The 5 Things You Need to Quit Right Now

This time of year  is when we all look back in order to plan forward. Instead of cluttering your feed with a checklist of New Year to-dos that you’ll never get around to implementing, let’s get right down to some ‘don’ts’ that will make a big difference.

Quit Ignoring Your Own Social Media Presence

Public Relations includes media relations and social media. We cannot be PR people without having an active presence on social media. It’s true the Instagram algorithm has changed drastically, and Facebook has rolled out new changes to the news feed. These changes are not a reason to let your own social media die on the vine. You don’t have to be on every social media channel; instead choose those that are the right fit for your business’s audience, and use them strategically. Follow social media authorities in your business vertical to stay on top of the new best practices to make sure you continue to build your social followings and set some engagement goals.

Quit Blind-Pitching

Journalists and editors consistently complain they are pitched stories they have no interest in covering. News flash: it’s not the story that’s the problem, it’s the fact you haven’t done your homework. First, know which beats and angles  you are pitching. Then, research the journalists and editors that are appropriate. Follow them on social media and read their latest stories. Don’t just rely on a quick Cision search. Be sure you are pitching the right stories to the right journalists and publications. There is no excuse for pitching a list of people that haven’t been verified.

Quit Relying on One Idea

If you are not already doing this, now is the time to be creative in your outreach. The 24/7 news cycle is more competitive than ever, and your media outreach needs to reflect that landscape. You may have one main pitch idea, but you have to be able to slice and dice that idea in a number of different ways to give different leads to different media outlets. When our agency has a new smoothie to launch for Smoothie King, we don’t only pitch the “new product” aspect. We’ll also draft separate pitches on the health/nutrition benefits, seasonality opportunities, and more. Every one of these ideas will be targeted toward different beats.

Quit Chasing Misleading Metrics

Stop assuming higher audience numbers equal better PR; measurement is more than just audience numbers. Audience segmentation is more important than ever in reaching consumers who will convert to paying customers. Start by identifying your client’s key audiences and messaging to design a PR campaign that focuses on reaching them.

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