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In the past, those in employment were required to work in the office or another official place of work. Only those who were self-employed had the option to work at home. Now, flexible working is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. Many businesses have recognized that having flexible working hours and allowing employees to work from home has its benefits. For example, it reduces travel time and increases employee motivation. Of course, working from home is not the best option for everyone. Some people find their home surroundings too distracting, especially if they have children at home. Now, there are more working options available that provide a middle ground between office-based work and working from home. Both those in self-employment and those who are employed now take advantage of offices with hot desks or use Internet cafes.

The Concept

According to the Robb Report, there is now a further option available in the form of a work-from-hotel program. This is a concept being launched at the all-suite London West Hollywood Hotel. From early June, those who are based in Los Angeles can work from one of the city’s hotels. Although many hotels already have meeting rooms and work facilities for guests or to hire, there is now a more personal option. The London West Hollywood at Beverley Hills has improved the remote working concept as they are hiring out specially designed suites. The program is being called Offices at the London West Hollywood, and people can book a suite for a month at a time.

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, these suites could provide the perfect working solution for many people. If they are struggling to work from home but their business is not currently in full operation, then these suites provide an alternative solution. Greg Velasquez, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing is the man behind this concept. He got the idea while commuting to work. During his journey, he listened to a CNBC interview with business leaders. The topic of discussion was the challenges faced by businesses with regards to adapting workspaces to adhere to the guidelines for social distancing. Velasquez realized that the size and design of the hotel’s suites made them a perfect option for people who needed office space. The floorplan made them ideal for conversion into office suites as they are large with wet bars, balconies, and rectangular rooms.

The hotel was already set up for dealing with the coronavirus situation as they had remained open and simply put new protocols in place. It is cleaned constantly as there are cleaning staff on-site around the clock and across seven days of the week. Workers have a choice of suite sizes, depending on their working needs. They start at 725-square feet and are available up to 1,975-square-feet. During the conversions, the beds have been removed. They now feature desks, chairs, and seating areas. All suites also have high-speed Internet and wall-mounted television. This means that those using the suites have everything they need to operate in the same way they would in a traditional office, and can even spend some of their time relaxing before returning home.

The prices for the office suites start at $5,000 a suite, and the price rises in accordance with the size. While this may seem a lot of money, they would typically bring in around $10,500 per month when used as traditional hotel suites. Business guests also have access to a range of other services provided by the hotel. For example, all general utilities and limited janitorial services are provided in the price of the office suites. Guests who are willing to pay $300 a month per vehicle can also enjoy on-site valet parking. Those who use their office suites will not starve while they are at work. The hotel has designed a special menu for businesspeople, which boasts dishes designed and created by the hotel’s executive chef, Anthony Keene.

What is This?

There are many healthy dishes on the menu for health-conscious workers, such as baby spinach salad with shrimp and brown rice bowls with mixed vegetables. There are also some more hearty options, including chicken with mushrooms and risotto, for those with a larger appetite.Workers can pick up the meals they order form the to-go station in the London Bar at the lobby level. Alternatively, they can pay a nominal charge to have their meals delivered to their office suite by room service. This means they can stop for a break and grab a bite to eat before continuing with their work.

This is a different experience from working in a home office where you may find many distractions and are unlikely to enjoy the same luxurious surroundings. It is also different from sitting in a typical sterile office workspace. Therefore, it is a concept that may catch on with people continuing to use the service after the coronavirus pandemic is over. However, hotel guests staying overnight at the five-star London West Hollywood have even more to shout about than those using the work-from-hotel program. Not only do they have luxurious touches in their rooms, but they also have access to a range of additional facilities that are not available to people suing the office suites.

According to Business Insider, the highlight for many of the hotel’s guests is the stunning rooftop pool that boasts impressive views across the city. Guests can enjoy poolside dining in their cabanas or sitting around one of the firepits. There is also a screening room with enough plush seating for 110 people, events spaces, and a ballroom. Breakfast is included in the room rate, and guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the London Bar. In the evenings, guests can dine at the Boxwood. This restaurant serves British-inspired dishes with a modern twist. The dining room is filled with natural light, and diners can enjoy city views while they dine.

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