10 Reasons a Day Trader Might Consider Using SureTrader

Day trading is a popular practice for a wide range of traders operating under a wide range of circumstances. However, two things hold true. One, day trading can be stressful because interested individuals need to monitor a lot of incoming information for the purpose of finding profitable opportunities. Two, day trading tends to be both high-risk and high-reward because such opportunities must be acted upon as soon as possible, meaning that there isn’t a lot of room for thorough, methodical thought. Fortunately, there are ways that day traders can make the process a little easier on themselves, with an excellent example being choosing the right trading platform such as SureTrader.

What Are 10 Reasons that a Day Trader Might Consider Using SureTrader?

Increased Control

First and foremost, the fact that SureTrader is an online trading platform means that it provides interested individuals with much more control over the process than trading through other people. In fact, one could make the argument that without such trading platforms, day trading would be either impossible or next-to-impossible for a lot of people out there.

Increased Convenience

Of course, an online trading platform means that interested individuals can use it whenever and wherever so long as they have something capable of connecting to it. When it comes to day trading, it is critical, so much so that one could even call it fundamental to the whole thing.

Reliable Platform

Over time, SureTrader has managed to build up a repuation for being a reliable platform. This is critical for people interested in day trading because they need to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come up, which can’t happen unless they can count on their trading platforms to be there when they need them.

Support Staff

In total, SureTrader has more than 60 members on its support staff, who can help interested individuals with a wide range of issues so as to provide them with the best user experience with the trading platform. For anyone who has ever had a technical issue with anything, the usefulness of live-person support can’t be stated enough.

Latest Technologies

SureTrader isn’t just a good trading platform, it is a good trading platform that is being updated and upgraded on a constant basis. This is important because new techniques and technologies are being released on a constant basis, meaning that businesses need to keep up to date if they want to be able to continue providing the best services. Something that means much better results for their customers.

Excellent Security

Speaking of which, one of the reason that keeping up-to-date is so important is ensuring that a produce has the best security possible, thus ensuring that the users’ private information will be protected. Considering the amount of money that is at stake when it comes to day trading, this is particularly important for people seeking to choose the right trading platform for them.

Ease of Use

On the whole, SureTrader has been designed for the purpose of making it simple and intuitive to understand so that its users will have no problems mastering it. As a result, interested individuals should have no problems picking up on its functions as soon as possible instead of wasting their precious time fiddling with the controls.

Simple Cost Structure

SureTrader has a very simple cost structure. In short, each trade is $0.01 per share, while commissions on options are $0.50 more per contract. For people who are concerned about falling for hidden fees, this makes SureTrader an excellent choice.

Extended Hours

Events never stop happening, which in turn, means that opportunities never stop coming up. As a result, SureTrader offers interested individuals both pre-market hours from 8 to 9:30 AM and post-market hours from 4 to 6 PM by EST reckoning to help them make the most of the opportunities that come up for them.

Free 100K Demo

Finally, SureTrader offers interested individuals a free 100K demo. This is useful because it enables interested individuals to get a solid idea of what they can expect from this trading platform before they actually get started. Since this lets them master its functions, they can get the most out of it as soon as they start trading for real, which should help them get better results out of the process. Considering the high-risk nature of day trading, this can make a world of difference.

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