillery based beverage company continue a bit further, we still see overall gains to be made on a buy and hold. With better than expected third-quarter earnings, it’s a good time to buy into the wine industry with STZ.

1. Boston Beer Company Inc: SAM

Boston Beer might not be the most familiar name of this company, but most people recognize Samuel Adams, which was their first beer brand. Though SAM coasted for years without much noticeable change in its’ stock value. However, things began changing in big ways for SAM around 2009, and over the last two years, the stock value has nearly doubled.

Final Thoughts

Uncertainty and risk management are always the norm for investing. Playing it safe doesn’t guarantee anything in life, and certainly not in the stock market. However, where investing is involved, drink-related companies are a reasonably smart way to broaden your financial and investing horizons. There are relatively few beverage companies that ultimately fail, and most of those have obvious warning signs long before they ever get delisted or go under. The simple fact is that as long as there are people, they will drink something. Naturally, that’s not the only consideration where the market is concerned, but it’s a solid jumping-off point.

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