The Importance of a Strong Web Presence

With 4.2 billion people on the web, having a strong online presence is important for any organization. But the reasons for being online go deeper than just trying to reach an expansive audience. In the internet’s current state, it’s more vital than ever for companies and organizations to maintain a strong presence and identity on the web. In particular, there are several different aspects of the internet that benefit organizations most when maximized to their potential.

Social Media

1. Establishing your identity

Your organization is more than just a product or service and establishing that identity is one of the most important steps to take on social media. Your posts can be fun, sincere, passionate etc., but should be true to your organization. Once you’ve established your identity, consistency is key. Altering your voice or your tone too often will not only confuse your followers, it’ll affect how you connect with them and share your messaging.

2. Connecting with your audience

Social media is an important tool that allows you to directly reach your organization’s audience. It allows you to connect with people who are already interested in what you stand for and provide timely updates on your organization.

Utilizing social media is also an efficient way to expand your audience and the reach of your messaging. Users of social media look to follow brands that they can connect with and relate to. Whether it’s through an aesthetic, a product they believe in or a cause they can get behind, social media users seek out brands they can make a true connection with. By maintaining an authentic voice, you’ll begin to see your key audience grow as users seek out accounts and organizations that fit their interests.

3. Encouraging conversation

Social media allows organizations to interact directly with the people they’re trying to reach. It also allows the audience to communicate openly in return. When a customer has feedback they can now tag, mention or direct message your company. In return, you can respond quickly, addressing their needs and controlling the message that you’re getting across. With Camp Corral, for example, we try to respond to people as quickly as possible on Facebook Messenger. We can then better meet the needs of our families, campers and supporters while learning what information we might need to be more vocal about.

4. Monitoring your reputation

Social media provides real time feedback on what people are saying and how they view your organization. Keeping a constant eye on not only your followers, but the conversations surrounding your organization is key.

Creating and maintaining a strong social media presence is a great way to take advantage of the internet and use it to your organization’s advantage, for example, driving traffic to your website.


Whether they’re a returning visitor or a new visitor, the impression your organization’s homepage makes on an internet user is crucial. People spend only an average of two minutes and 17 seconds on a website according to data collected from 2015 to 2016. You have less than three minutes to give your visitors what they’re looking for before they look elsewhere or give up. To maximize the functionality of your site, you should focus on concise, clear copy as well as an attractive and organized design. Also consider a responsive design for your site, allowing visitors to easily navigate on any device – laptop, tablet, phone or otherwise. For Camp Corral, our website is an important resource for our parents, campers, volunteers and supporters to find valuable information about our organization and mission, our camps, the registration process as well as a crucial platform for collecting donations. Gathering all of this information in an organized and visually pleasing website helps to send the right message to our site’s visitors and make it easy for them to peruse.

Search Engine Optimization

Attracting the right people

Your company’s web presence is only as strong as its search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is a tactic used to increase your site’s discoverability on a search engine and can be the difference between ranking on page one or page five of the search results. There are technical aspects of SEO that can be handled by web developers, but from the front end, your SEO relies on the quality of your content and how it serves visitors of your site. A higher search ranking will allow searchers to see you as a viable option to serve them and their needs, leading to sales, subscriptions or, in our case, more campers and donors.

At its core, a strong online presence is a crucial step to leading your organization towards success. By having a strong social media presence, a well laid out website and understanding and utilizing SEO, you can create and maintain a strong platform for others to learn about your organization while staying connected to your audience.

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