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10 Stocks to Consider if You Like Uber


Uber didn't do as well last year as they anticipated despite the wild popularity of the platform. As rookie transportation companies go, however, they're managing alright with peaks and valleys that aren't that far apart. We anticipate that the company will hold it's own over time, but what about other transportation stocks? The new kid on the block can be the best investment you ever made or the worst. Either way, adding more transport based stocks to your portfolio is an excellent way to diversify. In the grand scheme of things, both people and businesses are going to continue to need to get themselves and their equipment, food, and other goods where they want and need them to be. Here are our top ten stocks to consider if you like Uber.

10. Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC: FTAI

FTAI is a multinational investment company that works with high-end vehicles and infrastructure equipment. As of this writing, their stock is nearing its all-time high value again, and looking like it may continue climbing. Regardless of highs and lows, infrastructure is a business that anyone can see is in high demand as the world population continues to grow. We all require roads, and other infrastructure in our societies, hence a property like FTAI is a solid decision for long term investors and day traders alike.

9. Aircastle Limited: AYR

Unlike the land-based FTAI, AYR deals in flight. Specifically, they lease and sell commercial jet aircraft to airlines worldwide. Aircastle stock has been on a rocky upward climb for over a decade. Since last October, the value of AYR has described a steep upward slope though it's recently plateaued. Some large investors like Icon Advertisers Inc and Koshinski Asset Management have been picking up stock left and right. We think it's time to buy in before the value increases again.


Filling out the trifecta of transportation, we've chosen this roller-coaster stock from OROVY. As the parent company of Orient Overseas Container Line, one of the largest shipping container companies in the world, we think the business may wobble. Still, overall it's likely to continue generally moving upward over time. However, this is one property that isn't for the easily spooked investor.

7. Macquarie Infrastructure Corp: MIC

MIC operates a fairly diverse set of infrastructure businesses. Although the company is still recovering from a steep drop in early 2018, we think now is the time to buy as they rebuild their stock values. Given that MIC has shown they can rebuild even if he stock drops to barely over a dollar a share, we think the leadership and industry have plenty of growth and earning potential in store for MIC.

6. Lyft Inc: LYFT

Lyft is the only publicly traded stock that is genuinely similar to UBER. The similarity between the two services is part of why both are doing so well right now. Barrons says that it's time to ride the Bull market on these two companies, and we couldn't agree more. Investors who want to double down on their independent taxi services should be pleased to see LYFT making gains.

5. Ryder System, Inc: R

With an impressive 4.56% dividend yield, Ryder makes a great income property in the transportation arena. Investors who bought in between $5-9 early on haven't lost any money and have seen substantial gains over the years. The stock may be down nearly fifty percent from its all-time high, but we still think this is a buy and hold income property that's worth a second glance. Pick stocks up on the downtrend now, and you'll likely see gains in the future.

4. Hub Group Inc: HUBG

As North Americas' largest provider of intermodal, truck brokerage, and logistics services, HUBG is a historically excellent addition to any portfolio. Although there were some alarming dips early on in the public trading life of HUBG, they've grown from a penny stock low to a force to be reckoned with. However, the sharp dips and spikes on the upward climb are not for the faint-hearted investor. Buy and hold HUBG.

3. GrubHub Inc: GRUB

This popular food delivery service is becoming ubiquitous. GRUB seems to be on the path to recovering from last year's holiday season slump. Although the stock value is substantially down from the 2018 highs of nearly a hundred and fifty dollars a share, the current upward trend is one to watch. As the popularity of fast delivery services continues to wax, we'll likely be seeing more gains from this stock than losses. Although we admit the insider selling has us concerned, there is still likely to be plenty of money to be made from GRUB.

2. Expeditors International of Washington: EXPD

From a mere seventeen cents a share in the 1980s when EXPD began trading in the public market, the historical data shows that this worldwide logistics and freight forwarding company has been climbing for a long time. As of this writing, the current share value is over seventy-three dollars per, and even the 2009 dip didn't stop EXPD stock fro continuing to gain value in the long run. This is a great buy and hold stock with a 1.36% dividend yield on top of the impressive history of gains.

1. FedEx Corporation: FDX

FedEx, the popular shipping carrier is an ideal property to add to your portfolio. The package carrier's brown trucks can be seen all over the nation every day. Moreover, the stocks are as reliable as the service. Sure, there's a wobble here and there, but overall they do outstandingly well. There's never a 'safe' stock pick, but FedEx is one of the few companies that is relatively worthwhile all the time. Just don't buy in too high. Wait for a low and pick up plenty on a downswing.

Final Thoughts

There are some companies that are not yet publicly traded that we'll be keeping an eye on for this list (or a similar one) in the future. However, for right now, if you want to diversify into transportation, or expand your existing shares, we'd suggest any of these ten options. Transportation, be it individual meals, taxi services, or bulk freight, is an industry that's growing exponentially with the population of the world. It must in order to continue to meet our needs. We think transport stocks are a great way to secure your future or make a fast profit.

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