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10 Stocks to Consider if You Like Walmart


If you're an investor and you like your investment in Walmart stocks, there are other retailers out there that are doing well in the market. While there have been some problems with retail in general, some of the larger chains like Walmart, and other retailers that specialize in a variety of goods are doing well. Those that combine a variety of consumer goods at discount prices have been doing fairly well, and the chains that include a selection of grocery items become a one-stop-shop for many consumers with busy work schedules. Here are 10 stocks to consider for 2020 if you like Walmart.

10. Target

Ticker symbol: NYSE: TGT

Target is a stock that is worth considering as it seems to be thriving in an environment when so many retailers are taking a downward turn. The store has risen to the status of one of America's largest retail chains with 1,800 brick and mortar stores distributed throughout the country. Target also maintains an online presence. The store is known for its diverse products including grocery items, fashion, healthcare, home and garden, and more. Price shares increased to nearly double during 2019, leaving shareholders pleased with their investments.

9. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Ticker symbol: NASDAQ BBBY

Surprisingly, analysts are recommending Bed Bath & Beyond as a stock to keep your eye on for 2020. The company had a rough go of it in 2019 but has rebounded and is coming up in the market. The hiring of new leadership along with a recent real estate sale has brought in $250 million for the company. Instead of owning properties, BBBY plans to rent retail space and this has given it the means to expand operations and has given it a financial boost. They negotiated a sale-leaseback agreement for the sake of raising cash and the company has a valuation of $2.1 billion.

8. Lululemon Athletica

Ticker symbol: NASDAQ LULU

Lululemon Athletic is experiencing a period of high growth in stock prices. Stock prices had continued to soar for a period of ten years, until a controversial statement made by the founder created a few issues, causing a drop in prices. There were a few bumps in the road, but Lululemnon Athletica brought a new CEO on board two years ago and the change was favored by investors, causing yet another surge in sales and rapid growth of the company. LULU is still on its way up with is currently in the green by 1,380%, making it another good choice for those who like stocks like Walmart.

7. Ulta Beauty

Ticker symbol: NASDAQ ULTA

Ulta Beauty specializes in the retail sale of a variety of high-end beauty products. The stock has been positively impacted by teh demand for salon services and beauty products and the fact that it offers brick and mortar locations for consumers to stop and shop is a big plus. People prefer to try out their beauty products in-store before buying versus ordering them online. Ulta has increased the number of stores in the US over the past decade from just 346 to 1,241 showing decent growth. Stock prices are up by 1,310% and it's one of the more highly recommended retailers for investment in 2020.

6. Ross Stores

Ticker symbol: NASDAQ ROST

Ross Stores is another stock to consider if you like Walmart. The retailer provides a variety of name brand designer fashion items at discount prices which have given competitors a run for their money. The average savings on name brand apparel and accessories are between 20 to 60 percent less than other department stores which have led to a decade of fast and steady growth for the chain. Currently, Ross Stores stock prices are up by 938% making it a stock to consider.

5. O'Reilly Automotive

Ticker symbol: NASDAQ ORLY

O'Reilly Automotive is an auto parts retailer that has held its own through the ups and downs of the market. This company offers specialized assistance with brick and mortar locations that maintain an inventory of automotive parts and other products with staff that provides one on one services for consumers. The company maintains an online presence with a fast network of vendors for ordering parts that are not currently in stock. The brand is considered to be reliable by the general public. There has been significant ten-year growth in the company which started out with 2,000 retail stores and now currently operates 5,200 stores across the nation. O'Reilly Automotive is a stock to consider with the prices up around 1,050%.


Ticker symbol: NASDAQ COST

Costco is a membership retailer that offers purchases in bulk for its customers. The vast selection of consumer goods and grocery items, particularly the Kirkland brand represents cost savings with quality. The retailer sells everything from clothing, and furniture to electronics and food items. Subscription renewals among consumers are almost 91% in North America with growth in sales ranging between five to nine percent per quarter.

3. TJX Companies

Ticker symbol: NYSE TJX

TJX Companies owns several subsidiary retail stores including Marshalls, HomeSense, HomeGoods, and TJ Maxx. This is a retailer that has avoided the downturn and has performed well since 2016. The company has been in operation for more than four decades and in that long history, there has only been one decline in sales performance overall. Recent growth in sales has reached 4% at the close of the quarter and this is really nothing new for TJX Companies, making it a stock to keep your eye on in the retail sector.

2. Williams Sonoma Inc

Ticker symbol: NYSE: WSM

Williams Sonoma has shown some impressive headway in sales increase over the holidays. The retailer sells home products at its brick and mortar locations as well as through its e-commerce site. The performance has been pleasing for current investors and there is no indication that anything is going to change, making it one of the more solid investment options within the retail sector.

1. Archer Daniels Midland

Ticker symbol: ADM

This company is a global food processing and commodity trading retailer that processes a variety of products. It engages actively in trade in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico trade agreement adn has recently entered into a new contract among the three neighboring countries. The market value for ADM is currently $25.7 billion with a dividend yield of 3.0%. This is a stable company within the agricultural retail market.

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