The History and Evolution of the Acura RLX

The Acura RLX was formally introduced as the replacement of the RL and it took over the flagship posturing with a boost in performance and an impressive dose of luxury features. With the necessity of correcting the shortcomings of the RL, an increase in size and interior comfort was in order and the RLX offered redemption with its 2014 debut model. The front-wheel-drive sedan was both luxury and sport. The V-6 3.5-liter engine was paired with an electric motor with 47 horsepower to create a fuel-efficient hybrid that could still boast an output of 310 horsepower and 272 lb-ft of torque.

Reducing the weight by 170 pounds, thanks to new high-strength steel and aluminum materials, helped in giving the new RLX its extra power. Achieving a fuel economy of 30 mpg without sacrificing speed was a feat. The Acura All-Wheel Steer creates precision handling with continuous rear wheel toe angle adjustments for extra stability and flawless execution for crisp turn ins. On the exterior, a hint of sportiness and a definitive luxury aesthetic create the ideal balance one would expect from the leader of the pack and the new flagship model of the brand.

RLX Exterior

Changes in the Jewel-Eye LED headlights eliminate the swivel through corners. Each lamp is illuminated with 5 LED light sources separated with 4 for low beam and 1 for high beam and a total of 10 polished lenses with 8 for low beam and 2 for high beam. Aluminum materials for the outer door panels, front fenders, and hood assisted with weight reduction by just shy of 80 pounds vs the steel components used in the former flagship. Standard LED foglamps were added to the new hybrid.

The Interior

The inside of the new RLX is a dedication to luxury with seats featuring 12-way adjustments and 4 for the lumbar area with upholstery of perforated leather. Heated front seats are standard and an advance package option offers a cooling feature. An 8-inch navigation system with a 7-inch touchscreen display provides a variety of shortcut controls for audio, climate and other luxury inclusions along with standard AcuraLink. The RLX can be equipped with an optional 14-speaker Krell brand audio system, or if preferred, an ELS Studio Premium system with 14 speakers and Panasonic components for a mid-range system. A third option for the ELS Premium system with 10 speakers is offered as the base.

Hybrid standard features

An electronic transmission gear selector, PVB layered windshield and door glass, navigation, head-up display, GPS-linked climate control, keyless access, voice recognition, and push-button start are standard hybrid features.

The Acura RLX gets a face-lift

The 2018 model which was released for sale in November of 2017 received a makeover. For the exterior, an updated wheel design, new front, and rear fascias, a redesign in its diamond pentagon grill, an updated styling for the hood, chrome exhaust finishers and LED tail and headlights were the predominant changes exacted. With four years into its life, the evolution was inevitable.

Interior upgrades

The new model for 2018 was also in need of an interior update. For 2018, the RLX received a redesign of the front seats, the wood trim, the steering wheel and it included a new Espresso color option for the interior. Luxury features were also due for some tweaking with the AcurarWAtach suite that includes standard safety features such as the blind-spot monitoring and Traffic Jam Assist. A new 10-speed automatic was installed in the front-wheel-drive RLX.

A new 2019 Acura RLX

The legacy continues on with the newest edition of the Acura flagship vehicle. The 2019 edition is on its way to dealerships. The latest member of the first generation remains unchanged. It will continue to offer a sports hybrid model with the same fast and efficient acceleration that is easy on fuel consumption along with spacious cabin room, comfortable seating and a long list of convenience and safety features. We’re sensing changes will appear in the next model year.

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