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10 Things You Didn't Know about StockX CEO Scott Cutler

Scott Cutler

The internet is the basic unit of our technological evolution, especially in the field of telecommunication. Through it, various concepts have come to rise and one of the most vital, when looking at the business field, is that of e-commerce. The concept allows us to trade via the various online platforms that have come up in the past few years. A notable commercial platform in the online domain is StockX. It is hardly five years in the business, and it has already posted impressive results, as evident from PR Newswire, it deals mainly in sneakers alongside other apparel. At the moment, its CEO is Scott Cutler. Let us go through ten things about Scott Cutler, to have an idea of who exactly is at the helm of StockX.

1. Early Life

Scott was born in 1969, which makes him 51 years of age presently. He is very private when it comes to his personal life; hence some details about him are still under wraps. Among the details, he does not divulge include his hometown and his family. It is a commendable move when you look at it from a professional standpoint.

2. Education

Looking at his biography on People Pill, it comes to our clarity that he attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah for his undergraduate studies, later on graduating with a degree in BS Economics. This was between 1988 and 1994 He, later on, pursued a postgraduate degree in law at the University of California's Hastings College of Law. He graduated in 1997 with a Juris Doctor, majoring in tax law.

3. He Is A Member of The State Bar of California

After completing his law degree, he signed up with the State Bar of California. It is the official attorney licensing agency in this state, and being a member, it means he is a qualified lawyer and has met the set requirements for membership. Presently, the agency has over 250000 members. It oversees the admission and discipline aspect of these law practitioners.

4. Career Beginnings

After his graduation from law school, Scott Cutler received an appointment to the position of associate and corporate lawyer at Cooley LLP. He held the position for two years, i.e from 1997 to 1999. He then moved to Thomas Weisel Partners, an investment firm based in San Francisco, where he held the position of vice president for six years. He, later on, joined Cowen Inc, an investment banking firm as head of West Coast software until 2006.

5. Stint At NYSE

After spending a considerable time of his professional life in California, he moved eastwards to New York. He joined the New York Stock Exchange as the head of listings. As from his Wikipedia page, he played a significant role in the revision of listing requirements. His presence led to the lowering of the listing threshold from $250 million to $150 million. The same applied to the three-year company profitability factor that was edged off as a requirement for company listing. He was also a key figure in the establishment of relationships with the tech sector, leading to more debuts in this sector than their competitor, NASDAQ. He quit from the position in 2015 after almost a decade-long stint.

6. Stint At eBay

Following his stepping down from his position at NYSE, he joined e-commerce firm eBay as president of its subsidiary, StubHub. While in charge of this entity, he oversaw its transition to a mobile-compatible platform. The result was improved sales. In 2017, he got a promotion to the position of senior vice president of e-Bay while still retaining his duties at StubHub.

7. Volunteering Experience

Aside from being a prominent figure in the corporate world, Scott Cutler has also tried his hand at volunteering. He is a member of several organizations, and he takes on a directing role in some such as Vibrant Emotional Health, where he has been the director ever since 2010. He is also an active member of the Madison Square Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Since 2011, he has been a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. He plays the role of a mentor in several of these organizations.

8. Social Media Presence

Scott is present on several social media platforms, where he shares his views on many topics. He has active twitter and LinkedIn handles. On Twitter, he has over 3200 followers and has been present on the platform since 2011. On LinkedIn, he has over 500 connections.

9. His Relationships

As earlier hinted, Scott is quite a recluse and hardly lets anyone in to his personal life. However, as from his Wikipedia page, he has a wife and four children. However, they are rarely seen, as he has so far managed to keep his family away from the public radar. In some interviews, he comes clean on his love for his family, and when not in the office, he loves spending time with his wife and kids and go for adventures together.

10. His Hobbies

When Scott is away from work, he is a true definition of a free spirit and loves seeking adventure. He enjoys athletics and will watch or participate in them. He has taken part and completed several marathons in Seattle, New York, and also Tour De France. Scott Cutler is also a fan of mountaineering and has several peaks under his conquered list. Fly fishing and ski-touring also feature under his hobbies.

Final word

Scott Cutler is the figure behind StockX, and its success in the past few years is partly due to his effort. He is a prominent figure in the corporate world as he has been in leadership positions of various companies. Topped up with his experience in investment banking and impressive background in law, then you have an idea of his expertise. He is very private and loves keeping his personal life under wraps. Above are some of his lesser-known details to serve as your introduction to him. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep up with him.

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