The Top Five Samsung Refrigerators Money Can Buy

As the years go by, we are seeing more and more advancements in various types of technology, and through several different devices that affect our lives. This can be anything from communication devices (like phones and computers) to even the most simple of kitchen appliances, like the refrigerator. In recent years, and even months, we have seen the refrigerator become a true thing of beauty with many different innovations that make our lives that much easier, and one of the top companies leading the pack in this technology is Samsung. In this article, we are going to rate our top five picks of the latest and greatest Samsung refrigerators that have been released, and what makes them the best of the best. Let’s get started.

The Samsung Family Hub RF23M8590SR

Of course, we have to include the latest models of Samsung refrigerators that have recently been released, and this would be the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. This fridge gives you all of the great technology that Samsung is known for (and as we will discuss later in the article), but also includes a twist. The appliance features a touch screen pad that when linked to an app can actually allow you to look into your fridge without having to open the doors. The fridge also has other features like an auto water filler with the flavor infuser, French door design, and much more. Retailing at over $4,000, it will cost a pretty penny, but it will be totally worth it once it is in your kitchen!

The Samsung RF22KREDBSR

Taking a step down from the Family Hub, this Samsung fridge offers a great amount of storage for all of your produce and other goods you plan to keep in your kitchen. This appliance, although not offering touch screen and see through technology, allows for you to have a door within a door. This means that you have more storage for all of the milk, juice, and anything else you can imagine. It also adds to the convenience of reaching whatever you need for your next meal or snack. There is also the feature of a second drawer between the fridge and the freezer that can act as either/or, depending on what you need to store. This fridge retails at just over $3000.

The Samsung RF23J9011SR

This is a fridge that allows for a multitude of versatility when it comes to storing your produce and using every square inch to your full advantage. The fridge itself actually has four different compartments, if you will, and appears more like two sets of French doors. The lower right side compartment of the fridge can also differentiate between a freezer or a fridge, depending on what space you need. This appliance can be yours for just over $2600.

The Samsung RF23HCEDBSR

This is one of the Samsung refrigerators that is getting more back to the basics of what we know and love when it comes to sleek appliances. This particular fridge features French door design along with a large freezer drawer beneath. It also includes an ice and water dispenser from the outside, and the best of Samsung’s well known twin cooling technology. This fridge retails for just over $2300.

The Samsung RF18HFENBSR

To round out our list, we are going back even further to the most basic and sleek design that you can possibly find, which is the RF18HFENBSR model. This particular model also includes the French door design that we have seen throughout all of our other fridge models on the list; However, this fridge does not include a water and ice dispenser on the outside of the doors. On the other hand, this fridge does include the twin cooling technology that makes Samsung so fantastic, and keeps your freezer and fridge temperatures from comingling in the same space. This appliance can be yours for just $1200, the least expensive on the list.

There you have it! We have counted down what we think is the best of the best when it comes to Samsung refrigerators that are on the market. You can find out more information about these fridge models, or any other questions you might have when it comes to Samsung appliances and technology, online or at your local department store.

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