10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Delma Cayman Worldtimer Watch

Delma Cayman Worldtimer Watch

Delma has not yet received the exposure that is needed to become a leader in the watchmaking industry, but it’s making a good show these days. The brand has largely remained under the radar, but we see the likelihood of it emerging into a more prolific light with its offering of the Delma Cayman Worldtimer line of watches. If you’re not yet familiar with the brand, or this magnificent new watch, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Delma Cayman Worldtime watch that might make you give it a second glance.

1. The Dema Cayman Worldtimer is a must-see for fans of vintage styling

What caught our eye first was the charming vintage styling of the Cayman Worldtime. Observing its design and presentation is like stepping back into the 1970s era, with a touch of the modern era infused into the timeless design of the piece. It’s a reimagination of vintage timekeeping with a few unique surprises in the styling that beg for a much closer look and careful inspection of the watch to fully appreciate its merit.

2. The Cayman Worldtimer is available in 2 styles

We love the fact that Delma has made the Cayman Worldtimer in a choice of two models. The less expensive version is a quartz edition, with the more costly examples offered in automatic movements. It isn’t often that a brand creates a new line and offers consumers a choice of two different movement types within the line. The diversification is enough to catch the attention of a broader range of watch enthusiasts for a second look.

3. The Cayman Worldtimer is a classic sport style

If you’re into sporty aesthetics in a luxury watch design, the Delma Cayman Worldtimer features a moderately sized stainless steel case measuring 42 mm in diameter with athletic-looking wide-set lugs. They’re chamfered away from the main part of the case with a polished finish as a luxury detail. The bezel is a bidirectional style in aluminum that adopts an old school font to display 24 cities representing all of the time zones in the world, hence an element of its name, Worldtimer.

4. The case bears some difference between the quartz and the automatic

Delma saw fit to distinguish the automatic version from the quartz variant of the Cayman Worldtimer. The quartz features a case depth of 11 mm while the automatic is noticeably thicker at 13.6 mm. Another distinction is the case back. The quartz model offers a traditional solid case back made of stainless steel, while the automatic has been granted a sapphire crystal case back that exhibits the inner workings of the movement beneath.

5. Both are water-resistant but in varying degrees

A third distinguishing factor between the Cayman Worldtimer automatic and quartz models is the level of water-resistance for each. The quartz has been created to resist water for up to 200 meters, which is a decent degree of protection. The automatic model of the Cayman Worldtimer however, offers a water-resistance rating of 500 meters. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that Delma accomplished this feat in spite of the fact that they designed it with an exhibition case back.

6. The crown is a major contributor to the seaworthiness of the Cayman Worldtimer

The Delma Cayman Worldtimer is a diver watch, at least the automatic version anyway. The manufacturer has released the secret to the amazing 1,650 feet of water resistance for the automatic, and the 660 feet for the quartz. It is in the unique design of the screw-down crown. This prevents any water or moisture from seeping into the delicate mechanics inside.

7. You have your choice of straps

Although some may see the strap as a minor feature, it is a component that sets the tone and contributes to the overall personality of the watch. Both the quartz and automatic are available with a stainless steel mesh bracelet in retro styling, or a leather strap. This offers two different looks for complementing your lifestyle with a sportier aesthetic or the dressier stainless steel bracelet.

8. There are 6 Cayman Worldtimer variations to choose from

To give you a range of choices, Delma offers the Cayman Worldtimer in 2 variations including the automatic or the quartz movement. There are 3 styles for each category. The black dial with a blue contrast and black stitched leather strap or mesh bracelet, a blue dial with black accents and a blue strap, or a silver dial with black and blue accent trims and your choice of a black leather strap with white stitching or a stainless steel mesh bracelet.

9. A description of the movements

The movement that powers the Cayman Worldtimer automatic is an automatic ETA 2893 that runs at 4 Hz beating at 28,800 A/h with a power reserve of 50 hours. This is a GMT variation of the ETA 2982. This is an automatic movement with a Dema custom rotor and 21 jewels. The quartz model of the Delma Cayman Worldtimer features a mechanical quartz movement caliber Ronda 515.24H with a battery life of 45 months.

10. There is a big gap between the prices for the Delma Cayman Worldtimer models

We’ve examined the differences between the Cayman Worldtimer quartz and the automatic movement powered watches, and the premium features of the automatic version do create a cost differential. Increased water-resistance and a thicker profile are the dominant features that are observed. This version is offered at a starting price of $2,190 per watch. The quartz iteration is the less expensive of the two coming in at just $650. While it’s seaworthiness is not quite as high as its automatic sibling, it is still a fine watch that boasts water-resistance up to 660 feet, which is not bad by any standards. Both types of the Delma Cayman Worldtimer, each with their three different coloring options are currently available for purchase.

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