Strategies All Magento Sellers Can Use to Succeed

It wasn’t long ago that Magento was on the brink of collapse but was then bought by Adobe to compete with BigCommerce, Shopify and other midsize to enterprise ecommerce sites. Now one of the most popular ecommerce solutions, Magento is widely praised for its open source platform and its customization capabilities. How popular is Magento? Magento is currently powering 28% of internet sites with 16% of the top sites using it as the preferred ecommerce platform. Also, ever since 2008, Magento downloads have been on the rise, surpassing 5 million downloads in 2014, with an estimated 8 million total downloads in the present day. Clearly there are several e-tailers who are leading the charge when it comes to selling on Magento. They’ve learned how to optimize their store’s operations, and they employ these strategies.

Optimize Your Store with Extensions

Magento’s open-source platform is a web developer’s paradise. Not only can they create a unique Magento store, but they can also build extensions to enhance stores that have already been built. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your design, user experience or marketing campaigns, there’s a Magento extension for you. All sellers can benefit from well-chosen extensions. For example, a blogging extension would let you add content marketing to your site, which is proven to establish authority in your niche and provide SEO benefits. Other smart extensions add product reviews, currency converting, social sharing and additional convenience to your Magento store.

Build Relationships with Your Customers

Regardless of what you’re selling on Magento, customers are the backbone of your business. If you want to keep them returning to your store time and time again, you need to build relationships with them. The top online retailers know that modern consumers don’t want to buy from a brand; they want to buy from a persona that understands and fulfills their needs. Therefore, Magento sellers should go the distance to empathize with their customers. Similar to the “there’s an extension for that” solution mentioned earlier, there’s an easy way to tap into the customer journey for a better understanding of who’s shopping at your store.

Did you know that newer Magento CRM, short for customer relationship management, software shows sellers their order history, shipping data and customer profiles and how they all work together to form a complete picture? It’s true!

Market Smarter; Not Harder

When you first open your Magento store, you probably have a general idea of who your customers will be. Your first sales will either prove or disprove your theories, but they will also give you valuable insight. You’ll soon learn who to market to for maximum impact. It’s far more cost efficient to follow a lead than to garner the interest of a consumer that’s outside your demographic. Once you have a general idea of who’s buying from your Magento store, you can target those groups for your digital ad campaigns. If you have a pixel embedded on your site, it will do the work for you and retarget anyone who has visited your site or engaged with your ads. That’s just one way to use social media to your advantage.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Many Magento sellers haven’t yet opened social media accounts for their online stores, but it’s hard to imagine why. Social media is free and can reach up to 3.1 billion people globally. It’s the largest community message board in the world. Social media goes beyond the pixel. By using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, e-tailers can gather endless information. There is an expansive amount of content created by consumers, or user-generated content, and it’s a seamless way to connect with your customers or with influencers who can help market your products. Magento sellers can also improve their store’s customer service department with social media, which (according to 78% of consumers) is the future of customer service. It simplifies the process of opening, solving and closing a query for a hassle-free experience that conveniences customers.

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