8 Things You didn’t Know about Tenneco CEO Gregg M. Sherrill

Tenneco is a Fortune 500 company that is publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange. It was first traded in November 1999 under the symbol TEN. The company’s headquarters are in Illinois United States, and it deals in automotive components and emissions products. Mr. Gregg Sherrill serves as a Director in Tenneco Inc. Mr. Gregg Sherrill has been the non-executive chairman of Tenneco Company since May 2018. He served as the company’s Executive Chairman from May 2017 to May 2018. Mr. Sherrill was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Tenneco Inc. from 2007 till 2017. Mr. Gregg M. Sherrill joined the company from Johnson Controls Inc. where he had worked from 1998 as President of Power Solutions.

From 2002 up until 2003, Mr. Gregg Sherrill took the position of the Managing Director and Vice President of South Africa, Europe, and South America for Johnson’s Controls Group. Before joining Johnsons Controls Group, Mr. Sherrill served in various manufacturing and engineering assignments for over two decades at Ford Motor Company. Over the twenty years, he served as Ford’s Plant Manager in the Company’s Dearborn, Chief Engineer, Michigan Engine Plant, Director of Technical Assistance, and Steering Systems. Mr. Gregg Sherrill served as Tenneco’s Inc director since 2007. Mr. Gregg, additionally, also serves on Snap-on Inc Board; he has been a member of the Board since 2010.

Moreover, Mr. Sherrill is a member of Allstate Corporation Board; he has served in that position since 2017. He is an honorary vice-chair in the Board of National Association of Manufacturers where he was previously the chairman of the board. Lastly, he serves on the Governing Council of the Wilderness Society.

1. Gregg Sherrill’s Net Worth

Mr. Gregg Sherrill prides in an estimated net worth of about $18.8 million (as of 2017). Mr. Sherrill possesses more than 27,443 units of Tenneco Company’s shares, which are well worth over five million US dollars. Over the last two years, he has sold TEN stock that are worth over seven million US dollars. Additionally, he earns in excess of five million in his position as Director at Tenneco.

2. Mr. Gregg Sherrill has Traded Tenneco Stock

Mr. Gregg Sherrill has made more than four trades of the Tenneco stocks since 2016; this is according to the form filed with the SEC. Recently, he sold about twenty-seven thousand units of stock that are worth over one million US dollars. The largest stock trade he had ever made, however, was selling about 97,000 units of Tenneco stock in 2016 that we worth over six million US dollars. Averagely, Mr. Sherrill trades about 12,000 units every two weeks since 2013. As of August 2017, Mr. Gregg still owned close to 200,000 units of Tenneco stock.

3.  His quick bio

Mr. Gregg Sherrill is a Director of Tenneco Inc. He no longer serves as the Executive Chairman of Tenneco’s Board effective since May 2018, and he is no longer Chief Executive Officer of the company as well. Mr. Gregg Sherrill was named Tenneco’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 2007. Gregg joined Tenneco from Johnson Controls where he had been serving since 1998. His last position was President of Power Solutions. In 2003, Mr. Gregg was serving as the company’s Managing Director and Vice President of South America, Europe, and South Africa for Johnson’s Controls Inc. Mr. Sherrill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering awarded by Texas A & M University and a Master’s Degree awarded by Indiana University.

4. Gregg Sherrill’s Salary

The total compensation offered to Gregg Sherrill, as the company’s director, is 5,549,550. There are no other directors at the company who are paid more.

5. How old is Gregg Sherrill?

Mr. Gregg Sherrill is 65 years old, and he has been the Director at Tenneco since 2018. There are about 16 younger and five older executives at the company. The oldest executive at the company is 74: Paul Stecko. Paul Stecko is the Lead Independent Director.

6. Gregg Sherrill serves on Snap-on’s Board of Directors

Mr. Gregg serves on Snap-on Inc Board; he has been a member of the Board since 2010.

7. 40 Years of Experience

According to Tenneco, Mr. Gregg Sherill brings about forty years of experience in the car industry, including about nine years as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. Prior to joining Tenneco Inc. Mr. Gregg held numerous senior management positions at both a major equipment manufacturer and a major automotive supplier giving him very unique insight and perspective.

8. Value

Mr. Gregg’s experience in managing international operations is of importance to a global corporation such as Tenneco. Under his guidance, Tenneco established a long term goal and direction that seeks to capitalize on the opportunities and distinct strengths of each of our products. Mr. Sherrill’s knowledge in the business realm, together with his proven leadership, skills, and talents, put him in a good position to serve as Tenneco’s Director.

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