The First Morgan Aero 8 GT Rolls off the Assembly Line

For anybody that loves cars, one of the most interesting specimens is the Morgan Aero 8 GT. In general, Morgan is one of the more unique automobile manufacturers, as they do things a little differently than those manufacturers that mass-produce automobiles on an assembly line. Morgan is all about quality, performance and looks. The cars they make are often collectors items, even before they are finished being made. That is certainly the case with the Aero 8 GT, as it is being discontinued after this run. As a result, more people are interested in getting one than ever before.

The first thing you notice when you look at this car is that it looks like a classic automobile from days gone by, yet it has a modern touch to it. Imagine some of the roadsters from the 1930s with a more powerful engine, better handling, and superior comfort. That is essentially what you’re getting when it comes to this particular car. It has looks that will get anybody’s attention, complete with those classic lines. However, it is definitely a modern automobile when it comes to its handling and performance. The truth is, it’s a definite a cut above nearly anything else that’s on the road today. In reality, you just don’t see cars like this anymore. The body design alone is enough to clue you in that this is not your typical daily driver. The more you look at the car, the more you realize that this is something that almost any person would love to get their hands on, whether they consider themselves a car aficionado or not.

As far as the engine itself is concerned, it’s capable a producing a whopping 367 horsepower that allows the car to go from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds. It’s worth noting that this isn’t just the last of the line for this particular automobile, but it’s also the last time the BMW V8 engine will be fitted with a Morgan chassis. It’s no wonder there’s so much interest in this car.

The other thing that you notice almost right away involves the handling characteristics. This car features adjustable suspension and a few other tricks of the trade that keep it completely drivable, even at high speeds and in challenging conditions. The truth is, it handles like a dream and can be driven just as smoothly as it accelerates. It is the perfect marriage between power and handling ability, all in the name of creating a car of it is like nothing else on the road.

Morgan wanted this to be a special car and they have achieved their goal and then some. Since they wanted this last of the line model to be special, they never had any intention of manufacturing more than a few. As such, only eight of these cars were made. Today, there isn’t one left available because they were all purchased before they were even finished. If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to wait around until one of the current owners makes the decision to sell the car, and that could be a long time coming.

One of the other things the automaker is known for is the aerodynamic characteristics, especially where this car is concerned. The front louvers and the rear diffuser all come together to create additional downforce, especially at high speeds. This allows the car to travel up to 170 miles per hour without becoming uncontrollable. That’s a feat that even a lot of sports cars don’t manage to successfully achieve, yet this beautiful, classic automobile is doing exactly that.

So far, only one of these eight cars is actually finished and it is a real beauty. Finished in a magnificent blue paint scheme, the car is astonishing to look at. When you recognize that it’s built by Morgan, you know that everything about the mechanics of the car is going to be just as great as its looks. Right now, people are excited to see what Morgan will decide to build next, but so far, they’re not saying anything. It’s likely that they want to wait until the perfect time to introduce a replacement. For the time being, they want the Morgan Aero 8 GT to have its time in the sun and what a time it will be.

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