10 Stocks to Consider That are Cheaper than Tesla


There are many stocks out there waiting for you to buy a few shares. At the same time, you cannot always predict a winning combination. This is why it is helpful to assemble a balanced portfolio that contains a series of stocks that can balance out any potential losses you may have along the way. Some stocks really perform well. An example would be Tesla. Its stock price has recently gone through the roof. If you are not invested in this company, you might find its share price is a bit out of your comfort zone. That is ok. There are plenty of other great companies out there that make for a great investment. Here are ten such stocks that you should consider buying, each one noticeably cheaper than Tesla.

10. Turtle Beach

This is an interesting company that you will want to consider buying. They make gaming headsets. It was not long ago that this company was facing bankruptcy, so you might wonder why in the world it is on this list. It is because the demand for gaming headsets has now never been higher thanks to inventions like Fortnite and others. Revenue is at an all time high and the stock is still moving. This is an attractive alternative to Tesla.

9. Tivity Health

Showing that we value diversification in a portfolio, here is an up and coming health care related stock that you will want to consider purchasing. The share price of Tivity Health has actually taken a nose drive twice in recent years, making if quite attractive today. It is in competition with UnitedHealth Group, which accounted for much of the turbulence. Then, it bought Nutrisystem. This is a wildly popular nutritional program that continues to sell. Revenue is up, while share prices are still low. Now is a good time to get in on it

8. Century Casinos

Now it is time for a company in the entertainment industry. Casinos continue to be popular across the country. Here is a company that actually has opened locations in Poland and Canada. It also runs casinos on a number of cruise ships around the world. It continues to have an impressive plan for measured growth. Its North American operations are starting to grow and the feeling is that it is just getting started. This is a stock the is well positioned to go places in the near future.

7. Kulicke and Soffa

While semiconductors might not be the most exciting industry in the world, it is nonetheless one that can return huge dividends. To this point, Kulicke and Soffa has actually underperformed in this field. That means that they should do nicely once the demand for chips begins to rebound globally. It should be on track to increase its revenue in coming quarters, driving a share price that is currently quite low even higher than it has been in the past.

6. Cannae Holdings

Here is a financial holdings company worth taking a serious look at. It holds quite a bit of equity in Dun and Bradstreet. This is the firm that helped Cannae Holdings go private not long ago. They also have a number of other assets on their books. These include a number of restaurant chains. There is a lot to be hopeful with this company, so it is an attractive share to buy instead of Tesla.

5. SailPoint Technologies

If you are wondering what SailPoint Technologies actually does, you are not alone. It might not be a household name, but it is a business that specializes in the development of identity management software. This is designed for businesses. Unless you have been relegated to the Stone Age, you know that this is a field that is going to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. There is a lot of room here for this stock price to go much higher than it is today.

4. Boise Cascade

The price of a share of Boise Cascade is currently quite low. This is a company that produces lumber. Due to competition, it has also evolved to become involved with the distribution of the product as well. This has served them quite well. While the company has taken on its fair share of debt in recent years, it still has a lot of potential in terms of increased sales. It is an industry that is always in demand and their ability to adapt to a shifting market model is rather impressive.

3. PetIQ

In case you haven’t noticed, people love their pets. They are also opening up their wallets more and more every year to take care of those pets. PetIQ is a company that is focused on opening veterinary offices around the country. It also sells prescription medication and a host of other supplies. This is a company that is going places, which is why it places so high on this list.

2. Opera Limited

Here is a company that develops Internet browsers for both personal computers and mobile devices. It was headquartered in Norway and has more than than 350 million users at the current time. It is really growing in Africa and Asia, where Internet usage is among the lowest in the world. This demonstrates the potential for growth that Opera Limited has.

1. Progress Software

Progress Software places number one on our list of stocks to consider that are cheaper than Tesla. This is a software oriented company that is consistently ranked amongst the top buys in its class by industry analysts.

So, now you have ten possible stocks just waiting for you to buy. Take a look at each one and do your own research. You will surely find a few that you are definitely interested in buying. Decide how many shares of each you would like to buy and then go from there. Remember to work as hard as you can to balance your portfolio and maximize your chances for profitability in the long run.

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