The Five Best Android Apps for Forex Trading

Forex trading isn’t an easy thing to do if you’re a beginner with no experience. Even those who are more skilled will agree that it’s a challenging task and there are a lot of things that must be learned to do it effectively. A part of becoming skilled in the art of Forex trading involves knowing the right tools to use and how to use the necessary resources. This is something that everyone must go through so if you’re not there yet, don’t feel bad. Even professional Forex traders who know the ins and outs can use little help along the way. Following the markets and keeping abreast of the latest developments can be time consuming, but there are some really great Android Apps that can help a great deal. After researching the many apps that are out there on the market today, we’ve narrowed our list down to the top five Android Apps for Forex Trading. Each of these has a particular benefit so you might want to incorporate some of them together.

1. Google Play Books

This is the best Android App for education. It provides you with the resources that you need to learn all about Forex trading and how to develop the skills needed to become proficient. While it’s not a magic app that instantly gives you all the answers, it offers pathways to help you find useful information and become knowledgeable on the ins and outs of Forex trading. This app even offers you easy to understand audio books to listen to as you’re on the road. When you’re not, you can read the information on your tablet or phone. The app gives you easy access to the information that you need to grow and learn.

2. MSN Money

MSN Money is an app that gives you access to the news that you need to keep on top of the trends. It’s a great financial data tracking app that will help you to find news and other important information that you need to take charge of your finances and your investments as well as become a better Forex trader. It gives you a variety of calculators and other built in tools that are useful in Forex trading.

3. TeleTrader StockMarkets

This app is useful for accessing charts that contain real time data relating to the stock markets both domestic and international. It gives you fast access to news stories, push prices, live quotes, currency conversions, charts and graphs and much more. The built in stock screener helps you to create portfolios and watch lists that are personalized. The information that you access through this app comes from a variety of different and helpful sources and it’s in real time so you can better stay on top of what’s happening in the world markets at any given time.

4. easyMarkets

The easyMarkets app is the best that we’ve found for trading CFDs across each of the major global markets. It’s compatible for trading commodities, gold, currencies and cryptocurrencies. It’s a clean app that is extremely easy to use. In order to get going right away all you have to do is complete the sign up process, then you’ll be able to start trading in just minutes. it lets you perform deal cancellations for undoing sot trades which gives you a kind of insurance against losses.

5. Trading Diary

Trading Diary is the best journal app for Android. It’s important to keep a detail journal of the trades that you make through the day. The Trading Diary app helps you keep a record of the trade without the need to write it down on paper. This lets you track all of your activities in trading more quickly and easily. The app allows you to create up to five custom fields. You can export the trading journal into a PDF format if you want to share it or view the information on other devices.


The use of these specialized apps can help to make you a better trader. One of the biggest benefits of the apps that we’ve included on our list is the fact that they are all free. Some of the other trading apps out there are expensive, and they won’t do a lot more for you than these will.

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