Ten Awesome Technology Gifts for Under $100


One of the most impressive types of gifts are tech gadgets and electronics. Even those that don’t cost much money just seem more extravagant and lavish than, say, a pair of socks or a tie. Fortunately, technology gifts are more affordable than ever, and it’s definitely possible to find something for everyone on your list without spending an arm and a leg. Here are ten of the top technology gifts that cost $100 or less.

1. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam – $38


VTech has come out with some neat tech for kids, but this camera is one of the hottest out right now. The Kidizoom Action Cam sort of looks like a GoPro, but this one won’t break in an instant if it’s dropped — after all, it was designed with kids in mind. In addition to being super sturdy, the camera also takes video and pics that have a surprisingly high quality.

Get it for: Kids who are into photography, cool gadgets, or filmmaking, but are a bit too young for a GoPro.

2. Tenswall Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser – $35


Essential oil diffusers have gained significant popularity in recent years, especially among the health conscious and those who believe in natural health remedies. While some diffusers are either really plain or clinical looking, this one is stylish and it works well. It operates quietly, has a color changing LED light, and four different timer settings. If you know someone who’s into essential oils, they’ll thank you many times over for receiving this.

Get it for: Your eco-friendly, healthy living, and aromatherapy loving friends.

3. Roku Streaming Stick – $49


Buying movies for gifts isn’t a bad idea, but you can give someone the equivalent of thousands of movies if you give them a Roku Streaming Stick. This is one of the most versatile technology gifts that will go a long way. Whether you want an item that you can give to a family, a movie lover, or someone who prefers relaxing at home, this gadget will be a sure hit.

Get it for: Families, anyone who enjoys watching movies, or a friend who’d like to binge watch a few seasons of his favorite show.

4. Austrake Fitbit One Bands – $13


Giving fitness related technology gifts is tricky — it can be difficult to tell just how someone will receive it or whether they’ll be offended. On the other, if you already know they’re using a certain type of fitness gadget it’s safe to get them accessories for it. The Fitbit is one of the most frequently used and sought after health and fitness tools, and if your friends have one getting them this pack of bands is a great idea. These come in a wide range of color options, look nice, and work reliably.

Get it for: Those who are athletic, making lifestyle changes, or hitting the gym hard.

5. Hover-Way Alpha Drone – $99


Drones are only going to get more popular as time goes on, and how amazing is this one? It can be used indoors or outside, does aerial stunts, has an integrated 480p camera, and can store up to 8 GB of videos and photos. This is the ultimate tech gift for the person in your life who’s still a big kid in a grown-up’s body, and teens will enjoy it too.

Get it for: Adults who still get a kick out of cool toys, model airplane fans, and any older child who would like to take it a step beyond RC helicopters.

6. Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wood Headphones – $60


We all know that one person who keeps fiddling around with flimsy headphones and hasn’t been able to invest in a quality set. While Beats will run you a few hundred dollars, these beauties cost considerably less. They look fantastic, incorporate genuine wood, and produce superb sound quality.

Get it for: Audiophiles, those who could use a nice set of headphones for work, or music lovers who appreciate fine details.

7. Grill Lovers Instant Read Cooking Thermometer – $16


Kitchen technology gifts are awesome picks for people who like cooking or baking. This one is a digital thermometer that’s highly accurate and gives an instant read. Gourmands on your gift list will love this even if they don’t own a grill, because it can be used for any type of roasted, baked, or cooked food. Meat lovers will especially get a ton of use out of this, and it’s easy enough for anyone to use.

Get it for: Barbecue fans and foodies who enjoy cooking.

8. DOSS IPX 4 – $25


Wireless speakers are wonderful to have if you’re an audiophile, but they can be really expensive. This one from DOSS not only looks great, it’s a high quality item that would work well for giving to a variety of recipients. From tweens and teens to college students and older adults, if they like music and want to be able to hear it wherever they go, this will be much appreciated. The speaker comes in five stylish colors: yellow, black, blue, gray, and white.

Get it for: Music lovers who like to listen on the go.

9. Samsung Gear VR – $100


You’d have to spend a small fortune on an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but the Samsung Gear VR is fairly affordable and would be a truly impressive technology gift. It has an ergonomic design, a lot of great features, and it’s compatible with a variety of apps and games.

Get it for: Gamers who seem to have everything else or sci-fi movie lovers.

10. Tech Tools Hand Phone Holder – $16


The look of this phone holder is what makes it gift worthy. It literally looks like a pair of hands, but it safely cradles a smartphone to not only keep it nearby, but prevent it from getting cracked or broken. Imagine the conversation that this would cause at work — it’s whimsical, cool looking, and it really does work. That it has a sub-$20 price tag doesn’t hurt, either.

Get it for: People who like quirky gifts, eclectic decor, or who wouldn’t mind a useful paperweight. This would also be the perfect office gift.

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