Everything We Know About The Stussy Air Force One So Far

Stussy Nike Air Force One

At the end of 2021, Nike decided to partner with Stussy to release the Air Force 1 Mid in black and white colors. Adding to its wide Air Force 1 collection, Nike – in collaboration with Stussy – launched 2 Air Force 1 Lows. New teaser images of this black and white Air Force 1 model were released early this month to positive and enthusiastic feedback from the market. Nike’s Air Force 1 will be turning 40 years by the start of next year, and thanks to its long-term partner, Stüssy, the brand will be commemorating one of its most iconic silhouettes. Despite the confusion on the actual release date of the Air Force 1, reports from both collaborating companies have explained that the release will be in 2022. In this post, we will tell you everything you should know about the Stussy Air Force One so far.

Celebrating the Silhouette’s 40th Anniversary

In order to mark Nike’s Silhouette’s 40th anniversary, the Stussy Air Force 1 is designed from tumbled leather with its ankle straps, Swooshes, and overlays colored in black. The sneaker’s collars, tongues, toe boxes, and quarters are donned in a faint white color. Instead of the ordinary Nike logo, the Stussy Air Force 1 comes with the classy Stüssy signature logo embroidered on the sneaker’s tongue and straps. Additionally, round metal brandings of the Stussy logo are displayed on the heel, as well as a perforated monogram of the same company on the toe boxes.

Shoe Design

New images of the upcoming Nike x Stussy Air Force One were posted by account holder @Apolloluo1976 on Instagram. As evident in the photos, the sneaker’s upper dons had a 2-tone color design that starts with white leather at the bottom, and the upper part is donned with black overlay panels and similar shoelaces. The classic Stussy’s signature logo is also seen on the sneaker’s ankle strap, toe box, and tongue tag. In addition to the amazing two-tone execution – a solid black outsole and a white midsole – a second model of the Nike x Stussy Air Force One Mid Colorway has been introduced courtesy of @Apolloluo1976 posts on Instagram. This latest Air Force 1 model comes with the Stussy logo on its heel tap, tongue tag, and ankle strap. However, no actual release dates and details are currently available for the upcoming Nike X Stussy Air Force One. Even the Instagram post had no insights on the release date.

Shoe Wrapping

The new model of the Stussy Air Force One comes enclosed in printed graphic paper in a sleek white and red box. Nonetheless, the official launch date of this new Air Force 1 model has yet to be confirmed, but Air Force One’s fans are eagerly anticipating its release in 2022 through SNKRS.

Release Date

As mentioned, there is currently no official information from the collaborating partners – Nike and Stussy – about the release date. However, new developments on the release of the Nike x Stussy Air Force One are expected in the weeks to come. Teaser images of this upcoming Air Force 1 have been circulating online, prompting many fans to wait for a subsequent announcement and launch anxiously.The release of the Stüssy x Nike Air Force 1 Mid is expected to be part of Nike’s 40th-anniversary celebrations, which will be held in 2022. This gives us at least an idea of the window within which the new Air Force One will be released.

The Air Force 1

Though several of Nike’s Air Force 1 models have traditionally been less popular among Air Force 1 mid lovers, the company has decided to increase its efforts in upgrading and marketing the Mid-variant version of its best-selling sneakers like the Air Jordan One. In the past, the increased publications of the Mid-variants on various Instagram posts influenced other sneaker-producing companies to believe that there was a “Mid-Agenda” online, which was not true – of course. Over the past few seasons, the Swoosh version has been effortless given these Mid-variants more coverage, as evident in the upcoming release of the Nike x Stussy Air Force One Mid colorway.

Stussy and Nike

In recent years, the collaborative efforts between Nike and Stussy have made a huge impact in the industry, particularly in the footwear department. The companies have released a number of Mid colorways, including the Air Zoom Spiridon Kukini and the Air Zoom Spiridon 2 (which has resurrected the famous Air Huarache versions). Furthermore, these two collaborating parties are expected to launch several more joint projects after this upcoming black and white Nike x Stussy Air Force One Model. The release of this recent Air Force Model will be historic as It will mark the first time the iconic footwear company, Nike, has included a creative touch to this Swoosh version.

Nike and Stussy’s 22-year collaboration has resulted in some of the bestselling versions and models in the footwear industry. This includes the Air Huarache LE in 2000, the Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 in 2020, and the recent Air Force One “Fossil” in 2021. Moreover, the anticipated release of the Nike x Stussy Air Force One largely relies on the yin and yang-like styling arrangement. The sneaker is made from the tumbled leather build, donned with solid black overlays and white-colored quarters, collars, and toe boxes. The classic Stussy branding is embroidered on the sneaker’s toe boxes and straps in perforated form. Also, the sneaker’s tongue tags come with a traditional print, and the base has a double “S” branding.The Nike and Stussy partnership can be considered the most successful collaboration. Nike sneakers are popular for their great canvas, and Stussy is well-known for its minimal yet sleek and classy designs.

Final Thoughts

As Nike is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the coming year, it plans on marking this special event with the release of the eagerly-awaited Nike x Stussy Air Force One alongside its long-term partner, Stussy. New official images of this latest black and white Air Force One style were released earlier this month. Though no official reports have been announced by the two collaborating companies, it is highly anticipated that the shoe will be launched sometime next year.

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