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10 Stocks to Consider if You Like Samsung


Samsung is a South Korean multinational company known for its phones and other consumer electronics. It's not easy to get your hands on those massively valuable shares, but you can always work with an exchange-traded fund (ETF) to acquire foreign stocks. However, if you've got your eye on Samsung, then it pays to look at some other tech stocks that are in similar businesses. Our collection of tech, phone, and semiconductor companies are the top ten stocks to consider if you like Samsung.

10. Lenovo Group Limited: LNVGF

If you want a cheap computer, then LNVGF is probably not the way to go. However, if you want and incredible deal on undervalued penny stocks in the tech sector, then this might be the company for you. for those with a tasted for cutting edge 'cool' tech, Lenovo has what you need. As a stock, they offer a substantial 5.2% dividend yield, and as a computer company, they're innovating some incredible things. This year the foldable laptop with a magnetic keyboard is dropping, and you may want to get in on the action before that affects the market.

9. BlackBerry Ltd: BB

This Canadian multinational corp is known for its phones. While the shares aren't worth anywhere near what they were in 2008, we can still see the potential for day traders to make a quick turnaround on buying low and selling at a slight high. Of course, that presumes that you can get rid of the shares. It's a calculated risk, but there's money to be made.

8. ON Semiconductor Corp: ON

As a Fortune 500 company, ON is well known for its semiconductors. Without the ability to regulate power and signals, many things wouldn't work as they do today, including cars, phones, computers, and virtually every advanced piece of tech out there. Yahoo Finance is citing ON as one of the companies to buy due to the coronavirus weakness in the market, and we agree.

7. STMicroelectronics NV: STM

If you're looking to diversify into additional semiconductor markets, then this French-Italian company is a reasonable choice. They're Europes largest manufacturer in the industry. Located in Switzerland, STM has seen an uptick in business and stock value over the last year, which bodes well for investors.

6. Micron Technology, Inc: MU

Computer memory and data storage is an industry that isn't likely to see a decrease in demand any time soon. The Motley Fool has its eye on this reasonably priced stock as another potential millionaire maker. Citing their 'attractive product mix' as a strength given the volatility of the tech market, we agree with TMF and suggest buying low and holding this stock. We think it's likely that in ten years you'll have made your money back many times over.

5. Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd: TSE

TSE is a no-brainer when it comes to semiconductors. They are the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, which means the upward trend in the stock value is likely to continue. Semiconductor companies are only going to continue to see increased demand. This is another company to pick up before the stock ends up costing even more. We anticipate that TSE will continue to see gains for years to come. Plus, the 3.04% dividend is nothing to sneeze at.


Qualcomm is an American telecommunications and semiconductor company. Investorplace is expecting QCOM to set all-time highs soon. However, they feel it's vital to trade and not hold. However, we disagree. Getting bullish and holding on to QCOM might be your best semiconductor investment choice.

3. ASUSTEK Computer Inc: 2357

This Taiwan based electronics and phone hardware company has seen its share of highs and lows. While it's down, we suggest day traders pick up plenty of 2357. It's likely that you'll be able to sell on the next high and make a very tidy profit.

2. Apple Inc: APPL

Apple stock is always a solid choice. One look at the overall stock appreciation should be enough to show any investor exactly what they can expect to get out of APPL. Regardless of dips in the value now and then, this is one stock that always manages to recover and continue its upward climb. The popularity of some of APPL's products like the iPhone makes it fairly obvious that this is a winner. While it's not one of those stocks that are worth tens of thousands of dollars, the long term buy and hold earning potential is there like always. There's no such thing as a sure bet, but Apple has a great track record, which is vital in choosing stocks.

1. LG Electronics Inc: 066570

South Korean giant LG has been down lately. However, it also saw a noticeable uptick in shares yesterday, and NASDAQ is predicting a rebound. If you're looking to make a quick and substantial profit, we think that picking up this incredibly valuable stock and holding just long enough to sell when they up again. There's great potential for investors who are fast on their feet and good judges of when to let go. However, we'd caution that, given the volatility of the stock, you'll want to be very cautious about this purchase. Fears over the coronavirus could make you a small fortune or lose one, and typically we don't put such a risky proposition at the top of our list, but we think it might be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need to find a good ETF and learn how to trade foreign stocks, or you just want a penny stock from the US that might be worth a lot more than people are giving it credit for, expanding and diversifying your portfolio is always a good plan. Adding these ten stocks to your overall holdings will provide you with a tech-heavy investment that's not limited by a single small corner of the vast technologies market.

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