The Coolest Motorcycle Helmet Designs for 2019

If you’re already riding a motorcycle, you know that there’s no better feeling that the sense of freedom that riding a bike gives. You also know that the great feeling comes with a high risk of injuries. A motorcycle isn’t able to offer the structural protection that a car does for maintaining the safety of the driver in case of an accident. Any responsible motorcyclist knows that he/she has to be cautious when protecting their body. And the protection should always begin with the head.

Why wear a helmet?

The head and the brain is highly prone to injury in case of an accident. Passengers and drivers that wear helmets have better chances of survival as opposed to the riders that don’t. We’re not going to go over the numbers. Remember that you should understand the risks of riding with no helmet on. If you’re not wearing one, you may suffer a traumatic brain injury when you are in an accident. With no protection whatsoever, your head is going to get vulnerable to traumatic impact in a crash, despite your low speed.

If you’re going to wear it, at least do it in style

We know that not all motorcycle riders like to wear a helmet. Whether it’s for style reason (even though almost all helmets look so cool right now) or for bravery (or, better said: lack of knowledge), one thing is sure. You can choose from a nice variety of helmets that aren’t just protective, but also so damn cool looking!

What are the coolest motorcycle helmets designs for 2019?

Many exciting models are winning their fans as we speak, but some are managing to stand out. In all fairness, cool motorcycle helmets are always going to make a great first impression. At DrivrZone you have the chance to seek through a nice variety of products and categories that any driver could be interested in. You find out about the latest trends in terms of motorcycle helmets for 2019, but also take a look at the electronics that you may need for the road (GPS&navigation, charging&power and so on). You can shop for cup holders, seat organizers, sunglasses holders, power tools, brooms, and even footwear, pants, shirts and many more. You may need some time to go through all the categories. A cool motorcycle helmet is going to check both the quality and the price boxes, addressing all budgets and audiences. Now let’s take a look at the coolest designs for motorcycle helmets in 2019:

The myth coming back

It seems that some things never get old and a helmet that is the reference modular helmet is one cool model to try. It’s got a multifiber shell and luxurious interiors. It ensures fantastic insulation for both noise and air. It’s an excellent helmet for the long trips as it doesn’t compromise on comfort. It takes the use for a long time too. On top of everything else, it’s ready to install the SENA SLR communication system.

The model for the entry-level motorcycle rider

This model is a full-face type, which any beginner is going to appreciate. It’s an affordable helmet that comes in primary colors. The helmet features thermoplastic shell, double buckle closure and a sporty touch in terms of interior padding and design. Its graphics with the colors of Valentino Rossi may seal the deal for many. It’s no surprise to anyone that this type of helmet is no.1 kid’s favorite (aka the “millennials”).

The helmet for sport-touring

Anyone interested in a sport-touring helmet with guarantees that doesn’t break the bank should check this model. Its shell is the main attraction as it comes with a TCT structure made of fiberglass. You can also look at the carbon option if you’re more into carbon. The AirFit system makes the helmets stand out, beyond the doubt. To obtain the best fit, you may inflate/deflate the inner padding. Isn’t that cool?

Another model for sport-touring

If you’re into sport touring, but the previous model doesn’t ring your bell, you should look into the next recommendation. It’s a helmet with a multi-fiber shell. It’s a full-face helmet that impresses with its versatility. You may wear it every single day when you go to work or take it for a weekend getaway outside the town. When you put this type of helmet on, you’re going to bring out the envy in your motorcycle friends. The coolest feature? The solar visor, a screen with Pinlock included and the effective insulation. Still not enough for you? The price is unbeatable for the quality you get so you may need to hurry up (especially if you want a primary color).

Let’s give it to the French!

French have given us so many good things (what about those French fries?). This time we have to thank them for a compact, lightweight and elegant full-face helmet that is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The Microtech interior paddings present a new design, paying respect to the previous model.

A model for the café-racer

The cafe-racer is expanding as we speak. It’s the hipster with a long beard and retro appearance. Well, now they have a particular model that address their needs and likings. This helmet looks a lot like other model and doesn’t sacrifice on the safety nor the quality (it’s a Japanese brand, after all). However, it has been improved for motorcycles without a fairing. The vintage style in the design of the chinrest, the similar lines of the American helmets of the 70’s- these are all features that this helmet presents. It’s a genuine Arai, but it has a rebellious feel due to its aggressive style.

One last cool recommendation

A cool helmet isn’t going to protect your head or brain when riding the motorcycle. Only a high-quality and protective headgear is going to do it. The rule of thumb is not to sacrifice safety for cool appearance. Nevertheless, all respected brands nowadays make no compromise in terms of your safety, managing to check comfort, safety, and style altogether.


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