The Top Five Skagen Watches for Sale Today

When someone really learns to appreciate quality, it’s virtually impossible to convince them that an inferior product is just as good as the products of quality they’ve come to know and love. This is especially true when it comes to things like articles of clothing and watches. The truth is, a lot of people think of their watch in much the same way that they think of their automobile. In both cases, they want something that is of exceptionally high quality and they want it to make a statement. It has to perform flawlessly and be able to take at least a fair amount of punishment without rebelling. One company that consistently designs watches that perfectly fits this description is Skagen. In fact, many people simply refuse to wear anything except Skagen watches. If you’re interested to know more information about five of the most popular watches made by this company, keep reading the information below.

1. Hybrid Smartwatch

This watch incorporates the perfect blend of classic design and modern technology. As far as looks go, there’s really nothing that looks more impeccable than this particular design of watch. Furthermore, it comes in two different and distinct styles in order to reach the greatest number of individuals possible. You can choose to purchase this watch in a steel mesh style or in traditional leather. As you might have already guessed, the steel version comes with a steel mesh bracelet and a stainless steel case. The face is a charcoal grey in order to round out the look. On the other hand, the leather version features a stainless steel case with a black face and a rich, tan leather band. Both designs feature high quality workmanship along with a few extra treats that you just don’t see everyday when it comes to watches. This watch looks like a classic design, yet it has Bluetooth capability. It also has a built-in activity tracker and automatically sends you reminders when linked to your smartphone. It sells for a surprisingly reasonable $125.

2. Skagen Hagen Connected Steel Mesh Hybrid Smartwatch

This watch incorporates all of the same features as the one listed above. In fact, the real difference comes in the way it looks, and it’s looks definitely set it apart from anything else offered by the company at this time. This is a brilliant looking watch that has that same classic design that virtually all Skagen watches have. The difference is in the color. This watch has the most magnificent steel blue color you could ever imagine encompassing both the case and the bracelet. In addition, the mesh on the bracelet is slightly enlarged to give this watch a more rugged appearance. Coupled with a white face, it’s the perfect combination to get noticed and make a statement about quality and tradition all at the same time. You can also consider this watch a real bargain, as it sells for about $90.

3. Skagen Jorn Steel-Link Watch

It’s hard to beat tradition when it comes to watches. This particular item is perhaps the company’s best example of true tradition, but you can rest assured that a few updates have been discreetly thrown in. The end result is a watch that is nothing short of stunning. As the name implies, this is a watch with a stainless steel case and bracelet, made in the traditional style of so many watches that have come before it. It features a black face with white accents and a discreet treatment of red on the second hand and around the circumference of the face. The watch also provides the date and as always, you can count on smooth operation and outstanding durability, just as you can with any Skagen watch. The price is close to the one hundred dollar mark.

4. Holst Titanium and Black Leather Multi-function Watch

This is a bold watch with a white face, a titanium case and a black leather strap. As the name implies, it’s capable of providing several functions at once. If you need to know what time it is in different time zones or you need a stopwatch, this is the product for you. The cost is about $125.

5. Havene Titanium and Black Leather Watch

This is easily one of the coolest looking watches to come along in years. Instead of stainless steel,it incorporates the extremely durable titanium metal. Aside from that, the black leather strap and the completely black face makes it one of the most stunning watches ever designed. The face is completely smooth and both the hour and minute hand are a brilliant white in contrast to the black dial. On the right hand side of the dial, there is a small white second hand with white tick marks so that seconds can easily be counted without sacrificing the quality or the looks of this watch. The cost is just over one hundred dollars.

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