The Five Best Swann Wireless Home Security Cameras

Whenever we go out, we potentially put our homes at risk. Burglars, petty thieves, accidents that could damage your home or business – they are all risks. What if you have a baby you wish to monitor but you are too busy to keep one eye on the child when you are working? What if you have relatives you wish to keep an eye on but you can’t? Or can you? A wireless security camera system has become increasingly common.  One of the biggest names in this industry is Swann.  As such, here are our picks for the five best Swann wireless home security cameras on the market today.

1. Wire-Free 720p HD Smart Video Doorbell Kit with Chime Unit

Comes with True Detect Heat Sensing, Night vision ability, 2-way audio system and free video storage.

Features of this camera.

  • Connects wirelessly with your existing router, though the option does remain for you to connect it into your existing doorbell wiring.
  • Works day and night.
  • Free recording allows you to record and save up to 30-days of clips into the built-in memory for free.
  • Comes with a sturdy and tough construction with anti-theft mounting.
  • You can see and speak to visitors and they can speak back.
  • You can prevent crime in the area thanks to the heat sensor is activated or when the doorbell is touched.
  • You can share the clips with the police or share on social media.

What you can do with this camera.

  • You can outsmart thieves by answering the doorbell anywhere with your smartphone and give them instructions to either hide it or ask a neighbor to take it away.
  • Most burglars tend to use the doorbell to check to see if there is anyone around, but by answering the doorbell from anywhere and by speaking to them, the burglar won’t know if you are in or not.

2. Swann Wireless Pan and Tilt Security Camera

This camera is designed to be discreet and compact, which makes it the perfect solution for the security needs of a business or a home with the ability to see what’s going on anywhere in the world on your mobile phone.

Features of this camera.

  • Plug in and play it.
  • Full HD.
  • Comes with a wireless connection to your router.
  • You can control and view anything it records or picks up on your mobile.
  • Two way audio and talk back, so you can speak to anyone near the camera.
  • Different purposes.
  • Monitor your baby.
  • Pet cam allows you to keep track of your pets.
  • Even if they’re miles away from you, you can watch and speak to your family.

3. 4 Channel 1080p WiFi Security System – 490SD2

This security system comes with 2 cameras with thermal sensing cameras and records what it picks up on a 16GB SD card.


  • You can see everything in HD, and it comes with a built-in microphone & speaker, so you can listen and speak back to your visitors and you can record the audio to help you identify what’s happening on your property.
  • Wireless video signal – the camera will plug into your power system while the system is wireless making the installation easy.
  • You will know what’s happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The camera comes equipped with a night vision system from up to 115ft/35m. With four cameras it’s possible to have extra monitoring.
  • Swann’s True Detect Heat and motion detection sensors will record and send notifications straight to your phone when it detects heat from people, animals, or cars.
  • You can enjoy up to 30 days+ of recorded videos on the included 16GB micro card without worrying about fees.
  • Monitor the outdoors by having it mounted outside – the camera is weatherproof and its built to withstand rain, wind, and snow.
  • Push notifications allow you to get notifications when the cameras detect warm objects or anything moving.
  • With Swann’s app, you can see live or the playback video from anywhere in the world.
  • 24/7 protection where you can see in the dark thanks to the powerful infra-red night vision.
  • Coverage area can be expanded to add 2 more cameras so security can be tightened.

4. Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera 2 pack


  • Alerts and playback are provided thanks to push notifications if an activity is near the camera, and the playback video clips can be played on your smartphone.
  • The wireless connection allows you to connect to your WiFi network without needing to worry about a hub or a DVR.
  • Senses heat and movement and sends the notification straight to the phone and allow for 24/7 coverage.
  • The camera is compact in size so it will fit in with any home decor with a minimum of fuss.
  • Storage allows you to save up to seven days of short clips.
  • Alexa devices and Google Assistant and Chromecast allow you to use voice commands, though any of these that come with a screen allows you to vocally control the camera and allow you to see with the camera.

What you can do with the camera.

  • You can check in on your pets, and interact with them via the 2-way audio system.
  • You can monitor your children.
  • Keep in touch with relatives even if you are miles away from them.

5. Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera


  • Weatherproof – the camera can withstand harsh weather conditions – rain, wind, and snow etc.
  • HD captures everything in crystal clear images.
  • Alerts are made to your phone when something is picked up by the camera, and playback video clips with a full soundtrack are played on your smartphone.
  • Voice commands with Google Assistant or Chromecast and Alexa devices which have a screen can allow you to see and speak with the camera’s help.
  • See everything 24/7 thanks to the wide-viewing lens.
  • The audio pickup allows you to hear everything going on – sirens, children, cars, and conversations, etc.
  • Connects either wirelessly or wired. You can connect the camera into the existing WiFi network or you can use the ethernet port for a wired connection so there isn’t any need for a Hub or DVR.
  • You can save up to 7 days worth of clips to the built-in memory.
  • Swann’s True detect picks up on heat and motion and reliably alerts you.


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