Storyball: The World’s Smartest Screen Free Toy

Kids who spend hours playing popular video games are not getting the physical exercise that they need. They sit in the same position for hours at a time and press a few buttons to control characters during play. Storyball is a new interactive smart screen-free toy that gets them out from in front of the television and playing interactive games.

What is Storyball?

Storyball is a new smart toy designed for children between the ages of 4 to 10. It uses screenless technology to provide hours of interactive fun. There is no tablet or device that relies on a screen needed to play the games featuring characters from Paw Patrol. The interactive smart toy was developed by Chen Lev and his team of software developers and engineers, in an effort to provide healthier play options that get kids involved and more active. The group of inventors is made up of Chen who has 17 years of experience in the children’s entertainment and learning field, engineers, parents and content creators.

The Storyball Company mission

This tech startup is fulfilling a mission to provide smart technology that is entertaining, interactive and educational. The Storyball smart toy is just the first product in what the group hopes will be a long line of toys that teach children how to play without sitting in front of a screen. The first product gives kids the illusion that they are actually in the video game and they are prompted to complete a series of challenges where they must perform the physical actions themselves. The Storyball comes with different skins which are wrapped around the toy to give it a new character with a new voice and way of thinking to be their guide on the next new adventure. There are quizzes to take, challenges to complete and adventures to embark on and the game can be played indoors, outdoors, alone or with friends. Kids use their imaginations more and physically participate in the activities.

The Kickstarter campaign

Chen and his partners have taken their invention to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to put the fully tested interactive smart toy into production. They’ve raised the necessary funds and are now ready to begin fulfilling orders on Kickstarter with the Spin Master PAW Productions, Inc. licensed product. They’re awaiting the final Licensor approval for the prototype which is trademarked under Spin Master Ltd. Nickelodeon under Viacom International Inc.

The Team for Storyball

Co-founders Chen, Meir and Yuval grew up as friends and came together to develop a product that would assist young patients going through physiotherapy and rehabilitation. They assessed how gaming experiences placed within a healthier platform could better assist children in their progress. They were looking at how to create interactive experiences with technology that would provide the necessary elements to make the new toy interesting, fun, exciting and challenging for younger children. The collaborations for the development of Storyball are extensive. It includes direct input from a game creation studio with a focus on children’s entertainment, fun and socialization, a British design consultancy excelling in interactive design and gaming projects, communication agencies and film production companies. The team left no stone unturned in their efforts to create the optimal smart product directed towards improving the play experience for the target age group.

Deciding where to manufacture

Because of the production risks and challenges, the group determined that the best place for production of the device is in China. Their expert production team is currently working with Chinese manufacturing companies to ensure that the Storyball hardware device is made according to strict standards that would make it a durable product that will hold up under the type of treatment it will be subjected to from children in the target age group during play. One of the biggest challenges in in creating the skins for changing the characters and story lines so they are durable, yet flexible enough. The team believes that they have the solutions to these potential problems covered.

Final thoughts

The Storyball kids interactive toy is a new generation that gets kids off the video screens and using their imaginations more. It’s taken the hard work and collaboration of experts in multiple sectors of the children’s entertainment industry, put the concept is now becoming a reality. What started as novel idea in June of 2014 has progressed to a fully realized smart toy that is backed and funded with orders currently being taken on Kickstarter. The team is expecting to begin shipments in November of 2018.

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