A Closer Look at the Only TVR T440R Sports Car in the World

TVR T440R Sports Car

Auto Lounge, a UK-based automotive auction house, recently announced that they will be selling the one and only example of the TVR T440R sports car. That’s a huge deal, especially when you consider the fact that this is the only car of its type in the entire world. Built in 2003, the car will now be offered for sale and the lucky owner will have the opportunity to own one of the rarest automotive examples of sheer artwork that has ever existed.

Poetry In Motion

Even a quick glance at this car tells you that it’s something special. It looks like it’s something from 20 years into the future, even though it was actually built almost 20 years ago. It’s a car that will get the attention of everyone who sees it. Even people who say they aren’t ‘car people’ won’t be able to do anything but stare at this particular example of automotive excellence. It’s like trying to look away from an avalanche. You may not be particularly interested in avalanches, but you can’t stop watching when one happens, either. So it is with this automobile. The company responsible for the car, TVR, went out of business almost before they even got started. It’s genuinely unfortunate because it’s obvious that great things could have happened, had they remained in business. As it is, they only built four cars during their entire existence, all of them being built in 2003. Three of them were Typhons that competed in various races during that same year. This one, the only example of its kind, featured a 4.2 liter straight six-cylinder engine, bigger than the engine that was employed on the three race cars (they all employed 4.0 liter six-cylinder engines). However, this particular example was built to be street legal. If you think that massive engine is the only thing that makes it special, you should think again, as that is only the beginning.

Custom Built To Perform

The other three cars that were built by the company all had naturally-aspirated engines. In addition to the engine on this particular model being bigger, it also cylinder heads designed to allow gas to flow freely through them. The sweeping changes didn’t end there, either. The airbox was constructed out of carbon fiber in order to save weight and the exhaust headers were custom-fitted. All of this magic was joined to a 5-speed manual transmission in order to create a car that was so fast, officials at TVR were worried that it was too much car for even the best driver to handle. As a result, they took it back into the shop with the express purpose of toning things down a notch or two. Even after that work was completed, the end result was a car that is capable of going from 0 to 60 in under four seconds. It generates a staggering 440 horsepower and can easily hit a top speed of 200 miles per hour. The car is street legal, but for all intents and purposes, it is a race car at heart.

Special Inside And Out

Obviously, this car is a special one. After all, there aren’t very many cars that employ these types of specifications, especially not when they are street legal. The fact that this is the only one of its type makes it even more noteworthy. In addition to its obvious ability to perform, it’s sweeping, blended lines make it look almost like a piece of artwork on wheels. That attention to detail doesn’t stop with the exterior. In fact, the interior is just as impressive as the outside of the car, if not more so. As far as the interior is concerned, there are chrome accents everywhere, which mixes very well with the leather seats. It definitely looks like a race car, but there are elements of something more. To a certain extent, it almost looks like some futuristic starship. At the very same time, the car also employs elements of some of the most famous roadsters that were created during the 1960s and 70s.

It’s almost impossible to think that all of these elements could be combined into a single automobile, but when you look at this particular car, that is exactly what you are seeing. It’s both futuristic and out of this world, but it also offers a nod to the past. It’s street legal, but it would be just as much at home on any racetrack. It’s fierce, but also delicate. The truth is, this car seems to be the very definition of irony. It employs so many different aspects that seem to be polar opposites of each other, yet it also exists in perfect harmony. It’s an engineering feat that can only be pulled off once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky. It’s no wonder that so many people want to own this car for themselves. It truly is a piece of automotive history that will probably never be recreated again. In fact, it’s highly doubtful that anything else will ever even come close.

This is a car that was built to be driven- fast. It was not built to just sit in some museum looking pretty. After all, it’s not like this car has never graced the road. In fact, it’s clocked more than 25,000 miles. However, it still commands a hefty price tag, as you might have guessed by now. At the moment, the bidding is set to start at 192,990 pounds. For those individuals who are living across the pond, that amounts to approximately $264,000. There’s also every chance that the final price tag will actually be much higher, especially if a bidding war ends up happening. The car is slated to be auctioned off within the next few weeks, so the lucky individual who ends up with it won’t have to wait too long in order to call it their own.

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