Five Companies Leading the Way in Supply Chain Technology

Supply Chain Technology

In today’s world, there is a strong need for tight logistical systems that bring The multiple components and supplies that companies need together cohesively. Some businesses operate in a multi-faceted and multi-tiered environment for production and services with a need to obtain supplies from multiple vendors in specific timelines across a vast number of miles. This makes it all the more expedient to develop sound logistics technology. The goal is to ensure that collaborative projects in the chain of supply are set in an orderly fashion. The only way to do this is through high visibility to ensure that everything runs on time. Autonomous supply chain technology is one such advancement that helps provide real-time data for enhancing and streamlining The effectiveness of production. Companies that offer this type of technology are worth their weight in gold. When it comes to investment in The stock of SCCs, they’re at least worth consideration. Here are five companies leading The way in supply chain technology.

1. ClearMetal

ClearMetal is a supply chain startup that provides solutions that address visibility data issues employing a cloud-based software-as-a-service application. It relies on proprietary machine learning technology with artificial intelligence to detect inaccurate supply chain data and provide end-to-end inventory visibility. The application provides exception management with alerts. The program is scalable and customizable. It’s beneficial in assisting companies across multiple industries. Managers can make sense of the supply chain better if they have accurate data to use. The software is also useful in identifying where there are excess inventory or unnecessary transportation costs to help companies create a more streamlined flow and make The best possible choices for collaboration. This company has a sunny outlook with useful technology that can help save companies time and money to enhance efficiency and profitability. ClearMetal was founded in 2014 by Adam Compain, Diego Canales, and Will Harvey. It’s headquartered in San Francisco, California.

2. Arviem

Arviem is a startup that specializes in providing technology that helps businesses monitor and link visibility. It also offers trade financing. It facilitates visible and intelligent trade through a solution with end-to-end monitoring services that are delivered in real-time. The sensors in The program collect data on specified parameters from the location of goods to The time they are delivered recording any outside factors such as temperature, climate, and related conditions. It’s a complete method for cargo monitoring. Arviem monitors goods from The supplier until they reach The buyer but The company also collaborates with financial institutions to finance shipments. This is a startup that has The potential to become a disruptor in The shipping industry and beyond. The financing aspect of Arviem is one of its recently expanded services that makes it a holistic provider for clients. It is The first of its kind to offer these extensive services. Arviem was founded in 2998 by Pieter van de Mheer and Stefan Reidy. Its headquarters is located in Zug, Switzerland.


Fourkites is a startup in the supply chain industry that provides technology for freight tracking with a predictive ETA engine for loads. The founder of Fourkites realized the old system of placing telephone calls by carriers to determine shipment locations was time-consuming and a bit on The archaic side. There had to be a better way of doing things. The FourKites software was first launched in 2013 and has become one of The largest predictive supply chain visibility startups on The planet since that time. The business provides predictive analytics and real-time visibility for many Fortune 500 companies. It also serves many third-party logistic firms. They’ve expanded their operations to serve more than 70 countries throughout the world. The technology aids in providing 3PLs, carriers, and shippers to collaborate with its load matching network. This applies to a variety of shippers across all industries. It uses a proprietary GPS, telematics, and ELD network with predictive traffic and weather. It also employs mode-specific routing. It offers real-time data to better predict arrival times.FourKites was founded by Mathew Joseph Elenjickal in 2014, with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

4. Project44

Project44 is a logistics management company in the supply chain industry that provides an advanced logistics visibility platform for its clients. The company has earned a reputation for making frequent additions to The program that enhances logistics visibility with forward-looking goals and technology improvements. It’s their mission to create trust and predictability to those who provide transportation of goods and services. Their current client load ensures that over 8.5 vehicles globally. These businesses have access to high logistics visibility with accurate data and tracking access. Project44 has acquired GateHouse Logistics. This was a move that has elevated it to The most comprehensive global transportation visibility platform. It serves clients with hundreds of device integrations globally with partnerships and integration of TM57 technology. All modes of transportation and shipping types are supported by p44. The company has raised over $90 million in funds to expand its platform and product offerings. The p44 platform aids clients to increase their operational efficiencies. It also helps to improve shipping performance and reduce associated costs. Project44 was founded by Jett McCandless and Wally Ibrahim. It launched in 2014 with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

5. EverTracker

EverTracker is a company that provides products that collect real-time data then process it with intelligent and self-learning algorithms. This technology helps managers in the supply chain and logistics to make better decisions. It does so by providing accurate information. The program is designed to improve decision making by providing visibility in the supply chain with reliable scans, accurate RFID timestamps, adequate tracking of delivery vehicles, and automated processes. It does so by identifying problems and inaccuracies proactively. Catching problems before they arise can help decision-makers implement more streamlined practices and systems to enhance supply chain processes. The system assesses The workflow of The chain, analyzes and evaluates it through artificial intelligence technology. Evertracker was founded by Mark Schmitt and launched in 2014 with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

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