Switch Bot: The World’s Smallest Remote Robot


Technological developments can be a double-edged sword. While they often streamline everyday routines and make many tasks simpler, they also have created a world in which people are constantly connected to friends, family, and work. This means that there is less time to spend on menial tasks. Luckily, new technology emerges every day in order to save people time.

One such technology is remote controlled switches and buttons. This allows people to control a wide variety of appliances and features of the home while on the go. Typically, a smartphone can be paired to these switches in order to allow for mobile control. While this is a fantastic development, there are still several issues that hold people back from investing in such devices.

Firstly, they can be costly and time-consuming to install. As well, some of these devices replace the traditional switch, meaning if there is a connectivity issue the switch will be unusable. Lastly, most of the products on the market are exclusively for one type of switch (a door lock, a light switch, etc.), meaning it can be extremely costly to change multiple switches.

Switch Bot by Wonder Tech Lab is a product that seeks to provide all the benefits of a remote controlled switch without these drawbacks. It is a small, versatile device that can have an enormous impact on a person’s life by providing great peace of mind and saving time.

Wonder Tech Lab

The team behind Switch Bot is Wonder Tech Lab. This small group of innovators is dedicated to producing high quality smart robots that can change lives. They seek to provide an affordable way to make life simpler and easier so that people have more time to focus on important things like friends and family. Its engineers and designers have created Switch Bot as a small and convenient way to control most devices while on the go.


Although the end product is small and easy to use, there has been a great deal of work put into its development. The initial concept for the device was introduced in January of 2015. By June, the lab had already begun 3D printing and creating working prototypes. In the fall of 2015, great developments in the design and software of Switch Bot were created, which allowed for the tooling to be completed in April, 2016.

In November, the lab launched its Kickstarter fundraising campaign. This will continue until January, allowing the devices to be shipped in March. In total, the development process for Switch Bot will take just over two years.


Convenience is something that just about everybody desires. Unsurprisingly, a device like Switch Bot which is designed specifically to enhance convenience is quite attractive to people. Impressively, this has resulted in the device raising eight times its initial goal on Kickstarter. Thus far, it has raised over $24,000 compared to its $3000 goal. There are over 260 backers who have supported this project.

Switch Bot

Switch Bot is a small, simple device that can control just about any switch or button found throughout the home. It is easy to install and does not damage or alter the original switch in any way, making it an investment with no risk. Further, it has a clean and attractive design, making it perfect for any area of the home. Its customizable settings make it adaptable to just about any purpose.

How it Works

Getting Switch Bot ready for use is incredibly simple. Firstly, the device simply sticks to a switch or appliance with 3M tape, two strips of which are included when the device is purchased. Then, the free app should be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play. Next, the device can be connected over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to a person’s smartphone. This allows for settings and schedules to be set, and the device will do the rest.

In comparison to other smart switches, Switch Bot is very simple to install. Simply stick, connect, and control.


The most attractive feature of Switch Bot is naturally its ability to give people control over their home through their smartphone. It does this with built-in wireless capabilities, connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This means that appliances and switches in the home can be controlled from anywhere.

Further, the device includes a Mesh Network. This allows for multiple Switch Bots to be controlled via Bluetooth when there is no Wi-Fi available. It is a feature in which the bots connect to each other through Bluetooth, allowing a person to control the bots that are normally out of Bluetooth range.


The other main benefit of Switch Bot as compared to other smart switches is its ability to make the entire home more convenient. While most other devices on the market apply to one specific type of switch, Switch Bot is compatible with virtually every switch in the house.

Further, it makes use of If This Then That (IFTTT) technology. This means that the device can be controlled without any commands. Inputting settings into the app like “If I leave the room, turn off the lights,” will ensure that the bot takes care of such details, leaving a person with greater peace of mind and more free time.


Finally, what is truly remarkable about this device is that it offers such incredible technology while still being very simple to install and use. Simply sticking the device onto a switch and entering settings into the app is all that is needed to optimize the home. It is a small but elegant automated switch that is easy to use even for the less tech-savvy.


Naturally, the benefits of such a device would be greatly reduced if it quickly died and needed replacing. However, Switch Bot offers an incredible Lithium battery that boasts a 2-year life with regular use. The battery is also replaceable.


Not only is the device remarkably useful and long-lasting, but it is quite affordable as well. Although the early deals on Kickstarter are beginning to sell out, there are still some fantastic deals available. Currently, early bird purchasers will be able to get two Switch Bots for only $39.


Switch Bot is the type of device that users will install and then wonder how they ever lived without. It has the ability to control lights, appliances, and other switches without any effort or memory required. Further, it can be customized to a person’s liking.

In addition, the device is very long-lasting and inexpensive. Users will not have to worry about leaving the lights on when going on vacation or not being able to change the temperature of the home, because Switch Bot can be told to control light switches and buttons on thermostats from anywhere. It is a small and simple device that provides unparalleled peace of mind without altering the actual switches in the home.

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