The Temption CGK205 Description And Review

The great thing about watches is that you don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on popular luxury watches to find a watch that has the look and feel of a high-end brand, is equipped with all the functionality you need, and one you love to wear. This is one thing Klaus Ulbrich, founder of Temption, tried to accomplish when he started his watch making business just a decade ago outside of Stuttgart, Germany. It has been said that some of the best watchmakers can be found in Germany. Many times the best watch companies aren’t typically ones you would know about firsthand, but ones you may need to seek out.


Temption is an under the radar brand of watches that doesn’t mass produce watches to the tune of a million timepieces a year, but more like 1,000 timepieces in a year. Temption is different in that they make small brand watches using individuals and artisans, for the most part, as opposed to business people and entrepreneurs. In this sense, Ulbrich has stayed true to his own vision of what he wanted for his watch company. He did not follow his competitors or the rest of the industry, but developed his own, unique brand that has attracted his own following.


Before the CGK205 was the CGK203. There are similarities to the two watches but mostly, the CGK205 has had some changes that have made this a very sleek, masculine watch that gives you the perfect combination of functionality and style in one timepiece. With the CGK205, the major changes are with the outer aesthetics of the watch rather than the inner mechanics. The theme movement remained the same as in the CGK203, which is a Swiss Valjoux 7751 automatic chronograph movement. Although this tends to not be the most popular movement chosen for many higher end, or mainstream brands, it is still full of functionality yet helps to keep the price down for Temption enthusiasts. That being said, Temption does use the version of te 7751 movement that has a nice perlage polish to it and blued steel screws which adds to the watch’s good looks.

7751 movement

The movement used in the CGK05 is the Valjoux 7751 movement. It essentially is the 7750 movement, only there have been additional complications added to give it a more functional timepiece; more sophisticated in what it offers the owner. The 7751 adds a complete calendar to display the entire date, the month, date, year and day of the week in separate windows, as well as a pointer for the date. Going along with the calendar, the watch is equipped with a synchronize 24 hour hand with an AM/PM indicator and moon phase indicator.

Some would agree that the complete calendar on the CGK05 may not be quite as fancy as an annual or continuous calendar with the use of the crown along the screw-down pusher set at the 10 o’clock, but the calendar data is easily adjustable when it’s needing to be adjusted. Many will appreciate the simplicity of the calendar that allows for an easy glance-and-read day and date check.


Temption designed the dial thoughtfully, starting with reserving the whole right side of the dial for his black-on-black logo. On the CGK205, it is actually easier to read than it was on the CGK203 giving this one more texture for better readability. He also gave the hands more contrast for better reading. The white hands really stand out against the matte black dial and the look of the dials varies so that you are less apt to get them confused and mix them up.

Bezel and case

There is a fixed bezel with a tachymeter scale on the CGK205. For those who use a rotating bezel but not a tachymeter, this feature may not appeal to you or will be useless but the case is a beautiful, lightly brushed steel case that measures 35mm and 14.5mm high. This new model does wear a bit big on the wrist due to its 16mm thick casing, so will be something to consider if you have smaller wrists.

Ulbrich used black onyx cabochon crystals in all three of the pushers an crown on the case which also happen to all be screw-down. Its a beautifully detailed case with just the right amount of additions to give it purpose yet he keeps it simple as well. The timepiece has also been given an AR-coated domed sapphire crystal, as opposed to the CGK203, which was flat. This gives a more modern and sophisticated look to this watch which is an appealing feature.


Temption wanted a sleek design for the band so rather than a leather band or multi link bracelet, he chose a steel bracelet with a single link style design for the CGK205. It is simple, elegant and is a comfortable fit. It will be sent with a leather band if you desire to change it out.

Bottom line

Temption timepieces serve as both a functional purpose and are a piece of art. Ulbrich designs pieces that are luxurious as well as sentimental to the owner. He wants the wearer of his watches to feel a connection to the watch that goes beyond the occasional glance for the date and time, and with his vision of what a watch should be, he has done just that with the Temption CGK05. The CGK05 is as reliable and practical as it is beautiful. Most of all, when people where a Temption watch, they are wearing something unique that is set apart from the mainstream watch brands and many people like the idea of knowing that what they are wearing is original; unique.

When it comes to getting a quality watch for the money, you will be hard pressed to find a better looking watch for the money. Whenever you are questioning how much a watch should cost, all you need to do is check with the German watch makers and they will give you the fair price of a watch and then you will see what the markup is for many of the other bigger watch brands.

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