The Five Best Big Sur Hotels of 2018

Off the central coast of California is a mountainous section that easily boasts some of most scenic views of the state. Big Sur is known for its undeveloped coastline, redwood forests, excellent hiking, small town charm, and an absolutely mythic reputation that comes from its natural surroundings. Big Sur is a place that’s not as big as cities such as San Francisco or LA, but interestingly enough, they get just as many visitors annually as the Yosemite National Park does. If you’re looking for nice Big Sur vacation, here are the five best Big Sur hotels that you could stay at this year.

Glen Oaks Big Sur

Tucked away in the forest is one of Big Sur’s top lodging. Glen Oaks features accommodations that will make you feel really one with nature. Tall trees and expansive greenery will surround you here. There’s a waterway surrounding the lodges that gives off that natural flowing water sound; it’s refreshing and completely relaxing. That’s the Big Sur River, and it’s one of the main reasons why people book this place. You’ll get as much comfort here as if you were at home. But don’t worry; you won’t be totally off grid at Glen Oaks. You’ll get acces to free high speed Internet along with your accommodations.

Post Ranch Inn

If you want your breath to be taken away each time you look outside your window, the place to be is at Post Ranch Inn. This hotel is located close to the Big Sur coastline, so you’ll get stunning views of both greenery and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. It’s just absolutely breathtaking. The location is secluded, so you’ll get tons of privacy and relaxation. The accommodations and amenities themselves are amazing. You’ll get access to a spa, a fitness center, room service, a concierge, dry cleaning, children activities, and even free breakfast. There’s also a heated outdoor pool that you’ll definitely have to spend some time in. There’s nothing to dislike about this place. Just stay out in time for the sunset; you’d have made your stay already worth it even for just one time.

Treebones Resort

For another fascinating view of the Pacific, stay among the trees and book Treebones Resort for your stay at Big Sur. If it’s tranquility you’re seeking, you’ll find plenty of it at this hotel. It’s basically glamping—Big Sur style. That’s one of the unique offerings of this property. There’s a restaurant and sushi bar in house that you’d definitely want to experience at least once. There’s also a heated outdoor pool that’s overlooking the ocean. It’s a sight to behold and an experience to remember. The whole setting of Treebones is very rustic and original. You’ll find that a stay here is a good way to disconnect, and you’ll find it easy to do considering there’s no Wi-Fi at this location.

The Inn at Spanish Bay

If you’d rather not be up on a cliff for your hotel stay, The Inn at Spanish Bay will give you a lovely option that’s right by the water but without the towering overview. This beautiful inn is everything that you’d want in a remote and tranquil setting. Everything in this hotel feels like true vacation. The amenities are just indescribable. You’re not going to want to leave. The beachfront property is Big Sur lodging at its finest. You can even spend your evenings right outside the inn, sitting around one of the fire pits, and marveling at the beauty of sky and sea and nature.

The Lodge at Pebble Beach

Overlooking the stunning area of Pebble Beach, the Lodge is a property that truly has it all. It has great accommodations, great amenities, and so much more. It has the views, the warmth of great service, and places to entertain and enjoy. There’s a heated outdoor pool, a spa, a restaurant and bar. There’s also a fitness room, a tennis court, and a golf course as well. You’ll find it easy to fill your days with something to do here at The Lodge, but at the same time, it’s also easy not to do anything with your days here other than sit back, relax, and just enjoy the beautiful setting.

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