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The Top 10 Mutual Funds by 10 Year Performance


Mutual Funds can be a good investment to add to your portfolio if you're looking for long-term investments. Adding this type of investment can help in building a retirement portfolio, but it's wise to check the history of performance over a 2, 5 and 10 year period of time. We've identified the top mutual fund investments with the best performance figures over the past ten years for your consideration.

10. Fidelity Select Retailing (FSRPX) - 14.40%

Fidelity Select Retailing has a ten-year return of 14.40% on mutual fund investments with a three-year return of 15.58% and an expense ratio of 0.78%. The total assets of the company are valued at $1,776 million. This is a non-diversified fund which aims at achieving capital appreciation through investing in common stocks of companies involved in merchandising services and finished goods directly to individual consumers, both foreign and domestic. Considerations for company selection include financial status, position within the industry, economic and market conditions.

9. VALIC Company I Health Sciences (VCHSX) - 14.83%

VALIC Company/Health Sciences mutual funds bring a 10-year return of 14.83% with a three-year return of 11.39% and an expense ratio of 1.07%. The company is valued at $758 million in assets. The investment aims to achieve long-term capital growth through investment in common stocks of businesses who participate in research, development, production, and/or distribution of services or products having to do with medicine, life sciences or health care.

8. Fidelity Select Biotechnology (FBIOX) - 15.09%

Fidelity Select Biotechnology mutual funds have performed with a 15.09% return on a ten-year investment with a 7.12% return for a three-year investment and an expense ratio of 0.74%. The total assets of the company are valued at $9,969 million. The aim of this investment is to achieve capital appreciation through investment in companies involved in research, development, manufacture, and distribution of a variety of biotechnological products, processes, and services.

7. T. Rowe Price Health Sciences (PRHSX) -15.31%

T.Rowe Price Health Sciences mutual funds bring in a ten-year return of 15.31% with a three-year return of 11.64%, adn an expense ratio of 0.77%. The company's total assets are valued fat $11,818 million. The investment strategy for these mutual funds involves the investment of 80% of net assets in stocks offered by companies participating in production, development, research or distribution of health care, life sciences or medicine related products or services.

6. T. Rowe Price Global Technology (PRGTX) - 15.64%

T.Rowe Price Global Technology mutual funds have performed with a ten-year return of 15.64% with a three-year return of 23.96% and an expense ratio of 0.90%. The total assets of the company are valued at $5,696 million. This fund aims to provide long-term capital growth through a strategy that invests 80% of net assets in common stocks of companies in the advancement, use, and development of technology. Leading global technology companies are the primary sources for investment among a minimum of 5 countries throughout the world with twenty-five percent invested in countries outside of the US including those in emerging markets.

5. Morgan Stanley Insight Fund B (CPOBX) - 18.74%

Morgan Stanley Insight Fund B mutual funds have shown a ten-year return of 18.74%, and a three-year return of 14.83%. It is a small growth classification which is currently closed to new investors. This fund is aimed towards long-term capital appreciation through investments made in medium-sized companies which show superior earnings growth prospects as well as attractive valuations of stock market prices.

4. Virtus KAR (PSXGX) - 18.75

Virtus KAR is a small-cap growth mutual fund tht is currently closed to new investors but there are some exceptions made. The ten-year return on investment is 18.75%. The three-year return on investment has performed at 22.91%. The series seeks returns through investments of United States-based stocks in small-cap growth companies with competitive advantages and strong growth trajectories.

3. Fidelity OTC (FOCPX) - 18.86%

Fidelity OTC is a large growth in the Morningstar category and it is still open to new investors. The ten-year return on mutual funds is 18.86% with a three-year return of 11.24%. The Portfolio is aimed towards capital appreciation through the investing of funds across a variety of dynamic growth companies investing a minim of 80% of assets in securities traded on NASDAQ or OTC markets with the remainder in the technology sector.

2. T.Rowe Price New Horizons (PRNHX) - 19.33%

This mutual fund is a mid-cap growth that is currently closed to new investors. The ten-year return has performed at 19.33% with a three-year return of 13.82%. This fund allows investors to combine mid and small-cap companies within their investment portfolios. Investments are made in companies which are not as well known, but there is potential for future growth because the companies are still young. there are a total of 176 separate holdings within an asset base of $27.20 billion invested as of late August of 2019.

1. Morgan Stanley Inst Growth I (MSEQX) - 19.72%

Morgan Stanley Inst Growth mutual funds performed at a return of 19.72% over the past ten years with a three-year average of 14.95%. This is a large growth fund which is still open to new investors. This investment realizes long-term capital appreciation through the investment in growth-oriented securities with funds invested in emerging companies as well as those which are established.

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