10 Things To Do In Fort Worth, TX for First Time Visitors

Fort Worth

Having lived in Dallas for seven years, I am very familiar with Fort Worth. While this metroplex is almost always referred to as the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, the two cities are as different as they come. Because of the NFL, when most people think of Dallas, they think of cowboys and cowgirls. They envision cattle roaming down the street and other romanced ideas about Texas life. The truth is that Fort Worth fits that description much more than Dallas, which is more like a typical big city. While Dallas has become a fashion hub, Fort Worth has maintained its blue-collar identity. If you are planning to visit Fort Worth for the first time, there is plenty for you to see. We have decided to list 10 things that you should do while in the Fort Worth area.
Because Dallas is in such close proximity to Fort Worth, some of the things listed will be near or in Dallas. Get ready.

1. The Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza

You cannot visit DFW and not visit The Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza. By far, this is the most famous, or should I say infamous, location in the entire city of Dallas. Another thing people envision when you mention Dallas is the assassination of JFK. While the city has done a lot to come from under that darkness, it is still a part of the city’s history. You can get an up-close look at the building where Lee Harvey Oswald fired those fatal shots. If that’s what you believe really happened.

2. Kimbell Art Museum (Free)

If you are a fan of all types of expressive art, then the Kimbell Art Museum should be on your list. Located in Fort Worth, the Kimbell Art Museum has built a reputation for as one of the most elegant and elaborate art exhibitions in the world. Speaking of art, the facility is a word of art itself. The building is replete with vaulted ceilings and skylights. It also has a sculpture garden. The actual art that is displayed is nothing short of amazing.

3. AT&T Stadium

If you have ever met a person from DFW, then you know that they absolutely love some football. While I am not a fan of the Cowboys, AT&T Stadium is one of a kind. Now is the ideal time to visit because pre-season has just started for the NFL and there is no better place to watch a football game or any sporting event than AT&T stadium.

4. Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

In the unfortunate case that you only have one day in Fort Worth, just head straight down to the stockyards. Remember when I mentioned that Fort Worth was more of a cowboy town than Dallas? This is where you will get to see it live and in living color. The stockyard is somewhat of a living museum that pays tribute to the western heritage associated with FortWorth. There are a wide variety of restaurants and you can watch stagecoach and cattle moving through the streets in a way that can hardly be experienced anywhere else.

5. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is 180,000 square-feet on hands-on educational displays, addressing topics that range from the ecosystem to evolution. A recent addition that everyone will enjoy is the T-Bone Pickens Life Then and Now exhibit. The exhibit features skeletons of dinosaurs and even allows the kids to dig for fossils. It is a neat way to experience the world beyond our daily lives and routine.

6. Dallas Museum of Art

As you have probably noticed by now, DFW is a place that is built for the observer and voyeur. There is no shortage of museums and the Dallas Museum of Art is one of the premier museums in the metroplex. There are ancient works of art from the continents of Asia and Africa, and there are plenty of exhibits from places like the Mediterranean. Some of the artwork displayed in this gorgeous gallery span back centuries. It is the perfect stop for the true art aficionado.

7. George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

In case you didn’t know President and First Lady Lora Bush retired to the Dallas area, and they have remained active and highly influential in the community. If you are like me, the word library alone catches my attention. This museum is set on more than 23 acres in the Unversity Park area of Dallas, which is actually not far from the Bushes reside. The library is adequately stacked with audiovisual, textual, and electronic records from the Bush presidency.

8. Fort Worth Zoo

What kid does not like a trip to the zoo. While both cities have zoos you might as well visit the one closest to where you are residing. The Fort Worth zoo has quite a history. It was first opened in 1909 and it has since been a destination for kids and adults from around the world. The zoo has come a long way from when it first opened when the only animals it housed were two bears, an alligator, one lion, a peacock and some rabbits. Now, there are hundreds of species of animals from all around the world. There are also all types of fun activities for the kids.

9. Nasher Sculpture Center

This structure is just another of Dallas tributes to the world of art. It sits right across the street from the Dallas Art Museum nestled in the heart of Dallas’ art district. If you have an affinity for beautiful sculptures from a diversity of cultures, the Nasher should definitely be on your list of stops.

10. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

When I tell you that there are not many things more beautiful than the botanical gardens at the Arboretum, I am not exaggerating. For a city that is full of skyscrapers and freeways, it is a beautiful escape to wander into a sanctuary that looks as if it was plucked out of some romance novel. There is almost every beautiful flower you can imagine. There are over 2,000 varieties of azaleas alone. There are also several historic homes on the property that reveal the history of the town before it became a metropolitan city.

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