10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taxfix


There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t dread filing their taxes. It’s not just about the possibility of owing a substantial amount of money, but also the stress that is involved with trying to remember every purchase, expense and transaction over the course of the previous year. It doesn’t really matter where you live, complaining about having to file taxes seems to be universally agreed-upon. Fortunately, there are a few things that make the entire process of filing taxes less stressful than they used to be. For those individuals who live in Germany, Taxfix is one such institution that makes the entire process go down a little bit more smoothly. Chances are, you know quite a bit about this company if you live in Germany. But what if you don’t live in that area and you still want to know as much as you can? In that particular case, all you have to do is keep reading. Below are 10 things about Taxfix that you probably didn’t know unless you have to file taxes in Germany. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll probably end up wishing that you could use Taxfix to file your taxes in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

1. They can help make complicated tax situations seem almost easy

There’s no doubt about it, the very idea of filing taxes can make practically anyone nervous. If you’re prone to anxiety issues anyway, it can be enough to send you over the edge because the whole situation is so stressful. That’s the beauty of having someone like Taxfix at your side. They’re able to help with things that would otherwise be a nightmare. As a matter of fact, they specialize in helping people who have rather complicated tax situations. Doing your own taxes may not be so bad without the help of Taxfix, provided that you’ve only worked one standard job throughout the course of the year and that’s the only thing that you need to file. Things get considerably more complicated when you’re talking about a situation where you have several jobs, some self-employment income or even income that you made outside of the country. Trying to do those kinds of taxes on your own will probably only end up with you tearing your hair out one strand at a time. Having someone like Taxfix that can walk you through the process from start to finish and make sure that you didn’t miss anything important is an absolute must.

2. They walk you through every step of the way

One reason that they’re so helpful is because of the way that the system is set up. Instead of asking you a bunch of non-relevant questions or forcing you to go it alone, they have tax experts who are right there, at the ready whenever you need help. It’s all based on a chat system. You go into their system and they start chatting with you in order to figure out exactly what type of return you need to do and they ask you all of the right questions along the way. Essentially, it helps prevent you from stressing over something you don’t need to be stressed over in the first place and it also prevents you from missing things that could potentially land you in hot water later on. As a result, having them at your side makes the whole process less stressful and it also makes it go much more easily because you’re not basing everything that you provide on your best guess. You know exactly what you need to do and if you get stumped on something, they can help you figure out what you need to do in order to proceed.

3. They’ve put everything they know into an app

It might be hard to believe, but the company has taken all of this information that they have about taxes and they put it into an app that you can easily access from your smartphone. Of course, there is also a browser version if you prefer to use your laptop. The idea is to give people access to the information they need when they need it, no matter where they are or what type of device they have with them. In reality, you could gather your tax information and then use the app on your phone to file your taxes from start to finish. They really do make it that easy. As a matter of fact, it’s a wonder that more companies haven’t taken note of what they’re doing around the world because they have truly done something that hardly anyone else has done on a global scale. They have empowered people to take charge of their own finances and become more self-sufficient by helping them better understand their taxes. That fact, along with the fact that they provide access to important financial information by helping people better understand their taxes, truly puts the individual in the driver’s seat when it comes to understanding how they make their money. That’s something that a lot of other companies that provide tax software would do well to learn.

4. They tell you everything upfront

When you’re already nervous about filing your taxes, there are few things that are worse than being nervous about the process, thinking that you’ve actually found someone that’s going to help you and then discovering that it was all nothing more than a marketing ploy in order to get your money. There are plenty of companies like this out there and it is beyond frustrating when you’re simply looking for someone to help you file your taxes and you can’t seem to get ahead, regardless of what you do. This company is different. For the majority of individuals out there who have tried a number of companies that are supposed to help them prepare their own taxes, only to be disappointed in the end, this is probably hard to believe. Nevertheless, it is indeed true, at least in this case. One of the things that makes this company different is that there are no unpleasant surprises. They tell you everything up front as far as what they can and cannot do and how much it is going to cost you. Of course, the amount of money you will ultimately pay for their services is based on how complicated your tax situation actually is. That’s only fair. That being said, it’s a lot better when you go into something knowing that you can get the help and knowing how much it’s going to cost as opposed to being faced with an unpleasant surprise at the end.

5. They have a specific goal

One of the things that makes this company different is that they have a very specific goal in mind. Of course, they have to make money or they wouldn’t be in business but their main goal is to help empower everyday citizens so that they can take more charge of their financial well-being. Taxes can be a complicated situation and that’s especially true if you’re thinking about opening a business you’re traveling abroad and making money in the process. As a matter of fact, these types of tax situations can become so complicated that people deliberately avoid them in order to get away from having to deal with the situation in any capacity whatsoever. The thing is, anyone that does that is selling themselves short. If you’re avoiding doing something that you’ve always wanted to do just because of the taxes involved with it, you’re not helping yourself, nor are you living the life that you truly want to live. By empowering people and helping them do their taxes effectively so they understand what to expect, this company is helping people to achieve their dreams without being blindsided later on down the road.

6. People love them

People really do love this company and it’s easy to understand why. As a matter of fact, more than five million people throughout Germany utilize this particular company when it’s time to do their taxes. It’s no wonder that so many people use them on a regular basis. They have proven themselves to be head and shoulders above practically everyone else, even to the point of making people who can’t utilize their services because of where they live jealous. You know exactly how that feels if you’ve ever used one of those services that offers you tax preparation software online that is supposed to walk you through doing your own taxes, only to charge you several hundred dollars for the process at the very end. A lot of these types of services will tell you that they’re free, and then when you get finished with everything, they’ll tell you that you don’t qualify for the free tax preparation and you have to pay an enormous fee in order to file them. Otherwise, all of your hard work has been for nothing. This company doesn’t do that. As previously mentioned, they tell you everything up front so you know exactly what to expect from the beginning.

7. Anyone can file their taxes accurately, with the help of Taxfit

One of the truly beautiful things about Taxfit is that because of their help, every single person can file accurate taxes without having to worry about potential mistakes that could end up costing you money. That’s because the company asks you direct questions through their chat system that allows them to figure out exactly what needs to be done moving forward. It eliminates the possibility that something could potentially be left out and it takes away the stress of trying to file your own taxes when you don’t really know anything about the subject to begin with. That’s a huge benefit for every person, regardless of their background.

8. They don’t let language barriers stop them

Another truly innovative thing about the company is that they don’t focus so much on the German language that you can’t file your taxes if you’re not fluent in it. This is very important, as a lot of people work in Germany who aren’t native to the area. If you’ve only moved there fairly recently or you’re a student who is simply traveling around Europe and you did some work in Germany, you may not exactly be fluent in German. Don’t let the idea of a chat-based system which is based in Berlin scare you. They can work around any type of language. It doesn’t matter if your native language is German, English or something else entirely, they can help you.

9. They frequently work with those who are physically or mentally challenged

One of the truly beautiful things about this service is that they often work with people who suffer from certain physical or mental challenges which would otherwise make filing their taxes extremely difficult, if not impossible. Think about the person who is legally blind or the one who has suffered a stroke which has left them unable to comprehend things in the same manner that they used to. The company utilizes a system that is so fool-proof that even someone who suffers from certain challenges can file their taxes on their own, without the help of someone else. That’s one more step that every person can take to being completely independent. At the end of the day, that’s precisely why this company exists. They want every person to be able to be financially independent and self-sufficient by giving them a better understanding of their taxes. The fact that they make the process so easy is one of the major benefits of using this company. It’s almost impossible to think about a company that makes filing taxes both easy and accurate, but that’s exactly what Taxfix has achieved.

10. They don’t draw the process out longer than absolutely necessary

Last but not least, they don’t draw the process out just for the sake of doing so. More often than not, they ask roughly 70 questions about your financial status and from there, they can turn those answers into a digital tax return that is completely accurate. Since nobody really likes doing taxes in the first place, this is a huge benefit because you won’t have to spend any longer than absolutely necessary dealing with it.

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