The Asia Miles Programs and Other Rewards Cathay Pacific Airlines Has to Offer

Cathay Pacific offers some excellent options for building rewards and reaping the benefits of members in their expansive rewards programs. The Cathay Pacific Asia Miles program offers you many different ways to earn Asia Miles while you travel, shop or dine. Earn additional points through their vast network of more than 700 partners for using the card to purchase room accommodations. Here are a few of the ways that the Cathay Pacific Asia Miles program rewards its members.

The Cathay Pacific Visa Signature Card

The Cathay Pacific Visa Signature card is one of the better travel cards for racking up miles in special offers for Asia Miles. The unique thing about this card is that it offers a variety of plans for earning bonus miles and special benefits that never go away. In addition to the special benefits, the card offers When one special offer expires, they offer another to take its place.

Main features of the Cathay Pacific Visa Signature Card

The card alone offers a variety of static features. You can earn 1.5X miles for every purchase that you make on dining and on purchases made outside of the United States. All other purchases give you 1 mile for every dollar spent on domestic purchases. All foreign transaction fees are waived and you’re awarded Green tier status in the Cathay Marco Polo Club loyalty program and you will enjoy this status for a full year. There are special benefits for making purchases with the carrier. When you use the card to make purchases for Cathay Pacific services you receive 2X Asia Miles.

Extra ways to boost Asia Miles

Cathay Pacific maintains a transfer partner agreement that includes Citi ThankYou Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest rewards. These are just a few more of the ways to earn rewards through Cathay Pacific.

The American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card

Another way to earn rewards for Asia miles is through the Cathay Pacific Elite Credit card issued by American Express. All foreign currency expenditures offer 1 mile for every dollar spent. Enrollment prior to December 24 of 2018 gets you in on a year of benefits including the waiver of the first year membership in the Marco Polo Club Green Tier if you’re new to this Cathay Pacific program. You’ll have access to the Plaza Premium Lounge which can be found in more than 400 cities throughout the world. The card also grants you special rewards of 2X miles for purchases of Cathay Pacific flight bookings through the website along with priority redemption for booking discounted flights that are offered from time to time. It also provides travel accident insurance at no charge along with travel inconvenience protection. You can earn up to a total of 154,000 Asia miles with the card by referring others to the program and by using the card.

What you can redeem your Asia Air Miles for

Through the Cathay Pacific Asia Miles program, you can redeem your rewards for flights with Cathay Pacific as well as with their partner airlines. This gives you a range of options. Your Asia Airmiles can also be redeemed for other things that are important to you as a traveler. You can not only redeem them for airline tickets, but they may also be used for hotels around the world. You’ll have more than 60,000 to choose from. They may also be redeemed for car rentals in 20 different countries and more.

Asia Miles can be redeemed for other rewards as well

You can also redeem your Asia Air Miles for other things including tickets to popular attractions, electronics, gift cards and more. There is a wide variety of different things you can do with your rewards. In short, the Cathay Pacific loyalty program is an excellent way to save money and enjoy travel and life much more. There are several different ways that you can earn points and rack up the extra miles. You can get a year’s free membership into the Marco Polo Club with Green Tier status just by signing up with the American Express Cathay Pacific credit card and there are even more options. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider becoming a member of the program.

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